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Sit Me Up Floor Seat Vs Bumbo: Which Is Better And Why? In 2022

Sit Me Up Floor Seat Vs Bumbo: Which Is Better And Why? Are you trying to find floor seats for your baby? There are many different options out there, but one of the most popular posts is Bumbo. The problem with this product is that it can be challenging to clean and can cause potential injury in some cases.

If you’re looking for a safe and easy-to-clean alternative, I recommend checking out Sit Me Up Baby Floor Seats! It’s affordable, durable, and has multiple features like adjustable straps and support pads on the bottom.

First-time parents are often overwhelmed by the number of baby products available and have difficulty deciding what’s worth buying. The Sit Me Up Baby Floor Seat is one of those items that can be confusing to new parents. Is it better than the Bumbo? What does it do? Can you use it when they outgrow the baby floor seat? All these questions will be answered in this blog post!

Sit Me Up Floor Seat Vs Bumbo

Bumbo Floor Seat Overview

The Bumbo Floor Seat is a secure place for baby sit and play safely on the floor. Its flexible base conforms to the natural shape of the baby’s legs, while its thick foam padding provides comfort and support for little ones.

It could be a great booster seat for toddlers in the future. It’s better to use it as a temporary feeding seat than an everyday high chair.

Quick Facts:

Weight Limit: 25 lbs (11.3 kg) Made in China / Recommended Age: 6 months-3 years

The Bumbo chair are available in 4 different colors.

Parents love their Bumbo! It is easy to put on the floor, and babies can quickly get up and out of the seat. The bright colors are also a big plus for parents who want to baby-proof their home, making the Bumbo more obvious.

Parents’ biggest complaint is that babies can get their paws (or mouth) into the three-point harness strap and pull themselves up to a standing position.

This will likely happen within days of beginning use. If you are concerned about this happening – don’t worry about it until after the baby begins trying to roll from front to back and back to front (usually around 3 months).

The chances of the harness not being pulled loose before the baby can roll incredibly slim, as most babies will lose interest in pulling on it before they ever begin rolling.

Don’t use the straps if you are worried about the baby standing up when using the baby floor seat. This is what I chose to do with both my babies, and it worked great. The only issue is that your baby should hold their head up while using the floor seat, so this may not work well for very young/tiny babies.

The Bumbo Seats is also a great way to help teach babies about sitting upright, as they are free to wiggle and move around while sitting in the Bumbo. This will come in handy later when the baby is learning how to sit up on their own!


Parents love the Bumbo for its ability to keep the baby safe on the floor, especially as they begin teaching the baby how to sit upright. It also provides an excellent place for babies to kick and wiggle, which many babies love.

Baby can use the Bumbo anywhere! You don’t have to be on a carpet or specific “baby play area” – your kitchen table is perfect!

Babies who are just learning how to roll over (4-8 weeks) LOVE the Bumbo! It keeps them upright while they are practicing their rolling skills.

The Bumbo locks baby in place because of its deep, “scooped-out” chair and leg holes.

The Bumbo’s seat is higher than the Bumbo, which means that the Bumbo has more support on the sides. This allows your baby’s arms to move freely and explore while also allowing you to see their faces.

If you use the Bumbo Seats, I recommend waiting until the baby has head control (usually around 4-6 months) before trying to help the baby walk. If you have a squirmy baby who loves the Bumbo, it might be the best baby floor seats to wait even longer (if you can!).


Baby learning how to sit up may try to pull themself out of the Bumbo. This is why it is recommended that my boy not use the straps when using the baby floor seat.

Because younger babies have a hard time reaching for things, they will likely be able to get their hands on the strap before they ever begin to pull themselves up.

My second baby gets irritated with the seat’s backrest and begins to fuss when being seated in it.

This usually occurs around 6-7 months, so if you are concerned about this happening – try putting the baby in the Bumbo before 6 months old (before they have a chance to become too familiar with the backrest) or try to use it in short intervals.

The Bumbo Seat is made of soft foam, so if you are outside on a hot day (like at the beach), your baby may get too warm in it and become uncomfortable.

The Bumbo Seat doesn’t hold up very well over time. They are made of a fragile plastic material and tend to break easily. I was fortunate that my husband had a talented friend who could repair them – but it would have been much more complicated if the Bumbo wouldn’t hold air (which is also common).

The harness straps on the Bumbo Seat can be removed. However, parents frequently complain that your baby can easily reach the belt and pull it off their shoulder – which causes the baby to slide out of the seat.

Hard to machine washable.

In this case, keep an eye on your baby while they’re using the seat and intervene before the straps come loose or let them stand in it without using it at all.

Sit Me Up Floor Seat Vs Bumbo

Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat Overview

The Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat has a padded, adjustable seat that keeps your baby safe while practicing their sitting skills on the floor. The backrest works as head support for a younger little one and can be removed when your child is old enough to sit up well – helping them learn how to sitting independently.

Baby should not use the Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat until they can hold their head up on their own (this usually occurs around 4-6 months), and the Sit Me Up Floor Seat is a great place for them to learn how to sit while having freedom of movement.

The adjustable straps allow you to adjust the seat as the baby grows and can help the baby learn how to sit up by himself. This is the best booster seat for a toddler.

Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat Pros

The seat can be used for an extended period (approximately 6 months – 2 years) as it is adjustable, and the backrest can be removed once your child begins sitting well on his own. They weren’t forced into an unnatural sitting position but were held in place and entertainment purposes.

Baby can use the Sit Me Up Baby Floor Seats anywhere – on a wood or tile floor, carpeted area, etc.

The engaging attached toys on the detachable bar will keep older babies entertained. Baby can be left to play with toys in the seat without the worry of them falling over.

It features a stable, wide base, removable snack tray, and a machine-washable cushion.

Sit-Me-Up was designed to fit the natural contours of your baby’s body.

Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat Cons

Imagine my shock and dismay when my little guy started to tip all over the place while slouching forward.

The straps may pose a safety hazard if they are not used and adjusted correctly. Parents need to make sure that the clips are sent through the correct openings on the straps to avoid any pinching.

It is very easy for a baby who still has poor head control to tip over from side to side in this seat.

Because of this, the little one should not use the straps until they have passed 9 months and can sit up.

It doesn’t reach very high in the back, so it won’t provide as much support as the Sit Me Up Leg holes aren’t big enough to accommodate chunkier babies.

If you have a very squirmy baby and goes from side to side while playing on the floor, you may want to skip using this seat entirely and avoid attaching the straps.

Because of the soft foam that babysits on, it will probably not last long if used outside. The sun can easily break down the material over time, so it’s probably the best baby floor seats to use this seat inside only.

Sit Me Up Floor Seat Vs Bumbo

The Bumbo has been the most popular floor seat in recent years.

The Sit Me Up Floor Baby Seats is an excellent alternative to the Bumbo. Some of the more apparent differences between the two are that baby will have more mobility in the baby floor seat and play on the harder ground without fear of tipping over because of the lower half-circle-shaped bottom.

Because the baby is on hard ground (as opposed to being suspended in midair), they won’t be able to lean back and rest their head, but this allows them better developmentally ready when it comes to sitting up straight.

Sit Me Up Floor Seat Vs Bumbo

Tips for Using Your Baby Floor Seat

The biggest safety concern with using the baby floor seats is that the baby’s head can fall forward and not lift it again. This will cause them to have no control over where their body goes (in this case, straight down).

To prevent this from happening, make sure the baby has a good amount of neck strength before you start letting them sit in the baby floor seats. If their head does start to fall forward, they will be able to respond quickly and lift it back up.

Adjust the straps so that your baby is sitting as upright as possible in the baby seat. Since baby have very little core strength yet, this helps prevent them from leaning over too far if they slouch or fall asleep.

Make sure you and others in your home are very careful when moving or adjusting the seat because the clips can pinch if they aren’t forced through the correct openings.

Never leave baby unattended in floor seats or on any other piece of furniture – ever! It’s essential to monitor your child constantly, as it only takes a few moments for them to get into trouble if you aren’t watching.

Use a toy or object that is attached above the baby’s head to keep it busy while in the seat – this will prevent them from trying to lean back and fall over.  I like using these toys because they are colorful and fun but not overly stimulating for baby who quickly get overstimulated.

Remember always to read the safety instructions that come with your floor seats and follow them strictly. If you’re unsure how to use it, ask a friend or family member who has experience using one before letting the baby try out their new seat!

Here are some tips on safe spot ways to help babysit up in a Bumbo.

Even though I like the floor seats and how much easier they are to use than a Bumbo, they have some potential safety hazards.

If you’re not 100% sure what to look for or don’t feel comfortable using one in your home, I recommend skipping it! Or, at the very least, don’t attach the straps (so baby can’t lean forward) until you’re sure they can sit up on their own.


Can a 3-month-old sit in a baby floor seats Bumbo?

Baby can use the Bumbo to sit up, but its original intention is still not clear. The safety of this product has been questioned, and there are concerns that the baby could get trapped in a more natural sitting position too early by using it at age 3 months or younger. If you want your baby to learn how to sit on their time frame, check out these products instead!

There’s currently no evidence that infants should be allowed into any seating device before 6 months old for many reasons – most importantly because they might trap themselves against other surfaces if left unattended during those first few weeks when they’re learning about gravity without having baby’s development-ready enough muscle control yet.

How long should tummy time be at 3 months?

That’s right, the American Academy of Pediatrics wants you to start your little one on Tummy Time as soon as they are born! Aim for at least an hour per day by 3 months old. This can be broken up into smaller parts and started from when they’re a newborn.

The AAP recommends that you make sure baby gets their fair share in these early days – between birth and three months- with around 1 hour total during this period being great for them: 10 minutes every few hours is plenty until those more frequent feedings decrease.

Should I let my baby cry during tummy time?

Don’t give up! A baby on their belly is likely to cry, but don’t let that discourage you. Instead of letting them sit there and wail, try some alternative positions like holding your little one in the air or walk around the house with her on top.


We’ve covered a lot of ground today, and it can be tough to keep track of all the information. Here are some quick takeaways for you to remember as Focal Upright conclude our discussion on the baby floor seat. What is your favorite type? The Bumbo or the Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat? Which features do you think are most important in choosing between these products?

Is price an issue, or does safety come first for you when deciding what product will work best for your child? Do any other factors play into which seat may be better suited for your family needs than others? If so, share them with us below! And if not, feel free to views expressed any additional questions that have arisen during this post by commenting.

I hope you will make informed decisions about the best baby gear for your family