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Transform Your Living Room into An Inspiration with Blinds Ideas For 2019

Renovating, redecorating, or when thinking of refurbishing interior spaces, accessories are the first to come under the line of fire. However, window accents and related upholstery can contribute greatly to uplifting your room’s look.

By making minimal changes you can restyle your home; updating your window fabrics can make open spaces seem welcoming and inviting, or create the illusion of space in congested spaces. Long gone are the days of curtains as blinds evolve from being staple office décor to offering homeowners flexibility in displaying their unique panache and style.

Offering various options for privacy, blinds can range from between elegant, to contemporary. Some designs even offer the added functionality of being energy efficient.

If you are thinking of redressing your windows with blinds, you can purchase inexpensive blinds here. Offering premium quality at a fraction of the cost, you can also choose from a wide variety.

Rather than troubling your mind for living room blinds ideas, take note of the list of options compiled below and bring your living room into 2019 with style.

Slated Bamboo Blinds

Transform Your Living Room into An Inspiration with Blinds Ideas

The malleable nature of bamboo allows various design possibilities. Lightweight yet sturdy, the slated varieties are most suitable in uplifting gloomy spaces.

However, these varieties may require liners to provide better insulation from heat and direct sunlight. Bamboo blinds contrast beautifully with softer fabrics adding a layer of warmth and texture to the room.

Choose shades with organic and natural wood textures; preferably in stains of whites, browns, or black. A sustainable choice for the environment, these will augment the rustic appeal in your indoor spaces.

To add a touch of contemporary living, keep the slate size to less than an inch; thicker slates are great in exuding traditional charm.

Faux Wooden Blinds

Transform Your Living Room into An Inspiration with Blinds Ideas

Faux wooden blinds mimic the style and charm of real wood. These are available in multiple hues and patterns, and effectively add bursts of colors to living spaces.

Affordable and low maintenance, the ombre varieties of faux wooden blinds move from white to bold colors, adding dual tones to compliment various décor pieces. From natural wood to even shiny gold finishes, these blinds work well in a room with understated and simple furniture to add a tasteful tint.

Similar to bamboo blinds, thick slate sizes enhance old-school vibes while thinner slates introduce your room to this millennium.

Woven Wood Blinds

Transform Your Living Room into An Inspiration with Blinds Ideas

Thanks to the versatility of wood, the material’s possibilities are endless. From Venetian, to Roman and contemporary, there isn’t a design that wood cannot master.

The texture of woven blinds holds a certain rawness understated by the design’s sophistication. These balance nature with design and are ideal for indoor spaces. Tightly woven blinds provide the benefit of filtering light while protecting against heat.

These are available in a variety of hues, from lighter tones such as light sand to darker ones like coffee. These complement velvety fabric draws and pair well with deep colors.

Roman blinds

Transform Your Living Room into An Inspiration with Blinds Ideas

These add an old-world charm to the room, and are ideal when highlighting antique appeal. When pulled back they stack evenly resembling a frill, the folding of the fabric adds a hint of luxury and style that compliments various window designs.

Roman blinds fit smaller windows well, since their design does not spill over the edges of the window. However, with the right pattern and color they can serve to flatter large windows as well.

The benefit of opting for roman blinds is the mass customization it offers. Cloth is generally available in a range of hues, patterns, textures, and materials, and there is no limit to the options available when you get down to creating.

These can be customized with fabric liners to allow semi-private or complete sun blocking abilities. Fabric varieties may range from cotton, Tencel, linen, to organic cotton that impeccably fits any décor style.

Available in cordless, thermal-lined, top-down or bottom-up drawing styles; roman blinds are rich in function and flair.

Roller Shades

Transform Your Living Room into An Inspiration with Blinds Ideas

These blinds roll up into a cylindrical rod when closed and hang like a panel when spread out. Easy to operate thanks to the push button, these are ideal for covering larger windows without doing too much.

Mimicking the feel of drapes, these add functionality and are economical and chic options for the budget enthusiast.

Choose light blocking materials for sun facing windows or use sheer fabrics to light up the room with sunlight. You can even get motorized blinds that eliminate the need for manual operations.

These can be used in place of artwork with vibrant and dramatic patterns and images in a room with less wall space and big windows.

Durable and low maintenance, these are available in cordless varieties for an effortlessly clean look. And offer users the creative freedom to choose from multiple fabric patterns and textures.

If your room has larger walls, roller blinds with vertical stripes can accentuate the dimensions of the room. These work well with tall and thin windows or windows located high up on the wall to add extra proportion to the room.

Cellular Shades

Transform Your Living Room into An Inspiration with Blinds Ideas

Soft and long-lasting, cellular shades are one of the energy efficient varieties in the market. These are suitable for individuals looking to maintain a modest energy bill throughout the year.

The beehive-shaped cells situated behind the blinds have multipurpose abilities. Trapping air in pockets in cells, these shades can be used to insulate against heat and direct sunlight in summers, or to redirect heat towards the room in winters.

These fit larger windows well, giving the décor an elegant and modern appeal. Draw them top-down, bottom-up, or opt for the clean cordless look to maintain your privacy. From printed covers to bold colors, these offer a large variety to enhance the overall look of your living room.

For better diffusion of light in dimmer rooms, opt for semi or light filtering materials. For windows that receive direct sunlight, purchase blinds with heavier materials to enable better control over the influx of light.

Vertical blinds

Transform Your Living Room into An Inspiration with Blinds Ideas

Affordable and easily replaceable, these are best suited for a budget friendly makeover in a contemporary home.

Their vertical length makes the walls appear taller while their soft tones make the room appear larger. Hence, making them ideal for home owners aiming to give their living rooms the illusion of space.

Vertical blinds also offer a rotation feature to block out direct sunlight. Initially used in office décor, vertical blinds now come in a variety of patterns and colors, ready to elevate the style quotient in indoor spaces.


Irrespective of the style of your window, these blinds for living room will aid in enhancing the visual appeal of your interior while adding charisma. Whether restyling or renovating, these add drama and panache to your living room.

Blinds offer the most functionality in terms of window dressings owing to their cost effectiveness and high performance in maintaining optimal privacy in living spaces. Their applicability and adjustability make them the proposed look for interiors, stepping into a new year.