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Kraus Faucet Reviews: Things You Should Know!

Origins Of Kraus Faucet

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Russell Levi and Michael Rukhin founded Kraus Products in 2007. The two entrepreneurs started the business by importing high-quality sinks and faucets for internet sales. Their goal was to create quality products while providing excellent service. In case you wonder where are kraus faucets made, the majority of Kraus’s items are produced in China and India. However, they were built using German engineering. Accordingly, Kraus items are not indigenously built.

At the time, Russell Levi and Michael Rukhin had no factory, no employees, and just a few products. Today, Kraus faucets are manufactured in the United States and globally. They currently employ 150 people throughout North America. Their headquarters is located in Port Washington, New York, United States.

Kraus continues to manufacture some of the highest quality kitchen faucets on the market today. As of right now, Kraus operates as a subsidiary of Masco’s Delta Faucet Company, a major American faucet manufacturer serving both residential and commercial markets. The partnership is very advantageous for both businesses since it allows them to share their knowledge, goods, reputation, and services.

Kraus faucets provide a variety of styles ideal for any type of kitchen, are strong, and have an appealing design. They are known for their simple design, durability, and reliability. These kitchen faucets are designed to last. Over the years, they have improved upon the basic design.

American Standard Faucet

kraus faucet reviews

Faucets are the fixtures that dispense water out of sinks, bathtubs, toilets, showers, and washing machines. The term comes from the Latin word “faucis,” meaning “small stream.” When we speak about faucets today, we are referring to the parts that control how water flows out of these devices. These include the body, spout, sprayer, and aerator.

In recent years, Americans have begun demanding higher standards for water quality and safety. There’re several important features you should know about the American Standard Faucet.

Warm Water Pressure

American standard faucets have a cold water pressure of 40-60 psi (pounds per square inch). Because of its lower pressure, an American Standard faucet provides less water flow. The water flow rate of an American Standard faucets ranges between 2-8 gallons per minute.

Flow Rate Control Valve

Flow rate control valves are designed for use with low volume faucets. These faucets have low flow rates of 1 gallon per hour or less. If you live in the United States, these faucets are known for having a long service life.

Water Temperature Control

Most modern American standard faucets offer water temperature control. They consist of two components: temperature sensor and thermostat. The temperature sensor measures the temperature of the incoming water and sends a signal to the thermostat, which controls the water output according to the measured water temperature.

Low Lead Level

Water that contains lead, bacteria, and other contaminants can cause serious illnesses.. An American standard faucet’s lead content is below 0.01 milligrams per liter. In recent years, companies have begun selling lead-free faucets, which could pose some risks if not handled properly.

U.S. EPA’s safe drinking water standard

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets the maximum concentration level for contaminants in public drinking water supplies at 0.015 micrograms per liter. When setting the standard in 1996, the agency estimated that Americans drink about 150 billion liters of tap water annually.

Does The Quality Of Kraus Faucet Meet American Standards?

kraus faucet reviews

Kraus faucets are manufactured to meet strict standards in order to operate safely, effectively and reliably for many years to come. All parts are tested prior to being shipped to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. Therefore, Kraus faucets meet American standards for quality, durability and performance.

Below are reviews of kraus faucets and their features. We’ll talk about how much a kraus faucets meets american standards so you know what you are getting yourself into.

The first thing you need to know about these faucets is that they are made using stainless steel material. Stainless steel is known for its durability and it is able to withstand extreme temperatures. You can use them in hot water or cold water without any issues. These faucets are simple to install and clean due to their design. To ensure that the faucet works well it will require some cleaning after each use.

kraus faucet review

Also,  Kraus offers several styles of overflow valves including the Kraus Overflow Valve and the Kraus Single Spout Overflow Valve. All of these overflow valves are built using quality components and offer an attractive appearance.

Next, Kraus faucets were designed to save water in the first place. Not only do they use less water than others, but their faucets are extremely durable and look great. Kraus makes quality a priority in all aspects of its business, including products, packaging, and services. To guarantee the entire pleasure of customers, Kraus’s manufacturing process works in tandem with cutting-edge technology, utilizing premium materials, the best components available, stringent testing, and total quality control.

So does Kraus make good faucets? Well, all Kraus faucets are tested and certified by independent third parties to ensure they meet the company’s strict requirements. These faucets have also been tested by an independent laboratory and passed all requirements necessary to meet plumbing codes in the United States.

Is Kraus A Good Brand?

Kraus is one of the best brands when it comes to kitchen and bathroom appliances because they cater quality products and their prices are reasonable too. Their product lines are loaded with quality stainless steel sinks that add value to your home kitchen and bathrooms.

Kraus faucets are among the top faucet models in the world, having won several awards including the prestigious German Design Award. Kraus prides itself on high quality, consistent products. The consistency of Kraus products is unmatched. You won’t get a different quality no matter how many times you purchase the same product. That’s why we can easily a lot of positive kraus faucet reviews in e-cimmerce platforms.

Materials & Technologies

All materials used in production undergo stringent testing processes to ensure each product meets or exceeds industry guidelines. From raw ingredients to finished goods, the products are free of any harmful substances.

Kraus kitchen faucets are manufactured using quality materials and high-end manufacturing processes to provide users with top-of-the line products. If you wonder are kraus faucets any good, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting a product built with durability and quality in mind.

Their commitment to excellence is seen throughout their entire product line. The company’s dedication to innovation has earned them recognition among industry leaders. They are continually developing new technologies and design concepts to offer consumers cutting edge solutions. All Kraus faucets are designed and engineered to provide years of trouble free performance.


There are many different styles of faucets offered by Kraus. Each one is constructed to last generations and offer excellent performance. This company produces only the highest quality products. You won’t find any cheap imitations.

Today, Kraus faucets offer a wide selection of styles including single and double handle pull out faucets, wall mounted faucets, under-sink faucets, shower heads, bath spouts, hand showers, whirlpool tubs, and even floor standing pedestal sinks. The brand offers a wide variety of models, styles and finishes to meet your individual needs, whether you need water pressure, temperature control, or both. A wide range of finishes are offered, providing customers with the perfect choice. From classic styles to modern designs; Kraus faucets will fit any style.

Today’s modern designs are unique and interesting. They tend to be flashy and bright, featuring eye-catching colors, shapes, and textures. Many of their kitchen faucets are built to last for decades and feature lifetime warranties. If you’re looking for the best design and style, look no further than Kraus!

The Best Kraus Faucets You Can Consult


So in general, is Kraus a good brand? Well we can say that Kraus is a trustworthy brand. It has succeeded in establishing a name for itself with consumers in the plumb market. Kraus hasn’t sacrificed the quality of its products in order to meet its affordability objectives. As a result, you can have your ideal product that is both attractive and functional at the same time for a reasonable amount of money.

To sum up, Kraus kitchen faucets are great products that won’t break the bank. They can make excellent choices for anyone who wants to invest in a good faucet. If you want to buy one then you should follow the reviews of kraus faucets and tips provided in this article. Good luck!