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Potty Chair Vs Potty Seat: Which Works Best for Your Child? 2022

The Potty Chair vs Potty Seat debate has been going on for years. As a parent, it can be difficult to make the decision between buying one or the other. The good news is that you don’t have to!

In this blog post, Focal Upright will explore what Potty Chairs and Potty Seats are, their pros and cons, and why they should be used together in order to get the best results.

What is a Potty Chair?

A potty chair is a raised toilet seat that gives toddlers the ability to feel like they are sitting on an adult-sized toilet. A toddler can sit comfortably and – bonus – not fall into the bowl.

Potty training chairs are small chairs that have a removable basin for children to use as a place to clean themselves. For easy access, they are cut to fit the height of children.

Potty chairs are great for toilet training because it lifts them up so their feet don’t touch the cold, dirty floors and have a place to put their feet while using the bathroom.

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Potty Chair Vs Potty Seat

Pros and Cons of Potty Chair


  • They are strong

Potty chairs are very strong because they have a wide base directly in contact with the ground. This reduces the chance of kids falling over or getting hurt.

You want your little one to feel safe and secure when they start potty training. Fear of falling off the potty or being injured will make it less exciting and may cause the training to take longer.

  • They are safe

The potty chair will be firmly on the ground, and the child’s feet will also rest on the toilet floor while potty training. This will increase the safety of your child’s hands and feet, as opposed to a potty chair that is too high above the ground.

  • They are easily accessible

Children and adults are different in that they feel the need to go to the toilet when they are young. Potty chairs can be used at any time, so kids don’t have to rush.

Potty chairs, on the other side, are slower to use. The child must pick it up from wherever it is, place it on the current seat, and then look for the step school. Once the potty chair is placed on the toilet, they can use it.

  • They are adorable

Potty chairs offer a larger surface area than potty seats. They can also be as thin or as thin as adult toilet seats. Potty chairs can be made into many shapes and colors, making them attractive for kids.

Children will see potty chairs in the same way toys are. They will also enjoy using them and will likely be excited to use them. This alone can make potty training so easy and quick.


These are the downsides to choosing a potty stool over a potty-training seat for your toddler.

  • Regular Dumping

Potty chairs are not glamorous because of the constant pee/poop dumping. Every time your toddler uses a potty seat, they will have to dispose of their waste in the nearest toilet. The dump quickly follows the cleaning.

Most parents don’t want to deal with baby poo after months of changing diapers. They are not wrong, I’m sure. This is why I can confidently say that most parents will choose potty chairs over the potty seat.

  • Takes Extra Bathroom Space

Potty chairs can be placed on the bathroom floor, as opposed to potty seats that are placed above the existing toilet seat. Potty chairs are not a practical option because most people don’t have enough bathroom space.

  • Potty Training Takes Longer

A toddler will need to use a toilet in a usual manner after they have used a potty seat. This is the main drawback. Kids might not be excited about using an adult toilet because they feel comfortable using a potty seat.

This means that you will need to start training them again, which can be less than ideal for most parents.

Training with a potty stool adds an extra step to your child’s potty training. Once your kid has been trained to use the potty chair properly, it’s time to teach them how to use the full-sized toilet.

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What is a Potty Seat?

Potty Chair Vs Potty Seat

Potty seats can be used to provide kids with a potty that is both built-in and next to an adult toilet. They are also suitable for kids with mobility problems or kids who have special needs.

They are more convenient than using an adult-sized one. They can prevent accidents and provide a safe place for kids to rest while they use the potty. They come in many styles, colors, and shapes. You can be sure to find the one your child loves!

Pros and Cons of Potty Seat


  • Smooth Transition

Potty training is designed to teach your kid how to use a standard toilet. Start them on a potty stool instead of a chair so they can get as close to the real thing as possible.

Toys can find it challenging to use a regular toilet. Potty training can help eliminate the fear of heights by using a potty seat.

Potty training can be faster and more enjoyable if the children love their potty seats. They can quickly adjust to a regular toilet, without the need for transition periods (which is necessary when using a potty seat).

