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How to Organize Your Desk | Tips and Strategies 2022

How to Organize Your Desk? You’ve seen them in the office, at home, and everywhere in between. Those desks that are cluttered with papers, pens, pencils, and all sorts of other things – often piled on top of each other so high you can barely see the surface.

It might seem like there is no way to organize these desks but don’t worry! Focal Upright has some tips for getting your desk organized quickly and efficiently, so it looks tidy every time you use it.

Benefits of organizing your desk

You can find what you need quickly and easily: It’s a satisfying feeling when all of your things are in order again! You’ll be able to focus better on work because this is one thing that’s out of the way.

It’s less stressful when your desk is tidy and clutter-free: Organizing your desk can help reduce stress, anxiety, or overwhelming feelings because all the tasks in front of you are organized into a manageable list.

A clean workspace makes for a more productive worker: Your desk is the hub of your daily life and a way to set up your office in such a way that you can be most productive.

Steps To Organize Your Desk

How to Organize Your Desk

Step 1: Get rid of everything you don’t need

The first step in organizing your desk is to get rid of everything you don’t need. This means examining each item on it, one by one, deciding whether or not it has a purpose. If the answer is no, take these items to either recycle them if possible or throw them away.

Step 2: Sort all your items into categories based on what they are used for.

Now that you’ve cleaned off your desk, it’s time to start organizing the things leftover. You can do this by sorting them into categories like work, school, or personal items. This will help make sure everything has its place so it will be easy to find what you’re looking for.

Step 3: Pick a system that fits your needs – for example, use a desk drawer or file cabinet to store work items.

Now it’s time to make sure everything has its place. This can be done by using drawers or filing cabinets depending on the type of desk you have and what works best with how much space you have available. If you have a lot of things, file cabinets are great because they offer more storage.

Step 4: Make sure everything has its place, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for

After organizing your desk with one of the methods above, take time every few days or weeks – whatever works best for your lifestyle and schedule – to arrange your items in a more streamlined manner so that things are easy to find.

Step 5: Use storage containers on top of the desk to hold supplies like pens and scissors.

Finally, it’s time for your desk drawer organization tips! Put anything in drawers or cabinets that need to be kept out at arm’s reach, such as office supplies, because you’ll want to have these on hand whenever you need them.

Now your desk is all set up and ready for use! It will be easy to find what you’re looking for, everything has its place so it won’t get cluttered again anytime soon, and the surfaces are clean – not a single stray paper in sight. Keep using this system, you will always have a tidy organized desk.


You should never forget where everything is. To help you stay organized if you have many tools, gadgets, or files, keep track of them all.

Unorganized workspaces can stall productivity. You’ll be more productive if you keep it simple.

Check out our guide about how to make a desk, Click here.

How to organize your desk drawers?

What to put where?

The rule of thumb when deciding where to put your desk drawers is: Make it easy to reach the items you use most.

Also, make sure to place your most-used office supplies in the top drawers.

Keep the lower drawers empty for items you don’t use as often.

This can be done even in the top drawers. For easy access, place the things you use daily near your seat.

Keep Like Things Together

A gain in productivity is one of the many benefits of having your desk organized.

However, if your stuff isn’t organized well enough that you can’t recall where it was (and need to open every drawer), you will lose this benefit.

This will help you keep things like things together.

You can store all your pencils and pens in one place. Your erasers should be stored close to your pencils. Next, place your post-it notes or writing pads in the drawer below.

This ensures that your brain has only one place to store all the supplies. All writing supplies should be kept in the top drawer. This makes it more likely that the item will stick in your mind.

A label maker is a great way to ensure that everything goes back to the right place, especially if you have a shared desk.

Use Drawer Organizers

You can make it much easier to locate your items, just like in the kitchen.

These drawer organizers are my favorite because they can be configured to fit into your drawer space.

Sticking them down with adhesive Velcro will ensure they stay put. Velcro is a better choice than glue dots or any other permanent solution. It allows you to reconfigure drawer storage later if your needs change.

Other Tips for keeping your desk clean all the time

How to Organize Your Desk

A hanging closet organizer is a great way to organize office supplies.

You can get creative if you have limited storage space. Hanging closet organizers, whether hung on a wall or rolling, provide instant storage for office supplies without taking up as much space as a heavy desk or bookcase. To make it easier to find what you need, choose a clear organizer!

Turn paper clutter into wall decor.

You don’t need all those certificates, postcards, photos, notes, or collecting dust in drawers. For instant wall decor and additional desk space, you can attach them to your wall.

Use silicone cupcake liner to organize small items.

