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Top Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Round Frying Pan Review!

Overview of Matfer Bourgeat Carbon Steel Pan

Cast iron frequently receives praise when discussing the ideal all-purpose pan, but carbon steel frying pans are at least equally good, if not superior. Many chefs often utilize carbon steel skillets (also known as black steel), especially in Europe. They are inexpensive, can be used on any heating element, are excellent for searing, and are nonstick when properly seasoned, but they don’t hold heat as well as cast iron. They do, however, have some additional advantages, such as being much lighter in weight, which makes them more sensitive to heat and easier to handle, and a flatter surface, which is simpler to season and maintain nonstick.

Matfer Bourgeat Carbon Steel Pan

Given all the advantages, it’s surprising that every American household kitchen doesn’t include at least one carbon steel skillet. But they’re beginning to understand. More and more brand extensions are emerging with products made of carbon steel. However, which Matfer Bourgeat┬ácarbon steel skillet is the best?


Honest review of the Matfer Bourgeat pans

  • Construct

The Matfer pans are constructed in France and have the same traditional utilitarian style as many other black steel fry pans. It is straightforward and durable, and the patina will eventually look fantastic. The Matfer pan we tried, which is 24 cm (9 1/2″) in diameter, appears to have odd proportions. The sides of the pan are too huge for the stovetop, and the handle is a little too short for the size of the actual pan. The Matfer pan still has the general appearance of a traditional carbon steel pan, while in our opinion a pan like De Buyer’s Mineral B appears a little better polished.

  • Grade

The Matfer fry pans are composed of what they refer to as black carbon steel and will last for a very long time, like most other carbon steel pans. The construction feels quite sturdy, and the pan won’t likely ever deform or get dented thanks to its 3 mm thick base. Since the handle is made of cast iron, using the pan in the oven won’t present any issues at all. Because the handle is soldered on, the pan also lacks rivets.

  • Cooking

The Matfer Bourgeat black carbon steel fry pan works well for most types of cooking. The pan can reach very high temperatures because it is thick, holds heat well, and retains heat effectively. It was also quite simple to season the pan.

  • Easy of use

This is where everything goes wrong for us. The handle is primarily to blame for how ugly and difficult to use the frying pan is. No matter whether you set it over high, medium, or low heat, it tends to grow very hot very quickly, and in almost all circumstances this implies that you have to use a towel or cloth to hold it to avoid damaging yourself. It’s also difficult to gain a decent grip on the pan because of the oddly short handle and the flat angle. To put the handle in perspective, consider how much shorter a Debuyer Carbon plus is (18 cm). The sides of the carbon steel pans are another issue for us. They are significantly too flat and out of proportion, making it difficult to put food in the pan without splattering it all over your kitchen.

Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Round Frying Pan


The Matfer Bourgeat Black Carbon Steel Fry Pan is designed to meet or exceed your high expectations for reliability, performance, and cleanliness in both commercial and residential kitchens. There are nine different sizes of this pan as well as risotto and crepe forms, each of which is offered individually.

The high-carbon black steel single-plate construction of the black carbon steel pans ensures superior heat transmission for the ideal sear and the preservation of minerals and vitamins in your food. With a 3mm thickness, it radiates heat for consistent and uniform cooking. The black carbon steel pan is a pure mineral substance that is free of PTFE and PFOA as well as any harsh chemicals or treatments.

The fact that this steel pan may be used on all sorts of stoves and hobs, including induction ones, means that it can also endure and maintain extremely high temperatures. after being seasoned, naturally nonstick.


Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Round Frying Pan


  • Superior Heat Tolerance: Carbon steel cast iron produces excellent cookware because of its remarkable heat tolerance. The majority of carbon steel pans are oven safe to at least 600 degrees, and some are oven safe to 1200 degrees F. The fact that carbon steel pans may be safely left on range top burners for extended periods without worrying about damage is one of the grounds that many establishments will have a large assortment of them.
  • Heats Up: Carbon steel cast iron heats up and cools down more quickly than cast iron. Faster heat transfer from the burner to the surface is encouraged by the sleek design. In a busy restaurant, shaving off a few minutes from each item you are making might mount up.
  • Versatile: It is possible to utilize carbon steel cookware with almost any heat source and cooktop, making it versatile. Your carbon steel cookware can be placed on the grill, the broiler, on the top of the range, or in the oven. Additionally, it will work with electric, gas, or induction ranges. You can pretty much rely on being able to utilize carbon steel cast iron cookware wherever you will be cooking because it is low weight and portable.

Pros & Cons


  • When the Bourgeat pan is freshly seasoned with a patina, using it is fun and exciting, especially when high heat boiling and searing are involved.
    Overall, the weight and feel are good, and the build is strong.
  • The fry pan is tolerant. Scrub and season it if you unintentionally scratched it.
  • rapid heating
  • No-rivet handles reduce dirt buildup, eliminating the need for laborious cleaning.
  • One of the greatest fry pans for frying eggs is this one.
  • Maybe used on any cooktop in the kitchen.
  • Carbon steel cooks like cast iron but weighs a lot less and is lightweight and manageable. To make the comparison clear, a common 12″ cast iron skillet weighs 8 lbs., whereas the 12″ Matfer carbon steel fry pan weighs slightly over 5-1/2 lbs.
  • Cookware made of carbon steel is multifunctional; it may be used on the grill, in the oven, under the broiler, and on the stove. Are there any more comments? Carbon steel can replace numerous pans if you just have space for a few.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Both famous chefs and home cooks will agree that it is simple to obtain a high-quality carbon steel pan that will fulfill their demands, is reasonably priced and provides a wonderful cooking experience. The 11-7/8″ carbon steel fry pan in our most popular size is priced at around $45.


  • Cons It is, however, very straightforward and is outlined in the instructions.
  • The cleaning process for carbon steel is the same as for cast iron. If you’ve never used cast iron pans before, you’ll need to learn a few basic cleaning procedures.
  • Unusual sales. Unlike consumer brands, the sales of carbon steel kitchenware aren’t extravagant at restaurant kitchen stores.
  • Your carbon steel cookware does not arrive with a non-stick surface; it needs to be seasoned. Instead, to achieve the required slick, rapid-release finish, it must be seasoned before you cook with it. Additionally, the seasoning will stop rust and guard against normal wear and tear. It is both necessary and reasonably simple to season food.
  • Most carbon steel pans have flat handles attached directly to the base with rivets, as opposed to some stainless steel pans that feature hollow or pronged connections to distribute heat. Consider ordering a silicone sleeve along with your fry pan.
  • Carbon steel cookware is not dishwasher safe, and using one would destroy both the pan and the seasoning. Hand washes only. The good news is that cleaning carbon steel is simple; all you need to do is wash it in warm water and dry it.
  • Food Sticks To Surface (If Not Seasoned) – This is not a problem for seasoned chefs or home cooks who are familiar with carbon fiber and cast iron. But if you use your pan immediately away after receiving it without realizing that it needs seasoning, you’ll be let down.
  • Less Widespread Than Other Materials – Compared to stainless steel or metal cookware, carbon steel skillet is less common, and many consumer cookware brands don’t even sell it. For the home cook or aspiring chef, finding the right carbon steel pan could require searching through unfamiliar commercial cookware lines.

Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Round Frying Pan


Final thoughts

This concludes our discussion of the Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Round Frying Pan. Please read this article carefully and select the ideal Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Round Frying Pan for you.