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What Is A Gaming Chair? Top Full Guide 2022

What is a gaming chair? How many types of gaming chairs? Can a gaming chair help improve our posture? Or is it just a toy?

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Let’s find out. Gaming chair has become the newest trend in the world of gaming! While most gamers use a computer desk or their own personal couch to play, this invention allows gamers to enjoy their favorite games while sitting on a luxurious and comfortable chair, which is considered more than just a chair.

Keep reading this article, Focal Upright will give you a lot of gaming chair information. We hope it will be helpful for your next purchase and will help you get the best gaming chair.

What is a gaming chair?

When it comes to what constitutes gaming chairs, there are no hard and fast rules. As with many things, the definition of a gaming chair is always changing to meet consumer expectations and changes in consumer tastes.

Key Design Elements Found in Most Gaming Chairs

Key Design Elements Found in Most Gaming Chairs

Bucket Seat Design

Gaming chairs come with a bucket-seat design, with the sides raised. It is a design inspired by racing car seats. However, it does not serve any practical purpose in your living room. Bucket seats are useful in a vehicle that is moving, as the driver’s body moves from left to right. But if you’re a gamer, your body won’t be moving sideways.

Optics is the basis of bucket seats in gaming chairs. These seats not only create the illusion that you are in an F1 racing car, but also give you the sensation of being in a bucket seat as you race through the streets of LA in “Need for Speed”. This can be a significant factor for gamers. Anything that raises your emotions and brings you closer to the scene is important.

Bucket seats are not ergonomic and may even prove to be counterproductive. The two raised sides restrict your ability to move and reduce the space available. If your feet are forced against the sides, it can limit blood flow to your feet and make it difficult for you to sit cross-legged. It’s also important to remember that larger people may find the width of the seat includes the raised sides. This is not a precise measurement of the seating area.

Standard office chairs have a contoured, padded seat that eliminates any raised sides. There are many options for materials. Many gaming chairs typically have seats made from PU or genuine leather and high-density foam (in higher-end gaming chairs), but regular ergonomic chairs can be made in fabric, leather, and other materials. For maximum comfort, the Herman Miller Embody uses multiple layers of fabric materials in its seat.

Raised Front Lip

Gaming chairs often have a raised front lip. This design is a borrowed one from car seats. It serves the same ergonomic purpose as the raised sides.

A car seat with an elevated front allows the driver to sit slightly higher so that it is easier to reach the pedals. It helps to keep the driver in place. However, smart design can result in a different outcome in other situations.

An office chair has no pedal to the floor or brake pedal to pump. The recommended ergonomic sitting position is to bend your knees 90 degrees and place your feet flat on the ground. A seat with a waterfall edge or an opposite to elevated edges is the best way to reduce pressure buildup in the back.

Gaming chairs can have waterfall-style seats, just like standard ergonomic office chairs (like EWin), but the raised lip is still the best. The former is recommended if you feel your bottom or thighs numb after prolonged sitting.

Attachable Head and Lumbar Pillows

While lumbar and head pillows can be a great accessory for gaming chairs, do they serve any functional purpose? Although the short answer is yes, I suggest looking for gaming chairs where the height (using a strap) of the lumbar support pillows can be adjusted so that it targets the exact area of your back that requires cushioning.

A study was conducted to determine the impact of external lumbar pillow on maintaining a neutral spine, comfort, and relieving lower back pain. The instruments were used to measure improvement and the participants provided feedback. The lumbar support pillow in the study was cut in the middle to accommodate the pelvic area.

Most lumbar pillows on gaming chairs consist of either a block or a rolling lumbar pillow, but there is evidence that even these form factors can contribute to “[favorable] neck and head postural alignment”. As each person’s body is unique, it is worth looking for gaming chairs that allow the lumbar pillows to be adjusted up or down.

Winged Backrest

The winged backrest is another unmistakable gaming chair design. The winged backrest is a reinterpretation of car seats that are designed to hold you in place while you make sharp turns. However, even in the most intense racing game, your body won’t likely be swaying violently from one side to the other.

Winged backrests have many of the same advantages and disadvantages as bucket seats. Although they can enhance the gaming experience in a similar way to a wicked gaming case, there is little evidence that such a design is ergonomically beneficial.

Fixed Headrest

Gaming chairs often have a high back and a fixed headrest that supports the head. This is combined with a removable pillow to support the neck and head, making it more ergonomically friendly than low or mid-back office chairs. A chair with a support pillow and a backboard feels more comfortable than a bed without one.

Many standard office chairs come with adjustable headrests. Some can be adjusted in height, angle, or both. These are more practical than fixed headrests. However, it doesn’t change the fact that gaming chairs have the best design in terms of neck support and head support.

Tip: When choosing a gaming chair, make sure the neck pillow passes through the cutout on the headrest via the strap and not above it. This allows you to move the pillow around your neck more easily.

High Level Of Back Recline

Gaming chairs have a high backrest recline. Some even go as far as 180 degrees to make a bed. There are many opinions on the best way to sit. You have probably heard the phrase “Sit straight” many times. But how scientifically does this hold when it comes down to comfort and ergonomics over time?

According to studies, reclining in a comfortable position places the least strain on your discs. This is particularly important if you have back pain. Waseem Bashir, a Canadian researcher, used MRI scans in order to assess the pressure on the spine from different sitting positions.

The most strenuous position was found to be a seated position with the backrest at 135 degrees. These groundbreaking studies could have an impact on the design of ergonomic office chairs’ backrests.

A chair that allows gamers to recline at a high level is essential for avoiding back pain and injuries. Standard office chairs, especially leather executive chairs, are limited in their tilt mechanism. They can only tilt beyond 10 to 20 degrees.

