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Standing Desk Vs Exercise Ball: A Comparison Guide (2021)

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, then you might want to consider a standing desk. Standing desks help reduce the health risks of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and it’s an easy way to work out while working!

Exercise balls are another option for those who have lower back pain or difficulty sitting for long periods of time. They also offer many health benefits if used correctly. In this blog post, Focal Upright will discuss both options Standing Desk Vs Exercise Ball so that you can decide which one is better for you!

What is a Standing Desk?

Standing Desk Vs Exercise Ball

A standing desk is basically an adjustable height table that allows you to adjust your work surface from sitting down to standing up. This will allow for better blood flow, which can help with concentration as well! They also keep the lower body active throughout the day, and there are even some studies that say they may improve your posture over time.

A Standing Desk can cost thousands of dollars. You can also make your own. You can make your own Standing Desk by placing your computer on top of a stack of books.


  • Standing encourages movement sitting is limiting in how our bodies move.
  • The height-adjustable standing desk can adjust for sitting or standing and can be used to help you alternate between the two.
  • Standing can burn slightly more calories than sitting according to a widely accepted study.
  • Studies have shown that standing can improve mood and productivity.


  • Exercising too often can lead to varicose veins.
  • A high-quality, adjustable height standing desk can be costly.
  • Different studies on the benefits of standing desks have yielded varying results. It is unclear what exactly benefits standing can bring.

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What is an Exercise Ball?

Standing Desk Vs Exercise Ball

An exercise ball (yoga ball) offers a different kind of work surface option for those who may be suffering from back pain or just want to break up the day with some movement while they are sitting at their desk.

They offer more support and can help you maintain better spinal alignment, but standing desks tend to be better for people who have to sit down at a desk all day.

Exercise Ball chairs can also be used as office chairs by fitness advocates. Some choose to place an Exercise Ball at their desk instead of a traditional office chair, while others purchase frames that substitute for traditional chair cushions.

In 2017, researchers looked at how the bodies reacted to a 10-minute period of sitting. They concluded that sitting on a stabilization ball activated lower body muscles. A second study concluded that the stability ball might increase core endurance.

Exercise balls and exercise ball chairs are very affordable. One can often be purchased for less than $100.00.


  • Fun and exciting.
  • It is claimed to burn more calories.
  • Great for exercise.
  • Improve your posture because of your strengthened core muscles.


  • Research doubts the claims.
  • Can cause injury.
  • No core activation
  • Studies have also shown that prolonged sitting can increase discomfort.

Comparing Standing Desk Vs Exercise Ball

Weight Loss

Standing Desk

There is much propaganda about standing desks and weight loss. The truth is that sitting still and standing are not the same thing. According to the Journal of Physical Activity and Health you will only burn 8 calories more per hour.

Exercise Ball

According to research, a therapy ball can burn 6% more calories than sitting in a chair. However, people preferred sitting on therapy balls to standing in a study entitled, “Increasing passive energy expenditure during clerical job”.

Pain Relief

Standing Desk

Because you’re changing to a different position, standing desks can help relieve the pain of sitting. Your legs don’t count when you sit down. Instead, your lower back and abs hold all your weight. Standing is a great way to engage your legs, which are the most powerful muscles in your body.

Standing is an excellent way to reduce neck and upper back tightness. Bringing a monitor up to your standing height will allow you to maintain a good posture better than when you are sitting.

Standing is not always a good thing. If you sit all day, you will experience a variety of pains. Standing still can cause pain in your hips, feet, and back. I recommend wearing shoes that don’t cause pain if you plan to stand for long periods of time. Dress shoes and anything with heels is not good for you.

Standing in heels or dress shoes can cause lower back pain. To do this, adjust your position, adjust your posture, widen your stance and bend your knees.

Sometimes, you will need to sit down. It doesn’t matter what desk you buy, it is important to find one that can easily transition from seated to standing height. The problem with standing desks is not sitting, it is how you stay in one position for too long.

Exercise Ball

A standing desk is not as effective for pain relief as an exercise ball. An exercise ball allows you to sit more comfortably and engage your muscles, whereas a standing desk requires you to adopt a new position. You can stretch your abs with the exercise ball. The seat is also soft and unstable, so your legs can be engaged.

This can reduce stress on our lower backs. It’s easy to do little exercises with the exercise ball that keeps us from sitting all day. You can rock back and forward while sitting on the ball by placing your pelvis under your head and flexing your glutes.

Then, you can return to your normal seated position. This gentle movement will allow you to stay pain-free for longer periods of time than simply sitting down.

Standing Desk Vs Exercise Ball

When choosing an exercise ball, it is important to choose the right size for you. It is important to ensure that the ball will support your spine if you plan to use it as an exercise chair. This information is often provided by the seller. However, you can test it yourself by sitting on the ball with your knees bent at 90 degrees.

After you have your ball fitted, don’t move from your chair. While you may not be able to sit on an exercise ball for eight hours, it is unlikely that you will. You can start with 20-minute intervals throughout your day and increase the intensity as you gain strength.

Getting Stronger

Standing Desk

If you can engage your feet and glutes while standing for long periods of time, it will strengthen your glutes. Standing can be more challenging for your core if you balance on one foot. Calf raises will also help. Although a standing desk will not help you get the body of a bodybuilder or sculptor, these small exercises can make a big difference.

Exercise Ball

You can use an exercise ball for more than 100 exercises. Most of these you wouldn’t consider doing in front of your coworkers at work. Exercise ball breaks become more common if you can convince your coworkers.

A plank challenge is a popular office competition. One of the best ways you can level up your plank is to do it on an exercise bike. To start a trend, you only need one person in your office.

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What are the benefits of having both a standing desk and exercising throughout the day?

Both options give our backs support; if you’re uncomfortable when exercising, however, then only get an exercise ball. A standing desk provides an option that will keep those symptoms at bay. The best way to avoid these conditions is by alternating positions, sometimes with a desk and other times without.

Exercise balls are always cheaper than stand-up desks! And they provide some resistance which can help tone muscles while sitting – but the downside is there’s no room for your computer on them and you can’t type as easily. What if you need to work from home? That means buying two desks: one for when you’re sitting down and another (or both) for when you want to be active.

You’ll have more of a tendency towards weight loss or muscle gain depending on what position we’re in; it also prolongs our lives because avoiding these conditions altogether and reduces health insurance premiums.

Exercising throughout the day is a great idea, but an exercise ball doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles as a stand-up desk does. If you’re looking for something to compliment your current standing desk or if you need one for working from home then consider getting both – it’ll save money in the long run!

Exercise Ball Vs Standing Desk FAQs

Is it good to sit on exercise balls at work?

This is a good option if you’re looking for an alternative to sitting all day. It will provide your body with the same lower back support that a chair would, but it also provides some resistance, which can help tighten and tone muscles as well.

What are some other scenarios where you might want to stand instead of sit for extended periods?

It’s not just at your desk! Sometimes employees may need to stand in front of their computer (to type) when they’re working from home; others may find themselves needing more physical activity than simply sitting all day long does.

Whatever the case, we should always be mindful of the effects sitting for long periods of time will have on our health. Standing desks or exercise balls are a great option!

How to Use an Exercise Ball Chair?


A standing desk will allow you to move your work surface up or down depending on what position is best for you, while an exercise ball provides a different option that may be more suited for those with lower body aches or just looking to break the monotony of the day with some movement.

Consult a doctor or physical therapist if you are suffering from back pain or any other musculoskeletal conditions to determine the best workstation seating options for you.