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Ikea Bekant Desk Review 2022: Is It For You?

The Ikea Bekant desk review will go over all the pros and cons of this affordable yet sleek office space solution, so you can decide if it’s right for your home or office needs.

Ikea is a company that makes furniture and other home improvement items. They have been in business since 1943, making them one of the oldest companies in this industry. Their products are affordable, and their variety is large, which may be why they’re such a popular store for customers worldwide to shop at.

One of their most popular products is the Bekant Desk which has been reviewed by many customers who love its simplistic design and functionality. This blog post will discuss some of these reviews and give you an idea of what customers think about this product!

Ikea Bekant Desk Review

This article will review the IKEA Bekant desk range. Focal Upright will be breaking down each product’s pros and cons. We will also verify that the negative reviews about the product are true.

Be aware that before we begin to review the product, we will divide the review into segments. This will allow us to provide our individual opinions on each aspect. We will end the review by deciding if this product is worth buying from IKEA or if you should search elsewhere. We will now share our thoughts on the IKEA Bekant Desk.

1. Weight Capacity

The most important thing about a desk is its weight capacity. The amount of weight that a person wants to place on his desk will depend on how often he uses it. Some people prefer to keep a few books and a laptop at the desk.

Some people prefer to store their entire system and other items on the desk. Before you make a purchase, be sure to check how heavy the desk can safely hold.

The IKEA Bekant desk series’ weight capacity is one weakness. This desk is only able to hold 154 lbs. The IKEA Bekant desk series is not recommended for anyone who likes to take up every inch of his desk. The IKEA Bekant desk line is one of the most lightweight electric standing desks.

Ikea Bekant Desk Review

2. Stability

Stability is another important feature of a desk. A desk must be strong enough to support the weight. Your desk’s durability is directly affected by its stability. Stability problems can be disruptive to your work and you. Desks with adjustable heights can be especially vulnerable to instability.

Because of its stability issues, the IKEA Bekant desk range is trendy. These issues may not be typical for everyone, but some people find it difficult to put any weight on the desk or leave it at its default position. This is where the problem starts. The IKEA Bekant desk series’ weakest point is stability.

3. Price Point

Many people decide whether or not to purchase a product based on its price. People often buy cheap products, but they are more likely to make a mistake by buying the product when they could get better quality for a fraction of the price. There are excellent budget options available when buying desks.

The best thing about the IKEA Bekant Series is its incredible price. The Bekant series is as affordable as an electric standing desk can be. This desk is one of the cheapest on the market. While there are many issues with this desk, it isn’t one of them. It’s also highly affordable. The desk comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

4. User Review

It’s crucial to find out what users think about the product before giving our final review. You might need a user review to make the final purchase decision. You can find many user reviews online. However, most of them are mixed positive and negative.

The IKEA Bekant desk series has a similarly low rating on the IKEA website. This shows that it all depends on how the person uses it. Some people have praised it, but others have opposing opinions.

5. Verdict

We are not going to recommend the desk or make any negative comments about it. It all depends on the purpose of the desk. It might be worth it if you are okay with the desk’s stability problems or limited weight capacity at higher heights.

However, we recommend that you spend a little more and consider other options. If you are willing to pay a bit more, many other desks on the market have fewer issues than the IKEA Bekant series. Before you make your final choice, be sure to inspect them all.

This is our review of IKEA’s Bekant desk series. Check out our reviews of similar products from IKEA. You can also leave comments and your opinions on the IKEA Bekant desk line.

Ikea Bekant Desk Review

Top Features Of The IKEA Bekant Standing Desk

IKEA Bekant Standing Desk has height adjustments of 22″ to 48″, making it ideal for people who need to change between a standing and seated position at will. Its sturdy construction means that you don’t need to take any items off the desk to adjust their height. Press the button, and the adjustment will be made without affecting the items on top.

The cable management system built into the desk’s bottom is a unique feature of the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk. Multiple items such as a printer, laptop, or other devices are placed on the table, and the cables can cause clutter.

This can lead to productivity problems. It is important to note that not all items may be able to fit on the table. The cable management system makes it easy to keep all cables together, resulting in a significant decrease in clutter.

It is less likely that coffee stains or other spillages will ruin the table because the top of the desk is stain-resistant. You can easily clean up any coffee spillages with a wet cloth, and there will be no marks.

All necessary tests have been conducted on the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk to ensure its safety and durability for daily use in a home or corporate office. The desk passed all tests and met the EN 527-2 requirements and ANSI/BIFMA X5.5.

Care Instructions For IKEA Bekant Standing Desk

Because of the materials IKEA used in the standing desk design, it is easy to care for and keep clean. It would help if you cleaned the desk with a damp cloth and a mild soap solution. It is not recommended to use harsh chemicals on this table.

After the wet cloth has dried, you can dry the area with a dry cloth. It’s easy to maintain the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk’s surface clean and in perfect condition.

It is crucial to inspect the fastenings used to assemble the standing desk regularly. To avoid any complications, the fastenings must be tightened. If you notice any loose fastenings, draw them during the frequent inspection.

Care Instructions For IKEA Bekant Standing Desk

Materials Used In IKEA Bekant Standing Desk

The IKEA Bekant Standing Desk is made from various materials to ensure durability, quality and looks great in all environments.

The tabletop is made of ABS plastic and particleboard. It also has a layer of Melamine foil. The polyester material is used for the underframe just below the tabletop.

The legs, washers, housing, top rail, and cross rail are steel with an epoxy powder coat. The table’s feet are made of aluminum with an epoxy powder coat and polyester powder coating.

The table’s cable management system is made of stainless steel and rubber, and polyester materials.

Concerns About The Low Rating

Many people are concerned about the low rating of the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk. This product was rated 2/5 stars on the official IKEA website. Many people feel that it is not the right choice for them. IKEA addressed potential customer concerns with an announcement.

The electronic height adjustment system on older models of IKEA Bekant Standing Desks had problems. The company discovered the issue and has since fixed it. Customers who purchased the affected models should return their standing desks for an exchange. The new IKEA models do not have this problem.

Although IKEA has stated that the problem was resolved with a particular batch of desks, many people are still unhappy about the electronic system used to adjust the height. This is why you should carefully consider whether to purchase this product.


This article will discuss the Ikea BeKANT Desk Review, what to expect from it, and some of its pros and cons. You should know that this product does not come with a keyboard tray like many other desks do (it’s sold separately).

This means if you’re using an office chair or any rolling chair, your knees might hit the bottom surface when sitting down at your desk – which can make for a less than comfortable experience! If you want to use one of these types of chairs, I recommend getting the Varier Foto Frame Adjustable Height Standing Desk Conversion Kit.

I hope you find this helpful article.