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Under Desk Bike Vs Elliptical: Which Is Better And Why? In 2022

Many people who work in an office environment are looking for ways to stay fit while sitting at a desk all day. One popular option is the under desk bike, which allows you to pedal and get your heart rate up without leaving your seat. The elliptical machine is also a great way to stay active but does require some space and can be hard on your joints if misused.

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The best thing about the under desk bike is that it will keep you from needing a break every 30 minutes or so, like when using an elliptical, plus it’s easier on your joints, making it perfect for those with joint issues such as arthritis or knee problems.

The Under Desk Bike Vs Elliptical blog post will break down the pros and cons of each machine. This blog post will also provide a demonstration video for you to see how each machine operates. Focal Upright hope this helps you decide which is best for your needs!

Do Under The Desk Bikes / Ellipticals Really Work?

Under desk bikes and ellipticals are small and simple compared to the desk exercise equipment you see at the gym. We are left wondering if they really can help us lose weight and improve our fitness. They can, and that is the good news.

The best part about ellipticals and under desk bikes is that they make it easier to move and increase our heart rate, which helps us burn more calories. Increased movement helps with losing weight and strengthens the muscles, joints, and light cardio system.

An under desk exerciser is a great way to incorporate cardio workout or desk workout machines into your day without spending extra time.

Under desk machines can only be used to do low-intensity exercises. Other equipment is more suitable if you have specific fitness goals. Under desk machines are meant to encourage movement while sitting. We can’t fault their purpose. Under desk machines can be very useful if you need to move more while sitting.

Under Desk Bike Vs Elliptical

Under Desk Bikes

Under desk bikes are basically the pedals of a regular bike compressed into a small machine. You can pedal from your chair by placing the device under your desk. Your feet move in a circular motion, similar to cycling.

1. What We Like

  • Whisper Quiet than an elliptical
  • You can be placed above you for a different kind of exercise
  • Less expensive than ellipticals
  • Upper Body Workout.
  • Desk Clearance Needed

2. What We Don’t Like

  • The correct position can be awkward and uncomfortable
  • For big feet, small pedals won’t work.
  • To fit under the table, you will need a taller desk.

Under Desk Ellipticals

The pedals on under-desk ellipticals are similar to those found in an elliptical. It fits under your desk and allows you to work from your chair. Ellipticals that fit under a desk move forward and backward.

We now know the basic features of this elliptical machine and can dive deeper into its similarities and differences.

Combining the larger foot surface and the elliptical pattern, you can target different muscles in your legs with different foot positions such as flat-footed or tiptoe.

1. What We Like

  • Motion is better for under desk use
  • More muscle groups can be worked
  • Burns more calories
  • It’s easier to use
  • Another big reason this product stands out is due to it utilizing the superior magnetic resistance which offers much better and smoother motion.

2. What We Don’t Like

  • A little more expensive
  • It doesn’t withstand prolonged and intensive use
  • Ellipticals are not as efficient as traditional ones

Under Desk Bike Vs Elliptical

The Similarities: Under Desk Bike Vs Elliptical

These are the similarities between the two machines:

1. Primary Purpose

Both machines can help you burn calories and exercise while you’re at work. One device does it better than the other. You’ll burn the same amount of calories if you use both the same settings and the same intensity for the same time.

It is important to note that both machines use the same different muscles in your upper body, mainly located in the legs and lower bodies.

2. Size

Both elliptical and under desk bikes share the exact dimensions. Both machines are approximately 10 inches tall, which is very small, Desk Clearance is Needed. Under desk machines are only a tenth the size of their gym counterparts.

They are designed to let you move your legs around in the small space below your desk. They are generally flat except bikes, which have a slightly higher profile due to the circular motions of their feet that require more space.

3. Weight

The exercise bikes and ellipticals are made from the same materials, so they weigh nearly the same. The average weight of the elliptical machines is 20lbs. This makes them easy to transport from one place to another.

They can be stored under your desk and are easy to carry around. It can be locked under your desk to work while you are at it and then leave it behind when you get home.

They are lightweight and easy to transport.

4. Features

Both machines share the same features. They are both designed for exercise and have standard features like increasing resistance. As you work to keep your health and well-being in mind, the machine is tranquil. These machines are so quiet. You won’t hear any sound except when you change settings. Even that will be very minimal.

They all have the option to select the options that you want. You get more features and more quality options as you spend more.

You’ll still burn the same calories regardless of which machine you use. Manufacturers promise 300 calories per day, but most people burn around 100 calories at moderate speeds.

5. Price

The machines are almost identical in quality and features. They also cost about the same. Amazon reviews show that the best models cost around $200. The budget doesn’t matter if you choose the bike or the elliptical. You’ll spend about the same as someone who buys the other option.

This makes it simple to choose between the machines, as the prices are one of the most important factors for buyers.

Under Desk Bike Vs Elliptical

The Differences Between Under Desk Elliptical and Bike

Under-desk ellipticals and a under desk bike are almost identical in size, weight, primary function, and weight. Both are great for working out in the office (or at home) and offer similar calorie burn capabilities.

