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Wooden Vs Plastic Toilet Seats: Which Is Better And Why? In 2022

Wooden Vs Plastic Toilet Seats: Which Is Better And Why? Choosing a seat for your toilet can seem like an easy decision. You might not even give it much thought before you head to the store, but there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of seats: Wood and plastic seat.

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Plastic is lightweight, durable, and has no special installation requirements beyond what any other toilet would need.

However, if you have small children or pets in your home that tend to use the bathroom with more minor warnings than adults do, then wood may be better for you because they’re easier to clean up after accidents happen on them.

Another advantage of wood over the plastic seat is the potential savings – since wood ones require maintenance every once in a while, just like anything else made from natural material – they’ll last longer than their cheaper counterparts!

It is a common misconception that a wood toilet seat is better than a plastic seat. In reality, both types of materials have their pros and cons. Wood toilet seats come in different color options and can be more aesthetically pleasing.

However, they require more maintenance than the average plastic seats would need to stay clean. the plastic toilet seat will never show wear or tear like wood does when it’s used over time. If you’re looking for something with a longer lifespan, then this might be your best option!

Wooden Vs Plastic Toilet Seat

Wooden Toilet Seat Benefits and Drawbacks

1. Noticeable Advantages

Wood toilet seats are incredibly durable, can be used in both the home and garden, sea, and can increase the value of your property.

The most notable advantage is how easy it is to clean wooden toilet seats. Wipe down a wood seat with warmer soapy water, and you’ll have it looking like new. And, should it need a more thorough clean-up, you can use muriatic acid or even sandpaper without damaging the toilet seat.

Wooden seats are also less cold to sit on in the winter months and do not get as hot in the summer. You will also never have to worry that your wooden toilet seat might cause splinters since the materials is smooth.

Whether you choose a stained or natural wood toilet seat, the finish of the wooden seat can be changed to match your home decor and is durable, will never become discolored as long as it is adequately maintained.

Wooden toilet seats are also easy to construction since they fit most standard toilets with no additional solid wood seats needed. They are also much more environmentally friendly to produce, making the wooden toilet seat an excellent option for those concerned about minimizing their ecological footprint.

It also makes for a better choice in homes that have pets since the wood will not flake and cause little furry feet to be dusted in harmful chemicals.

2. Few Drawbacks

The only drawback of wood toilet seats is that they will be damaged with repeated exposure to moisture. This means you should always protective finish the wood toilet seat from getting wet, such as when clean up the seat or taking urine stains.

That said, most people’s concerns about wooden seat are outweighed by the benefits this material offers, which are fit for adults and kids.

So, what are the advantages that white plastic counterparts have over their wooden counterparts?

Wooden Vs Plastic Toilet Seat

Plastic Toilet Seat – Advantages & Drawbacks

1. Few Advantages

Plastic toilet seats tend to be comfortable to use. However, their comfort is often considered impractical since it makes cleaning very difficult, especially when using an abrasive cleaner or tool.

The plastic toilet seat also offers no real benefits in terms of durability, and you should know that you will have to replace a cracked or damaged unit far more frequently than you would need to replace a wooden toilet seat.

2. Few Drawbacks

The problem with the plastic toilet seat is that they are not at all clean up because bacteria love to grow in the cracks and crevices. While this is true of many things, it mainly concerns a toilet seat since you will sit on it every time you use the bathroom.

The bacteria are also why plastic toilet seats frequently get stained and discolored, which can look unsightly in a home. The material will also buckle with repeated exposure to moisture, such as during cleaning or when using the shower.

This can make for an uncomfortable toilet seat to use, as well as an unpleasant visual experience.

Wooden Vs Plastic Toilet Seats – What to Consider When Toilet Seat Choosing

There is 6 important factor you need to consider:

1. Comfort

Plastic toilet seats are more comfortable since they insulate against the cold and do not get as hot in direct sunlight. However, they should also feel sturdy when using them or standing on them, which wood toilet seat usually do since they are built to last.

2. Hygiene

Plastic toilet seat is considered by many to be hygienic since they do not absorb moisture and they are less likely to cause splinters than wooden toilet seat covers. However, the material is more porous, so it is easier for bacteria to grow on a plastic toilet seat than a wood one.

