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Living room wall paint colors for dark wood floors!

Hardwood flooring is practical, long-lasting, and adaptable, complementing both traditional and contemporary styles. Whether you use hardwood flooring in your living room, it adds warmth and richness to your entire house. Your living room wall colors should go well with the natural tones and tints of your wood flooring in order to emphasize them and bring out their beauty.

When it comes time to redecorate your living room wall paint colors for dark wood floors, you must first consider how the undertones of the floor will affect the aesthetic and usefulness of the area. How will you create the desired look, whether it’s a stark contrast or a unified, understated design if you’re thinking about painting your walls a new color? Here’s how to pick the living room wall paint colors for dark wood floors and give your room the wow factor you’ve been searching for.

Which wall colors match with hardwood flooring?

If you match dark hardwood floors with the appropriate living room wall paint colors for dark wood floors, they are timeless and traditional. For dark wood flooring, bright whites and softer neutral tones work well as wall paint colors for living room.

On the other hand, we advise staying away from dark colors when combining darker-toned floors and walls. Dark wall painting for living room and floor colors, in particular, will cut off your space. That is unless you have a large open floor plan with lofty ceilings and lots of natural light.

There is no denying that bright walls appear to enlarge a room. Given how dark darker wood floors are, you should be careful to pick a color that won’t make your rooms feel smaller.

Wood has just as many undertone options as paint, making it simple to mix colors and make a welcoming space:

Cool wood undertones: Blue, and white, creamy are examples of cool wood undertones. Best paint for living room the walls a warm color like light violet to bring out the chilly wood undertones. Avoid using cool colors when choosing your living room wall colors coverings.

Warm wood undertones: Choose blue and creamy paint colors for living room if you want warm undertones. Since too much tan and cream won’t do much to highlight the undertones of your floor and might look too warm, you should probably steer clear of it.

Neutral wood undertones: Gray is a neutral wood undertone. Choose warm or cold paint colors dark wood for contrast if you have neutral hardwood floors.

Rooms can be made to feel more balanced and cozy by using contrasting colors. Avoid selecting paints with undertones that are comparable to your wood floors since they can make your beautiful exterior house paint. Choose soft, easy-on-the-eye wall painting for living room if you want your paint colors dark wood to be equally distributed.

If you’re thinking of installing dark hardwood in your house, think about the lighting options. Are there the best light paint colors for living room in the space? Do you have overhead lighting if not? If there isn’t much natural light, make sure the room has enough lighting from lamps and ceiling lights; otherwise, the dark hardwood will look too dark.

living room wall paint colors for dark wood floors

White Wall Paint Color

For interior wall best colors for living room white is a classic and popular option. Being able to match any sort of wood floor, whether it’s dark, makes it one of the most adaptable options.

Pure white wall paint colors for living room, although some homeowners find it a little too stark. Pure white walls can occasionally give off a vaguely “hospital” feeling. If you don’t like the look of walls that are completely white, you can soften the impression by using an off-white tint.

The color white, fortunately, is available in a wide range of shades, with hundreds of variations offered by paint manufacturers. Small amounts of pigment are used in most white paint, and if you look closely, this gives the best paint for living room with cold or warm undertones.

As an illustration, the presence of creamy colors gives beige a warm undertone. Cream, eggshell, and parchment white are further white colors that fall within the same color temperature.

According to the previously mentioned criteria, if your wood floor has a cool tone, use white paint with cool undertones. Similarly, if the color of your wood floor is warm, best paint for living room is a warm white.

Additionally, in living rooms with darker floors, white best colors for living room on the walls make a stunning contrast. In this situation, vibrant accent pieces and cheery throw cushions can add pops of color. In addition, a neutral throw rug can be used to contrast darker areas.

Overall, white paint tones give any modern living room wall paint colors for dark wood floors with a clean, sophisticated feel. especially when combined with modern, minimalist, or boho-inspired furniture to create a cozy yet stylish atmosphere.

living room wall paint colors for dark wood floors

Creamy Wall Paint Color

Our top choice for the best living room colors this year is Creamy Wall Paint Color. It is a real off-white color with warmer undertones that works best in living areas that receive northern light.

As a result, Creamy is a favorite among our designers since it adds coziness and serenity to a living area. Additionally, this color may significantly brighten a modest living room space with little natural light.

A warm, neutral wall painting for living room that go with nearly every home and the room is provided by cream-colored paint. The best paint for living room is simple to work with, simple to decorate, and will help you build the warm, inviting house of your dreams.

Why did I choose these cozy cream colors for our home’s walls? I want my home to embody the love that our friends and family have for us.

When the background is soft and neutral, it really makes the people and love inside the house come out. In the chaos of our lives, it provides us with a calming, relaxing interior that can act as a refuge.

Additionally, I really enjoy being able to switch up my décor accessories according to the seasons. I never have to be concerned that a new pillow, piece of art, or rug will not match my walls! In a nutshell, it’s the finest technique to make decorating easier. Cream paint colors provide the ideal amount of “light and bright” without coming across as sterile or chilly.

When changing from old gray colors that were popular a few years ago, these living room colors work incredibly well. In particular, if you don’t want to use a bright white that can look too cold when mixed with the decor of your current room.

Remember that best light paint colors for living room with a southern exposure might bring out the serene living room wall colors with slightly gray overtones. As previously said, this is why we advise Creamy for living rooms with decor that leans toward colder tones. The fact that this color has a greater LRV of 82 is a disadvantage. To be clear, a higher light reflective value (LRV) indicates that you will require more coats to achieve adequate coverage.

Light Gray Paint Color

Keep in mind that gray is also a neutral color if off-white is too pale for your tastes. Considering whether you want gray with or without undertones, carefully select the right shade for your room. Some common undertones for gray paint in our review are:

  • Light Gray
  • Blue Gray

Compare the undertone of a gray to the back of a color chip to find out what it is. You can notice the undertone more clearly than if you were to just look at the color itself when you hold the shade up to anything white.