An under-desk elliptical and under-desk bikes have two main differences: the pedals and stride. This is the movement that burn calories. An under desk exercise bike will allow you to move in a circular motion, rather than the forward/back motion on an under-desk ellipticals.

1. Workout

Both machines can be used to strengthen your legs, but the way you use them is different. The Under Desk Bike allows your legs to move in a circular motion, much like riding a bike.

On the other hand, the Under Desk Ellipticals leg motions are similar to shuffle your legs back and forth. You will be able to exercise various muscles in your legs by the significant differences in the direction of your movements. The feet would have a different range of motion. Because of the many muscle movements, you’re more likely to feel tired with an Under-Desk Ellipticals.

2. Space

Both are comfortable under regular desks, but being taller can make using an Under Desk Bike difficult.

Sitting with your legs straight, 90-degree angles on your knees can cause you to fall on your knees if there isn’t enough space under the desk. The Under Desk Elliptical keeps your knees almost in the same place. You won’t have to worry about your knees hitting the bottom of the desk.

3. Feet Placement

The pedals on the Under Desk Bike require that you insert your feet into them. We recommend that you get a bike with more oversized pedals than the average for your foot size. If you cannot find a bike that fits your needs, you can place your feet on the pedals and not insert them into the loops.

The Under Desk Elliptical features more oversized pedals that can accommodate all foot sizes. You will need to stand on the pedals and push them forward and back. They have small barriers at the front and back that keep the feet in place.

4. Leg Muscles

The Under Desk Elliptical is outclassed by the Under Desk Bike because it offers more ways for the whole body to be involved, but the elliptical motion has more and better ways to work your legs.

The elliptical can be used to target multiple leg muscles. To achieve the desired results, you will need to adjust your feet’ position on the pedals. You can reach the desired results by using the flat-footed position with your toes and heel. These positions are great for recovering from an injury or if you want to strengthen your legs.

It is possible to have difficulty reaching the fitness level you desire. This is especially important when you are healing a joint and going through different stages.

5. Benefits beyond Leg Muscles

Both machines focus on the legs, but the Under Desk Elliptical does this better. The elliptical will only focus on the legs while you are using it. You can move the Under Desk Bike to a table or bench for upper body exercises. You can pedal as fast with your feet by putting your hands on your pedals.

You can adjust the difficulty of pedaling, making the bike more beneficial for your upper body. The pedaling movement not only works on the arms but also on the entire upper body. This machine is more complicated than the Under Desk Elliptical.

If you have big feet, an under-desk elliptical may be the best choice as they can provide you with the legroom you require.

We will show you how these machines differ and then give you tips on which machine to choose depending on your needs.

Under Desk Bike Vs Elliptical


How Many Calories Can You Burn with An Under Desk Bike or Elliptical?

Although ellipticals and under desk bikes claim that they can burn up to 300 calories an hour, a more realistic number could be around 100 calories an hour. An American Journal of Preventive Medicine* study found that office workers used an under-desk pedal exerciser for 16 consecutive weeks.

Office workers lost an average of 107 calories per day through exercise for short periods of 8-10 minutes each, which added up to 50 minutes daily. These workers burned more than 500 calories per week in a relatively short time span, all without ever leaving their desks. By exercising for longer than 50 minutes, you can quickly increase your calorie burning and weight loss.

Researchers also noticed significant weight loss, total fat mass, body composition, waist circumference, and waist circumference improvements after the 16-week study. They also observed a lower resting heart rate, improved concentration, and fewer sick days.

Are Those Machines Suitable For The Elderly?

Seniors and the elderly spend a lot of time sitting each day. Sitting has many adverse consequences. An Elliptical or Under Desk Bike can help to minimize these negative effects.

The Elliptical or Under Desk Cycle is a safe and effective way for seniors to exercise. Many units can be used indoors or outdoors as they are portable and compact. Although it may take longer to burning calories, light exercise is better than none. These are some of the many great benefits of an Elliptical or Under Desk Bike for seniors:

  • Increase metabolism
  • Reduce arthritis’s effects
  • Enhance mood and sleep
  • Burn calories
  • Tone your muscles
  • Promote weight loss

Can you lose weight with an under-desk elliptical or elliptical bike?

If you ride for 50 minutes each day, you could burn 500 calories per week. You can calories burned if you pedal longer or at a faster speed. Sitting pedal cycles can be used to lose weight.

A great cardio workout is the under desk exercise machine. A diet is as essential as exercising if you are trying to lose weight. An elliptical either a desk bike can give you a gentle workout.

Does an under desk bike or elliptical give an intense workout?

Strength exercises should not be sub-optimized for under desk cycling. It specializes in weight loss and cardio benefits. You won’t get the intense workout you get lifting weights.

There are many other benefits to using an under-desk bike. This includes reducing latency and preparing for strength exercises. You can then get up straight from work and head to the gym.


The decision on whether to use an under desk bike or elliptical is a personal one. They both have pros and cons, but they are not the same product.

Some people will prefer using an under desk bike because it has more stability than most ellipticals; others might feel that having their feet stationary while in motion feels unnatural, so that they would be better off with an under-desk elliptical.

It all depends on you! If you still need some guidance, please share this article with your friends who may also be looking to buy either of these products by clicking “share” at the bottom of this page.

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