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Need For Seat Vs Dxracer: Which Is Better And Why? In 2022

Do you find yourself sitting in your chair for hours on end? Maybe it’s time to think about a new gaming chair. There are many different types of chairs out there, but we’re going to explore the difference between Need For Seat Vs Dxracer.

Before you decide on the right gaming chair lines, you need to carefully compare its comfort features. Both brands offer high-quality products but have different styles and designs. Which one is right for you?

DXRacer Gaming Chairs

Need For Seat Vs Dxracer

DXRacer is a North American company with its headquarters in Michigan, USA. Two brothers from Taiwan founded the original gaming chair brand and have since become the world-renowned top choice for pros and enthusiasts alike.

With over 19 years of expertise to its name, DXRacer gaming chair offer customers all around the globe high-quality products that are built to last so they can provide people everywhere with a more immersive gameplay experience!

Born out of inspiration stemming from popular Taipei cafes back in 2001 as well as constant innovation through hard work – this Taiwanese-based corporation found themselves at home on every continent, rapidly becoming known worldwide for developing some of the best gaming chairs you’ll find anywhere today.

From esports events or tournaments, they’re seen piled up one after another, seating thousands.


  • Formula series

The DXRacer E-Series is a series of gaming chairs known for their low entry-level price tag and good quality. This chair offers multiple colors, 40 seats, and it can accommodate gamers from 4’8″ to 5’9″.

Some models do not offer 3D armrests but the cover may be PU or fabric or both with different wheelbases such as aluminum or nylon.

  • Racing series

The DXRacer Racing series chairs of a gaming chair from AKRacing is designed for taller gamers and as such, offers more support to the back. These chairs can be used by people with heights ranging between 5’4’’ and 6’2”.

The manufacturer recommended weight capacity is 220 lbs although they have been tested up to 250lbs. They’re mid-budget seating options if you don’t want something that’s too expensive but also not cheap either!

  • Valkyrie series

The Valkyrie series is a top-of-the-range collection made for gamers who would want the extended backrest of the Racing series, but with a slightly wider body.

These are seats that allow taller folks from 5’4 to 6’2 and can hold up to 250 pounds—although some people find it comfortable enough even if they go over the 220-pound limit! It’s a mid-budget gaming chair that is not as expensive as a Formula chair yet offers more than what you need.

  • King series

The King series introduces you to the world of DXRacer’s heavy-duty chairs. Unlike the previous series, DXRacer King series have 4D armrests and come with either PU leather or carbon vinyl covers for a comfortable experience at home.

The wheelbases are aluminum while 3″ casters give it an extra kick when needed!

  • Sentinel series

The Sentinel series of gaming chairs is the second heaviest in DXRacer’s lineup. It was engineered with brawnier and taller gamers who are 6’-6’5”, weighing around 325 lbs, in mind.

Alongside its other premium features like 4D armrests, 3″ casters, and PU/Carbon look vinyl coverings; this chair also has a weight capacity that exceeds all but one of their high-end models – up to 400lbs!

  • Tank series

The DXRacer “Tank” series is best for the large gamer with an athletic build looking for a chair that can accommodate up to 425 pounds. The Tank series has two features that set it apart from other gaming chairs: its backrest, accommodating people 6’1″ -6’6″, and its padding- 20% thicker than most!

Pros DXRacer Gaming Chair

  • This chair is perfect for gamers and has a racing background.
  • The Formula Series is a chair for height 5’8 and weighs up to 200lbs.
  • The DXRacer chair is comfortable for gamers and streamers.
  • DXRacer chairs are ergonomichigh-quality gaming chairs.

Cons DXRacer Gaming Chair

  • The hydraulics of the chair is faulty, only raising to 15 inches from floor to bottom of the seat.

Need For Seat Gaming Chair

Maxnomic Maxnomic Located in Columbus, Ohio Maxnomic has been a well-known name in the gaming chair industry market for a long time.

Need For Seat Vs Dxracer


  • Casual Sport (S)

Casual Sport is a basic-level gaming chairs from the most affordable brand. Casual Sport pro gaming has all of the other features that you would find on its pricier siblings and comes in an attractive black finish with synthetic leather, 27″ metal base, recline function, and 4D armrests.

There are 11 chairs in this category ranging between 5’0″-5’9″. They support 110-176lb weights at heights as low as 5′.

  • Pro-gaming and office (M)

Chairs in the higher weight category are designed to support high-weight gamers. A 27.5’’ base and 4D armrest are used, but this chair will more comfortably accommodate a range of 177-220 lbs as well as taller gamers ranging from 5’10” to 6’1″.

  • Office comfort (L)

Office comfort and support, chairs in this category are meant for tall gamers who a height of 6’2’’-6’5′. Since the seat panel has flat side panels to accommodate large thighs, expect to fork out some real good money on Office comfort chairs.

  • XL series (XL)

The XL Series is built like a tank and is best for gamers who are big in size. XL Series offers the ultimate comfort with its flat side panel to accommodate those that sit long hours on their chair, but it also comes at quite an expense.

The base of this model can fit up to 375 lbs., which makes it perfect for larger gamers or people sitting all day because they have chronic back pain such as sciatica – making them more comfortable while gaming until relief kicks in!

Pros Need For Seat Gaming Chair

  • This chair is packaged well and includes the tools needed to assemble it
  • I found that the MAXNOMIC Leader and Dominator are great for me because they fit my body size.
  • The chair is designed for comfort and posture, with a high backrest to support the back while ensuring proper posture.
  • The chair has adjustable armrests and a reclining back.