Gaming chairs, on the other side, are more flexible in this regard. Even the less expensive GTracing Chair ( detailed evaluation) can be reclined almost horizontally. The majority of gaming chairs are good for your spine.

More Adjustable Armrests

The ergonomic chair is the final category. Gaming chairs often have more to offer than standard ergonomic chairs of similar price points. 2D and 3D armrests are available in this category for as low as $200. The armrests can be adjusted to fit a range of arm positions. For ergonomic office chairs, you will find chairs starting at $300 for those with 3D armrests.

Adjustability is a key component of ergonomics. For example, a 3D armrest pivoting inwards supports more of your arms when you are typing or holding a controller.

Type of Gaming Chairs

PC Gaming Chair

PC Gaming Chair

It makes sense that a dedicated gaming chair was born from the office chair. This is an example of a typical chair, and you can see similarities to the regular office chair.

There are many similarities between the two chairs, but you will also notice some key differences. The gaming chair features a bucket-style seat with extra cushioning. These chairs also have height-adjustable armrests and added lumbar support. Some models include a small pillow or a recline feature.

These models are more advanced and include speakers built into the headrest.

Platform Gaming Chair

Platform Gaming Chair

These platform gaming chairs are quite different. These chairs look a lot like a recliner, but they are often placed on the ground.

Many models are rock-able and include side pockets to store game controllers. Headphone jacks are available on models that do not have built-in speakers.

This chair is a good choice for platform gamers who want a chair that combines form and function. However, as you can see by its shape, it would not be a good chair for PC gaming.



A typical hybrid chair is mounted on an adjustable swivel base. This gives it a more office-like appearance but has the same shape and padding as recliners.

These hybrids are more advanced and include multiple monitors and built-in surround sound speakers.

This chair, called the Emperor, offers the ultimate gaming experience. This chair is not going to be affordable for everyone, but it is an excellent option for those who are serious about gaming.

Origin and Brief History

Gaming chairs can trace their roots back to the 1980s. There were three very important things happening at the time. Their convergence led to the creation of the first gaming chairs.

The personal computer first was not a domain reserved for business people, but it was becoming more common in homes.

Second, the original platform gaming systems were developed. They proved to be extremely popular.

Third, The home entertainment center is gaining popularity and has become a staple in middle-class homes.

This convergence of three trends led to “cocooning,” where increasing numbers of people spent more time indoors and were less interactive with each other outside. It was this phenomenon that led to the creation of gaming chairs.

These types of chairs have become more complex and varied as technology and materials science improve.

There are many options for chairs that include cup holders, built-in speakers, massage heads, and swing arms to hold monitors.

What Makes Gaming Chairs Different?

Improved Posture

A gaming chair can be very uncomfortable for someone with poor posture. Your body will feel most at ease if you have slouched for years.

This tightens the muscles in your legs and neck, as well as your shoulders. Tight muscles need to expand when you are seated in a gaming chair. This can be very uncomfortable for people who have poor posture.

It takes time to get used to yoga. You will then find a new way to work that improves your health and enjoyment away from the computer. A gaming chair is best for those who only sit for a few hours a day.

A professional gaming chair is better for those who are seated all day. These chairs are more expensive than $300 but have thicker padding that can withstand heavy loads. These options offer a significant upgrade to office chairs.

Eye-level Computing

This 1980s Space Invaders tournament photo shows how primitive ergonomics were back then. The players sat in wicker chairs, craning their necks and staring at too high-heeled TVs.

Gaming chairs of today are designed to allow for comfortable, high-level computing. All gaming chairs have gas-powered lifts. You can adjust the height or decrease of your gaming chair as you need.

Use the support pillows and recliner to ensure your eyes are at the top of the screen. This position allows you to only move your eyes and not your entire head in order to follow the action. This saves energy that you can use for focused computing.

It doesn’t really matter if your posture is upright or if you are seated to watch movies. Adjust your chair so that your posture aligns with the screen.

Higher Energy Levels

Poor posture can cause muscle strain when you sit for long hours. This is a problem as healthy muscles are essential for maintaining balance in your body. Many people suffer from chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain due to poor sitting habits.

The chair supports your muscles and makes it easier to switch to a gaming seat. This eliminates muscle strain and gives you more energy to pursue productive pursuits.

Immersive Computing

A gaming chair can also provide an immersive computing experience. One allows you to keep your body aligned and comfortable while being focused on the screen.

Carney says that standing upright sends signals to the brain and tells you “I feel powerful.”

The best Gaming chairs are able to provide a truly immersive computing experience. Once you become accustomed to sitting in a gaming seat, tension and back pain disappear. Good posture transmits pleasure signals to your brain via your body.

This makes it difficult to remember you are sitting down and puts you into a zone. Your eyes are locked on the screen. You can reach the keyboard and mouse easily. The only thing left is to fully immerse yourself in high-performance computing.

Gaming Chair or Office Chair?

Gaming Chair or Office Chair?

Final verdict: Gaming or standard office chair? While you can draw your own conclusions from the above analysis, here is my sole takeaway strictly from an ergonomic perspective:

From an ergonomic standpoint, bucket seats and winged backrests can be harmful to the user. However, it is possible to find a larger gaming chair that has a better ergonomic design.

The lower-budget gaming chair is slightly more ergonomic than the budget office chair. Even a low-end gaming chair has the essential components of an ergonomic chair: lumbar pillows and backrest support, 2D and 3D armrests, and robust reclining.

Ergonomic office chairs will soon surpass the gaming chair in terms of ergonomics and comfort. These chairs don’t have to be restricted to the same trendy design as gaming chairs. They can also be made with flexible materials, dynamic lumbar support, and 3D headrests.

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