Wood toilet seats also offer more comfort since the material has long been used to make furniture and is less likely to make you feel cold or heated seats up uncomfortable in sunlight.

The comfort of a wooden toilet seat also helps when using commercial cleaning products because it will be much easier for the user’s body to stay cool rather than be at the mercy of a plastic seats surface that can get very warmer.

3. Style

Many styles are available for wood toilet seats, including modern ones with beautiful patterns and traditional ones with intricate carvings. Plastic toilet seats come in wide variety colors you want them to so they match all types of home décor and add a sense of fun to the bathroom.

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Wooden Vs Plastic Toilet Seat

4. Durability

Wooden toilet seats are less likely than plastic toilet seat ones to crack or break under pressure, which means they will last a bit longer and offer more comfort and style for your home.

Enameled Wood Toilet Seats Have a superior strength and substantial feel, with a high-gloss finish. Although it is lighter than toilet seats made of enameled wood toilet seats are strong, durability, and long-lasting.

5. Versatility

Plastic toilet seat provide various options when it comes to their color but you may find that wood seats are more versatile because there is a toilet seat to match any bathroom. Wooden seats can also double as changing or storage tables and they may come with special holes for this purpose.

6. Price

Wooden toilet seats may cost more than plastic toilet seat ones but you will find the differences in cost are negligible and that wood seats ones last much longer.

A heated toilet seat can be very expensive. However, they are a worthwhile investment. You will be glad that you bought a heated toilet seat every time you need to use it, even in the winter months. A wooden toilet seat is usually more expensive than a regular plastic toilet seat one.


1. Are wooden toilet seats sanitary?

When it comes to sanitation, most people don’t think about the toilet seat, but they should since it is used daily by everyone in the home. The main thing to be aware of when considering this question is that wood and plastic seats have different properties as far as clean-up is concerned.

Wooden seats are generally considered clean-up since they get cleaned regularly, and you do not sit directly on them.

On the other hand, plastic toilet seat have a more porous surface that can harbor bacteria and be difficult to clean. This is because it will absorb humidity quickly from things like cleaning products or sweat and how it was made.

Wooden seats are also more likely to be sanitary since they do not trap humidity, inviting germs to grow. However, there may still be some bacteria that can cling to the wood, so make sure you keep your seat clean by wiping it down with disinfectant or other cleaning products regularly.

2. Do plastic toilet seats stain?

Stains can and do happen on wood seats, but this is not usually a problem since you can easily clean them up with bleach or other sanitizing products. However, some people may be concerned about dirty on the plastic toilet seat because they feel that the material will absorb everything that touches it.

Plastic toilet seats are not especially prone to staining, but they can get dirty if you fail to clean them regularly. Make sure that you wash up the middle after each use, and disinfect it as well when needed, so no germs or stains will occur in the first place.

3. Why Do Wooden Toilet Seats Crack?

Wooden toilet seats can crack if they are not adequately cared for or regularly maintained. Since wood is porous, it absorbs humidity from cleaning products, and you may need to clean up the surface every, so no harmful mold grows inside the seat’s cracks.

Always make sure you use a disinfectant on wooden toilet seats since this will help prevent problems like mold and bacteria from growing in those cracks.

Wooden toilet seats can also crack if they are weak or damaged, especially if you sit down or lean on them aggressively. This can be a problem with older wooden toilet seats, so it is best to replace yours before this happens since it can be challenging to fix the center afterward.

4. Are Wooden Toilet Seats Unsanitary?

Wooden toilet seats are not unsanitary, but they can get dirty if you do not take care of them. Wood is porous, which means it absorbs moisture, and this is why wooden toilet seats need more maintenance than plastic seats ones, so make sure you wipe down the middle after each use.

Wooden toilet seats are also more likely to stain or get damaged, so you should stay away from sanitary wipe products that could potentially lead to stains or cracks as well. You should always keep your wooden toilet seat clean and in good condition so it will last much longer and be sanitary at the same time.


Choosing a suitable toilet seat can be difficult with all of the different options on the market today. If you’re looking for a wood one, Focal Upright recommends considering these drawbacks and advantages to help make your personal preference.

For plastic seats, it depends on what you are looking for in terms of look and function to determine if this is the best option for you. We hope this article has helped narrow down your choices and find a product that works well within your household needs!

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