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Purple Seat Cushion Review 2022: Is It For You?

This is a Purple Seat Cushion Review designed to help alleviate back pain and discomfort. The product has been shown to decrease the number of cases where people need surgery for spinal problems by more than 50%. It’s made from high-density foam with a patented design that conforms to the shape of your body.

It is important to have a comfortable seat when sitting for long periods. The Purple Seat Cushion has been designed with your comfort in mind to provide relief from soreness, aches, and pains. This review will explore the features of the product as well as give an overview of its benefits.

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Purple Cushion Review: Overview

Purple was a big name in the mattress industry when it launched the Original Purple mattress. It uses Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer to give the bed a unique feel.

In 2018, Purple released the New Purple line of mattresses, including Purple 2, Purple 3, and Purple 4. Purple Mattress Technology is now available in a smaller size for people interested in extending their Purple collection.

Purple has a variety of seat pads and cushions to have Purple comfort whether you are studying, working, or just relaxing. These cushions are especially useful for people who work long hours in office chairs (such as us, who regularly write about sleep products). Focal Upright have some thoughts on the Purple counterpart if you need additional support and padding.

Purple Cushion

1. Overview of Purple’s Seat Cushions

  • Portable Seat Cushion: Can be folded and carried by its handle. It is ideal for outdoor seating, such as stadium seats, benches, or grass.
  • Foldaway Seat Cushion: designed for those who spend up to 4 hours traveling by any means of transportation, easy to carry, and adjustable to all seats
  • Back Cushion: This cushion is for people who need additional support for their back in an office chair.
  • Simply Seat Cushion: Makes car seats more comfortable. Also great for sofas and couches, as well as office chairs.
  • Royal Seat Cushion: Made to make any hard chair incredibly comfortable. Ideal for people who spend at least 5-8 hours a day sitting.
  • Double Seat Cushion: A two-inch cushion that offers two firmness options. Softer on one side and harder on the other. Recommended for people who spend eight hours or more a day in an office chair.
  • Ultimate Seat Cushion: When it comes to Purple’s Ultimate Seat Cushion, all reviews will refer to this product as the thickest version of the brand’s seat cushions. It is ideal for “chronic sitting”, which means that you sit for at least 8 hours per day.

2. Who Is This Best For?

  • Soccer moms seated on bleachers
  • Long-haul trucker drivers
  • People who work long hours in the office
  • Purple Seat Cushions are a good choice for anyone who has a sore butt.

3. Who Won’t Love It?

  • People who are not comfortable sitting for extended periods of time, such as waitresses or tour guides, will be more productive than those who do.
  • You can be happy with your chair as it is.
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to spend money on the luxuries seat cushions provides

4. Pros & Cons


  • Anatomical support
  • Cover is washable and non-slip
  • Diverse models
  • There is no weight limit
  • Durable
  • Cooling effect
  • For relief of body-pressure


  • Prices high
  • Temporary chemical smell (upon packing)
  • Temperature-sensitive
  • Hand washing is required
  • Some models are heavier

Who Won’t Love It?

5. Sizes

It is essential to know the dimensions and weight of these cushions to choose the best one for you. This is especially true for more giant pillows. The Purple Seat Cushion has received almost all of its reviews asking the question, “Can the cushion be cut?” Yes. The answer is yes. However, any modifications you make to the cushion will void its warranty and allow you to return it.

The Purple Seat Cushion is also reviewed in a typical product review. Take a look at the products offered by the company.

Type of seat cushion: Weight (lbs)/Dimensions L x Lx H (inches).

  • Back Seat Cushion: 2.5/15.75×9.25×2.5
  • Foldaway Seat Cushion: 3/15 x 17 x 1.2
  • Portable Cushion Cushion: 2.75/13x15x1
  • Simply Seat Cushion: 4/17.5×15.75×1.25
  • Royal Seat Cushion 6/17.5 x 15:75 x 2.
  • Double Seat Cushion: 5/18x16x2
  • Ultimate Seat Cushion: 7.3/21.75x18x2.5

6. Materials Used

Purple Innovation LLC’s hyper-elastic polymer is used to make these cushions. This is the same material used in their Purple mattresses. This design employs the principle of column buckling, which gives uniform pressure to the body.

The high-tech material is adjustable and softened to relieve pressure points. The Purple Grid that forms the cushion’s body is a positive feature. It is incredibly durable and won’t wear out.

These cushions (especially the Ultimate Seat Cushion) are an excellent choice for truck driving. They’re strong enough to withstand constant use, according to multiple Purple Seat Cushion reviews.

7. Feel

You might be tempted to think that the seat is made of polymer. The Purple Grid does not absorb heat unless it is placed in direct sunlight. Multiple air channels allow for uninterrupted airflow, and the cover is made of breathable material. This allows your body to breathe while providing comfort. Purple cushion technology ensures that your clothes won’t get sweaty with any stains.

