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Tropical interior design – A comfortable space

Tropical interior design - A comfortable space

Inspired by tropical lands, tropical interior design style with a liberal imprint in the combination of colors, materials and decorative items is a prominent trend in recent years. If I could use one adjective to describe the overall beauty of tropical style, it would be “inspirational”. The tropical design is filled with green colors including the deep green of the sky and the green of the forest, creating a peaceful and relaxing living space like a resort paradise, bringing energy. positivity and abundant vitality for the whole family.

In particular, tropical style is divided into two main categories, including tropical Asia and tropical Latin America. Although all aim to connect people with nature, each type has its own characteristics, making them stand out from a variety of current design styles.

How is Tropical Interior Design?

tropical interior design

Tropical style is an interior design style inspired by tropical lands, with the endless green of the sea, sky, tropical forests, etc. The tropical style will bring the quiet, peaceful atmosphere of a paradise island. This style is more special than other interior design styles in that it uses green as the main colour and most of them will use textures from nature such as palm leaves, and coconut leaves. Comfort, relaxation, and closeness are all emotions that Tropical style in interior design brings to your living space.

Another aspect of the British colonial style is a construction style that minimizes energy, uses a lot of local organic materials, and supports local and community labour. Tropical Green Building has the same premises as green buildings in milder climates, but the construction method is completely different. In the tropics, the focus is on keeping cool, preventing insect infestations, reducing mould, dampness, and indoor maintenance. In general, the tropical green building also seeks to reduce power consumption through smart architecture, such as by allowing plenty of natural light so that electric lights are not needed during the day and at night, Use white roofs, ceilings and low-energy light bulbs such as compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs.

5 Hacks for Tropical Interior Design

tropical interior design


The highlight of this style is the presence of green palm leaf motifs, and coconut leaves and honouring the green and blue colors. A house designed in a tropical style will let homeowners experience a quiet and peaceful atmosphere like a paradise island.

Get inspired by famous landmarks like Hawaii, Bali, Fiji or the Caribbean – you will be immersed in the exotic floral scents and melodious waves of the sea if you apply this style to your home.

To draw tropical style, you need to go deep into the fantasy that you have set foot in the tropics. And you begin to paint your home in a tropical style. Specifically:

  • You use all the green for your interior space
  • You choose for yourself tropical materials, be it a betel nut, maybe a palm tree or something else you’re thinking of.
  • You calculate that you will use wooden floors or grass carpets for your apartment
  • You slowly introduce tropical colours into the decorative details
  • You can keep some animals like parrots or birds

Fill the room with Rattan furniture

tropical interior design

Rattan chairs are a beautiful and sturdy alternative to traditional wooden outdoor furniture. Strands from tropical palm species’ branching are used to create natural leather. This airy linen is ideal for windows and doors and for bringing the outside inside. Eco (plastic) bamboo imitates the look of genuine rattan while enjoying the many conveniences of plastic furnishing. Eco-rattan equipment has a weave created using resin that is then wrapped over a cast aluminum. Because of this, enviro equipment is more dependable, sturdy, and sturdy than both its organic and synthetic alternatives.

Furniture made of rattan is renowned for its ability to withstand rain, snow, and frost as well as the low care needed to keep it looking great. The fact that rattan equipment is inexpensive is another benefit. This implies that you can easily alter your furnishings.

Using Natural Plants

tropical interior design

Ornamental plants are also one of the hallmarks of a dynamic and youthful  tropical decor. Although it is no longer a stranger in the field of home decoration and design, for  tropical decor, trees have been elevated to an important factor, helping to clearly portray a tropical living space. As we mentioned above, the use of plants as decorative items for tropical interior design is considered appropriate. Not using imported furniture, this style is created mainly from natural materials: palm trees, banana trees, etc.
If you do not have the conditions to create real tropical plants, you can use artificial plants or wallpaper, the motifs are printed on the fabric. In general, the Tropical design style can be applied to any interior space. For example living room, outdoor area, foyer, bedroom or kitchen, etc. Currently, some families prefer to use artificial plants and flowers to save money and time on care. However, homeowners should also pay attention to cleaning and cleaning fake plants regularly, avoiding dust and dirt, affecting the aesthetics and health of users.

Using Tropical Accent Color

tropical interior design

Tropical style interior design often uses the main color green. The green here is the green of the sky, the sea, the leaves, the trees, etc. You can freely mix the colors together in a tropical style, sometimes bright, gentle colors, sometimes even The colors are quite bold and sharp.
The tropical interior design style is modified to suit the weather and monsoon climate. Therefore, architects will often design with accent wall with more colors, not only green but also orange, yellow, deep red or purple, …

With a workplace that requires a lot of creativity, office interior design companies will prioritize applying this style to inspire employees.

Raise some Parrots

tropical interior design

The characteristic of the tropical design style lies in the small and beautiful motifs such as palm trees, reminiscent of the vegetation in the tropical rainforest; birds and reptiles refer to diverse ecosystems in the rainforest; or marine species representing the vast ocean, etc.

All these textures are cleverly combined and used, simulating the peaceful, unspoiled ocean and tropical forests, providing a unique and inspiring living experience.

We live in a fast-paced world, so many people are looking for ways to reduce stress and learn to relax. Having a pet in the house is a great solution to this problem. According to research by professor Suny Karen Allen, pet owners have significantly lower stress levels than non-pet owners.

Specifically, the team of scientists asked study participants to solve difficult math problems, while they monitored heart rate and blood pressure. Participants who were accompanied by a pet made fewer mistakes, had lower heart rates, and lower blood pressure than when they were alone with family, spouses or friends.
Moreover, the parrot represents the tropical natural world, adding an animal will make the scene much more vivid.

Bamboo Decoration

tropical interior design

Bearing the imprint of tropical paradise seas, the tropical interior design style prioritizes the use of natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, etc. Which, wood is commonly used in  modern tropical decor thanks to its durability and high aesthetics.

In particular, the combination of wood materials with the dominant green tone will contribute to a youthful, liberal and close-to-nature space. The floor is also tiled with wood instead of the usual ceramic tile.
In addition, bamboo and cork are also materials used a lot in tropical style interior design. Tables, chairs, cabinets or decorations made of bamboo are an interesting way to create accents for living spaces.

Final Thoughts

Modern tropical interior design brings a natural, comfortable, peaceful and cool space. Very suitable for those who are looking for peace and freedom amidst the noisy and crowded city today. Thank you for visiting our website, hope you have the best experience.