A colder gray with blue or light undertones produces a calming ambiance. Different undertone tints will produce a whole different vibe. A room with warm, creamy undertones and dark hardwood floors is open and welcoming and is ideal for living areas or kitchens.

I frequently get questioned about my preferred light gray paint colors for walls because the gray paint trend is still going strong. You don’t have to limit yourself to whites when choosing a neutral color. In actuality, light gray might be regarded as one of the best light paint colors for living room. It adds just the right amount of color to give depth to any room in your house while maintaining a light, breezy vibe. It’s the perfect shade for anyone looking for a classy and sophisticated color that works with any type of design.

living room wall paint colors for dark wood floors

Light Violet Paint Color

An often-overlooked color, the best light paint colors for living room paint colors 2020. Violet paint, a mixture of hardwood flooring, can be somber and dramatic or happy and bright. It can stimulate you in the morning and settle you down in the evening. A pale lavender might help you design a room that is airy and light. Alternately, take the other path and use a deep, rich plum to create a cozy and opulent atmosphere in your bedroom. Additionally, if you’re hesitant to use light violet on all of your walls, it might make a stunning accent living room wall colors behind your bed. It can also go with a variety of decor styles.

Violet probably isn’t your first pick when it comes to painting a room in your house. Perhaps you’ve decided on a mid-tone gray or a safe warm white. Perhaps you even considered a bold navy or a fashionable bright color. However, light violet is preferred by color specialists for a number of reasons.

There are many different shades of light violet paint, from vivid princess lilacs to dark, melancholy almost-gray tones and pale periwinkles. While some best colors for living room instantly improve mood, others create cozier spaces or even serve as the best light paint colors for living room that is a touch friendlier and more fascinating than a traditional gray—and go well with practically any strong color.

Violet is the best paint for living room dark wood on the color wheel, the color of royalty, prosperity, and power. This one is quite adaptable and may be made to suit a variety of preferences and fashions. Light violet is the ideal color for those who are brave and full of life since it exudes vigor. This color has the ability to give any room a magical appearance.

We have news for you if you believed that this hue was popular exclusively throughout the 1980s. When used correctly, light violet can help you tell your house apart from the neighbors. Violet has both a strong pop and a delicate tint, so it has something for everyone. violet may be used in any room in your home, from soft to bold.

Did you know that violet is regarded as the royal color? But nowadays, you don’t have to be a member of the aristocracy to buy lavender accents. Violet accents are the ideal method to convey your vivacious attitude and charisma, lilac to convey your calmness, or plum to convey your sensuous side. Like in this picture, a white sofa looks grand against a light violet background. For those who don’t want to go overboard, pairing green best paint for living room is a lovely concept. You see, if you want to redesign a number of rooms in your house, light violet isn’t a bad color choice.

living room wall paint colors for dark wood floors

Blue Gray paint color

Blue gray is one of the most adaptable colors there is. On this list of blue gray paint colors, there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something subtle to living room paint colors 2020 or want a bright blast of color in the living room.

Blue gray paint colors might be the best choice if you want something cozy and calming. Blue gray is a fantastic starting point for folks who frequently avoid color yet wish to try something different. The gray serves to minimize the blue’s vibrant addition, which offers a splash of color. As a result, it isn’t as dazzling and intimidating.

Fresh, contemporary, and compatible with any design style are the best colors for living room of blue and grey paint. In any home, they have a chic, elegant appearance. They fit in with any type of interior design, which is why they are so well-liked.

Due to their soft, calming, and relaxing qualities, the wall painting for living room work especially well in living room paint colors 2020. Since everyone could benefit from getting more rest, it’s even better if the best paint for living room can do so.

One of my favorite color palettes to use, especially when trying to evoke a contemporary seaside feel, is the blue-gray palette I’m sharing with you today.

Although they are naturally suited to living room paint colors 2020, these best paint for living room also look great on front doors, kitchen cabinetry, and living room paint colors 2020. They also go well with any decorating style.

Since they provide me with a more neutral palette to work with, I personally prefer to stick with best colors for living room that are closer to a blueish gray.

The best colors for living room with a brighter blue undertone look fantastic with white wainscoting, on a kitchen island, or even on doors or cabinets.

Numerous of the living room wall colors below function effectively as neutrals due to their gray undertones. Although many have a blue bias, there are also some alternatives with a lot of grays. Imagine it as the lovely denim shade of your favorite blue jeans. A large number of these blue grays blend in well with all the other colors.

living room wall paint colors for dark wood floors

Final Thoughts

Dark hardwood floors are preferred because they conceal dirt particles and provide a luxury, timeless appearance that many people find appealing. If your home has an open floor plan or if you want to decorate a large space, dark hardwood flooring are a great option. Dark flooring can make a room appear smaller and cozier once it is placed.

Dark wood flooring is a strong, healthy, and low-maintenance option for remodeling your home. Dark wood flooring provides a dramatic appearance, raise the value of your house, and convey quality. Your relatives and friends will adore the contemporary and ethereal ambiance you create with dark timber floors in your home. As you choose and take care of your hardwood flooring and complete the interior design of your home, use the advice in this article as a reference.

The versatility offers in terms of design is one of the best benefits of having dark wooden floors. Living room paint colors 2020 for dark wood floors go well with both extremes of the color spectrum since they are so adaptable.

While dark wall painting for living room is the greatest choice if you want a palette that will compliment the warm tones of the hardwood floors, light wall painting for living room wall colors are the best choice if you want to create contrast with them.

Which of these visual effects and design features you want to stand out will ultimately choose which color to pair with dark wood floors.