  • You have nothing to dump

Potty seats have the advantage that children’s waste is collected directly in the bowl. This means you don’t need to empty the potty seat, unlike when potty training with a chair. You can fix any urine spillage by purchasing a potty chair with a splash guard.

  • Easily portable

Other than potty training chairs with ladders, many other potty seats can be easily transported. The Gimars Portable Potty Seat Training Seat can be folded up into a compact package and taken along with you on your travels.

It is not always possible to find a handy potty seat wherever you travel. It is beneficial to have a portable toilet seat, especially in public places like airport lounges or restaurants. Traveling with a child who can’t use a potty chair is very difficult if they can’t do so.


  • Risk of falling

Because standard toilets are higher than potty chairs, your child may fall off. Potty training can be more difficult by this, or it could take much longer because fear can kick in.

You can avoid this problem by purchasing a potty seat with grab handles or a ladder and a step stool too. Always ensure that your bathroom floor and step stool are dry. Falls are more common on wet surfaces.

When using the toilet, the child’s feet should be on a flat surface. This requires that you move the step stool.

  • Intimidating Height

Some kids may be intimidated by the height of an adult toilet, especially if it’s an ADA toilet. Fears can set in, and the child may not be excited about using the toilet. Potty training can be more complex and time-consuming than you might have expected.

You will need to hold the child until they are finished. They will feel secure knowing that you are there for them. Your little one will feel more confident and less afraid if you assure them that they are safe.

  • Takes time to use

Potty chairs must be prepared, not like a potty chair that is always available. This can be a problem, especially if the toddler needs to relieve themselves quickly.

  • Not Compatible With all Toilets

The majority of American toilets are either rectangular or elongated. This isn’t a problem as almost all potty seat types are compatible with this toilet shape.

Problems arise when your toilet is either D-shaped or square. Many potty seats won’t fit into these toilets, so be careful if your toilet isn’t elongated.

What’s the difference?

Potty chairs are designed to be used on the floor while potty seats attach to your toilet seat. Potty chairs are less expensive than potty seats, but they can be unstable for larger children and require additional cleaning in order to avoid bacteria buildup around the base of the toilet.

Potty seats attach directly to your toilet and come with a child-proof lock mechanism that will not allow them to be used by kids or adults. Potty chairs do not come in as many colors or designs, but potty seats attach directly to your toilet and so you have more options when it comes to color and design choices.

One downside to these types of seats is that you’ll probably have to hold your toddler in place while he/she does his business so that they don’t slide off or fall off the seat.

They’re also less stable than potty chairs and can tip over more easily, which is an obvious issue if you’re trying to use one in a public space like at a restaurant or store where there aren’t many bathrooms nearby.


Potty Chair Vs Potty Seat

Which is the best one to potty train a toddler?

This is, to be honest with you, one of those questions that have no right or wrong answer. Each product has its advantages and disadvantages.

It is important to consider the pros and cons of each option and then make a decision that will best suit your child. You might not find the best fit for your child if it works well for your friend’s toddler.

At what age should a baby use the potty chair?

You’ll notice a decrease in wet diapers between 20-30 months. These signs and other indicators of potty-training readiness should be your cue to get a toddler potty chair or seat and begin potty training. Make sure your child is comfortable in the new chair.

How do you keep a potty chair clean?

Mix a gallon of water with half a cup of white vinegar in a bucket or basin. Allow the potty to soak in the mixture for a few moments. You can wash the rest of your chair while the pot soaks. Use one part white vinegar and two parts water to fill your plastic spray bottle.

What are the best times to use a potty chair or seat?

Your toddler won’t use as many diapers if they don’t go to the toilet as often as usual. This will be obvious between one and three years of age.

This is a good sign that your child may be ready to learn how to toilet train. Other signs may include awareness of the need to go to the toilet or an interest in using the potty.

How do you clean the potty after pooping?


Potty chairs are great for toddlers who need something short and easy to reach, while Potty seats are perfect for older toddlers or those that may not have the physical ability to reach them.

Some children may prefer the security and safety of using a potty chair, while others might want to the big toilet with the help of a potty seat.

I hope you can find the best potty seats and best potty chairs easier through this guide.

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