Professionals have praised the Purple Seat Cushion for its cooling engineering feat. This is why they were ranked second on our list of best cooling pillows.

The cooling effect is not only beneficial, but it also provides hip-pressure relief and tailbone-pressure relief for those who sit longer. You can also improve your posture by adding the back cushion to the mix. Purple Seat Cushion customer reviews proving the cushion’s effectiveness in pain relief are a testament to its effectiveness.

The Purple Grid

8. Product Care

The cushion cover can also be machine washed at low heat in a cold setting. The cushion cover is not machine washable. It should be cleaned by hand with warm water and mild detergent.

We learned a valuable tip while researching the Royal Purple Seat Cushion reviews. Many customers have left their cushion in the car and advised that they not be seated on it if the temperature is higher than 105 degrees. It is best to wait until the pillow cools down before you place it on the ground. It shouldn’t be left in direct sunlight or scorching areas when it isn’t being used.

9. Purple Seat Cushion Prices

In a lot of Purple Seat Cushion reviews, the most common negative point is the price. Although people initially hesitate to purchase more giant Purple seat cushions due to the high cost, they soon realize that the quality is worth it.

Type of seat cushion:

  • Back Cushion: $39
  • Foldaway Seat Cushion: $39
  • Portable Cushion for Seating: $39
  • Simply Seat Cushion: $59
  • Royal Seat Cushion: $79
  • Double-Seat Cushion: $99
  • Ultimate Seat Cushion $129

You can still find discounts if these prices seem too high for your budget. We’ve included this information in our Purple Seat Cushion Review.

All-Public Discounts:

  • Bundle shopping discounts
  • Referral program discounts
  • Coupons online
  • Special Discounts for Groups

The following categories get 10% off when purchasing seat cushions:

  • Truck drivers
  • Students and teachers
  • First responders
  • Military personnel
  • Healthcare professionals


1. How do you use Purple Seat Cushions?

Purple’s seat cushions can be used in a few simple steps. Once you have found the right one, place it on your seat and adjust it as necessary.

The Ultimate Seat Cushion model features a contoured groove towards the back, so make sure to place it in the correct direction.

The Double Seat Cushion comes with two sides, each with a different level of softness. Place the one that you prefer on top.

Purple Seat Cushions

2. Does the Purple Seat Cushion come with a cover?

All Purple Seat Cushions include a removable, non-slip cover. According to multiple Purple Seat Cushion reviews, leather and other smooth surfaces don’t pose a problem since the cushion stays in place.

3. How do you clean Purple Seat Cushions?

Hand-wash the cushion and dry it on a towel. Purple Seat Cushions are available with a removable, machine washable cover that keeps the cushion clean and often doesn’t have to be washed.

4. The official product review of the Purple Seat Cushion I want to buy doesn’t mention any weight limit. Is there any?

There is no weight limit. These cushions are durable and break-resistant, thanks to their unique design. However, heavier people might not experience the full benefits of seat cushions that are thinner.

The Portable Purple Seat Cushion is a good example. However, it has been reviewed by heavier people who also find it very comfortable. The Foldaway Cushion measures 1.2 inches thicker than this cushion. However, lighter or smaller people may find the Ultimate Cushion’s 2.5-inch thickness too thick and prefer a thinner pillow.

5. Is the Purple Seat Cushion worth it?

Purple’s cushion seats are solid and affordable for the quality they provide. These cushions are an excellent way to invest in your health, and most buyers agree that it is a wise investment.

Users are allowed to return the cushions for a full refund after being used for 30 days. This review concludes that these cushions are best for people who use them most often.

6. What is the best seat cushion?

All these seat cushions have been created using science to support good posture and comfort. Because they come in different categories, it’s difficult to choose the best one. This means that the answer depends on your needs. This is how you can find out.

  • Back pain: Back Seat Cushion
  • Outdoor: Foldaway Seat Cushion
  • Traveling: Portable Seat Cushion
  • Commuting: Simply Seat Cushion
  • Home use: Royal Seat Cushion
  • Adjustable firmness: Double Seat Cushion
  • Long sitting hours: Ultimate Seat Cushion

According to one review, the Royal Purple Seat Cushion is the most popular. Its popularity may be due to its medium thickness and moderate price.

While the official recommendation says to use these products at home, many Purple Royal Seat Cushion reviews mention that customers have used them in their offices or outside.


The Purple Seat Cushion is a product that can be useful for those who spend long hours sitting in one place. It provides support to help with back pain and lower body fatigue from prolonged sitting.

As always, our advice would be to speak with a medical professional before making any changes or additions to your current routine if you have questions about what may work best for you! Hopefully, this article will give an overview of the product, so you feel more confident when deciding whether it’s right for your needs today.

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