Cons Need For Seat Gaming Chair

  • The chair has a few mechanical issues, as the head pillow strap kept sliding off, and it felt like they used cheap materials to make the chair.

What is the difference: the Need For Seat Vs Dxracer?

Need For Seat Vs Dxracer1. Assembly

  • Maxnomic Gaming Chair

Maxnomic chairs was a lot more difficult to put together. The back is attached to the seat with two braces, and it took at least 2 people just for that part of the assembly.

I found myself wishing someone would help me out in this task because as soon as you finish building one side then you have to do it all over again on the other end! It still went pretty quickly though so don’t be discouraged if nobody wants any help.

  • DXRacer gaming chairs

Unlike Maxnomic, The DXRacer we unboxed and put together was a breeze. This can be credited to the fact that this wasn’t our first time putting one of these things together, but also because it didn’t take us more than thirty minutes from start to finish.

DXRacer is more versatile than the other. You can select from a variety of footrests or mouse pads that can be mounted to the chair. This is only possible for certain models.

2. Ergonomics And Comfort

A person can spend countless long hours in front of a monitor without sacrificing great ergonomics with this line which improves on what it means to sit comfortably when spending lengthy periods at work or gaming.

Perhaps most notably is that these chairs still maintain Maxnomic chair signature styling and sporty aesthetic while improving upon their already high-quality ergonomic design more features for people who are constantly sitting down yet want to enjoy an optimal gaming experience from the beginning until the end of each day!

The “Pro Gaming & Office” range offers improvements over traditional office chairs designs by providing enhanced seating comfort support through its innovative seat cushioning system, as well as including a back lumbar support lift.

The DX-R is a standard, straight-backed regular office chairs with plenty of room. It’sIt’s not the first choice for chilling out in front of your PC hardware as there are no armrests to lean on, and it may be too small if you’re you’re taller than six feet.

3. Design And Style

  • Maxnomic Gaming Chairs

Our chairs are padded with the most comfortable, high-quality cold cured foam. It retains its shape and structure even after long-term usage. You’ll find a range of sizes to choose from – so you can get the perfect fit for yourself or your family members!

The material is made of multi-layered PU leather, which provides the best resistance against flaking, sweating, and peeling while providing an equally soft touch on the hardwood flooring and low carpet surfaces.

NeedForSeat offers Ohio State Buckeyes fans special edition chairs and OSU edition chairs.

  • DX Chair Gaming Chair

The DX gaming chair is designed for performance and not relaxation. We had some size differences, but this was a very standard model of the brand.

4. Price

The price of the DX Chair ranges from $239 to $599.

Maxnomic chairs is the best gaming chair that can be found at an affordable price. From $329 to just around the 589 dollar range, you’re sure to find something for your budget and needs in this line of chairs!

What is better?

In the end, you might be wondering which chair to buy. Both Dxracer vs Need For Seat have roughly the same number of total models and similar pricing for their products made with high-quality materials.

They offer a variety of ergonomically designed chairs that will ensure maximum comfort. They also provide neck and lumbar support so that everyone is provided with the best possible support. Maxnomic, unlike DXRacer, offers adjustable lumbar support.

However, there is one category where DXRacer wins: when it comes to prices, they start lower than those at Office Star do! Maxnomic offers a Special Edition as well as an OSU edition. DXRacer Gaming chair are, without doubt, more popular gaming chair than Maxnomic.

This means if budgeting plays a vital role in your decision or if any product by either popular gaming chair brands appeals to you due to its unique edition design, then go ahead and get yourself a gaming chair from dx racing instead of waiting around hoping office star will come out with something cheaper soon enough.


What is the difference between a task chair and a gaming chair?

Both typically have casters, swiveling bases, armrests, the padding on the seat and back.

While office chairs tend to be simple in design with clean lines for functionality and durability; gaming chair designs also place an emphasis on style while staying true to their original function of providing maximum comfort during long hours playing games or working at a desk.

This is exemplified by materials such as real leather cushions that add extra softness for optimal sitting experience plus comfy headrest pillows you can lean against when reclining your chair!

Can you use a gaming chair as an office chair?

If you’re in the market for a new desk chair, there are plenty of options to choose from. From an ergonomic office chair that is perfect for gaming and other activities to an adjustable lumbar support cushion with better back support than your average armchair; it’s up to you which one will suit your needs best.

If you’re on the lookout for something more comfortable or supportive while sitting at work, then look no further!

There are many types of chairs available – if what suits our lounge room isn’t right either – so take some time out today and find just what we need by browsing through this guide as well as checking reviews online before committing any purchases.

Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

The price of gaming chairs is higher than that of other office furniture. This is because they have features like greater adjustability and comfort which traditional pieces do not offer. However, this does not mean gamers should break the bank to get their hands on one!

Traditional games can be played with a different type of chair if need be it just won’t feel as good or look quite as cool in your living room while you play “Grand Theft Auto.”

So, which gaming chair brand is the better one?

After reading this blog post, you should better understand the differences between Need For Seat Vs Dxracer chairs. You may also be wondering which type is best suited to your personal preference. As with any purchase decision, you must know what you want before committing to anything. If in doubt, we recommend trying out both types to make an informed choice about what chair works best for you!

Whether one suits your preferences or budget more closely, either option will get the job done well as long as they are used correctly. Best of luck on finding the perfect gaming chairs replacement.

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