Silicone baking cups are a great way to store small office supplies like push pins and binder clips. These are super cute and will organize all your small things.

A desk organizer can be made of almost anything.

The same idea applies here: Go to an antique or thrift store to find creative and unique desktop storage solutions. The toolbox lid is shown in the photo, but you can also use a small basket or cake stand, vintage dishes, or the bottom of a cereal container (paint or cover with decorative paper).

Borrow items from other rooms.

Are you short on storage space? Take a look around your home to see what storage you have. You might find great items for your desk in the kitchen, bathroom, craft supplies like mason jars, coffee mugs, a jewelry box tray, or even a makeup brush organizer could be great additions to your desk.

Magnetic knife strips can be used for many other purposes.

Magnetic strips are an effective way to store almost any metal. They don’t take up much space on your desk or in your drawers but will still allow you to access what you need quickly. You can use yours to store metal rulers, scissors, and even metal staplers and paper/binder clips!

Re-use your coffee pods as desk organizers.

For eco-friendly desk-organizing options, re-use your coffee pods! You can rinse your K-cups and store small items like staples and safety pins on your desk.

For extra paper storage, add “wall” pockets on the sides of the furniture.

Wall pockets are a great spot for papers and notebooks if you don’t have tons of extra space for a filing cabinet or chest of drawers. You can attach them to furniture for more storage.

IKEA bags dispensers can be used to store gift wrap and rolled-up documents.

Wrapping paper can easily get damaged if it isn’t stored properly. Keep your wrapping paper safe (and out of the way) by storing it in IKEA bag dispensers mounted on the wall.

To add extra storage, you can use a cart.

Rolling carts are portable, so you can easily move them from place to place to suit your needs, and they also offer easy extra storage. You can store everyday office supplies in a few cups and jars by placing them on top. It’s easier than ever to grab what you need!

Install a Clip on Desk Organizer

Clip-on desk organizers can be used if your desk is too thin to accept clamps.

These are super simple to install and require no tools.

This one is great for storing pens and other small office supplies.

It also swivels, so it can be pushed back under your desk when it’s not in use.

To re-evaluate, create a schedule

Do you need a bit of elbow space?

Get more labels for your office supplies

Are you running low on file folders or pens?

When the system fails, it is called disorganization.

Schedule time in your day to take down those now-meaningless sticky notes and think again about how you’re using your system.

A Recurring Task to remind you of this is perfect for this!

You can also ClickUp’s Calendar view to schedule your events and keep track of everything.

Only keep what you really need on your desk

Limit yourself to one pen and not the entire pen holder.

You might also want to keep a few paper clips and binder clips on hand, but not one thousand.

You don’t necessarily need a lot of pens or paper clips. These are merely knick-knacks you can get rid of.

Do you need a desk lamp for your office?

It should be placed far enough from your workspace so it does not become an obstruction.

Do you need a magazine holder for your business?

It is worth thinking about.

Are you able to do it?

Only then, if yes, keep it.

Do you use a stapler a lot?

It’s fine. Please keep it on your desk.

You don’t use it that much?

You can then place it in a designated drawer on your desk or in a desk organizer.

A desk organizer or desk accessory should help you keep organized. Not to make your office desk Look Pretty.

You can’t buy pretty accessories for your office from Amazon or The Container Store, but you should!

Your paperclips and business cards, post-it notes, stickers, gum, and paperclips can all have their place.

However, that is not your desk.

Only keep what you need at your desk. The rest of your desk is clutter.

Instead, you can use your filing cabinet to store the clutter or throw it away. This will make it easy to keep your desk organized.

Ditch the sticky notes

Do you tend to line your entire monitor with sticky notes, then call everything important?

This is probably not the best way to go when it comes to office organization ideas.

One of those notes could fall off and end in the trash, but pinning so many notes to your monitor can look tatty and cluttered.

You’d be better off getting notifications in your project management or productivity platform where they’d be safe away from the dangers of the office vacuum.

You can save sticky notes for the essential tasks and last-minute ideas that you won’t forget about during lunch.

Stick notes should only be used for immediate reminders. Stick notes are not for emergencies. Not A to-do list.

Hang A Magnetic Bulletin Board

This DIY desk organization project was created by me using a sheet made of cheap galvanized steel to create a magnetic bulletin board.

It was wallpapered in the same manner as the pegboard.

I then hung some picture moldings to create a large enough frame for my magnetic bulletin board.

Finally, the wallpapered sheet was installed inside the moldings using screws.

It looks almost like part of the decor. It’s a convenient magnetic bulletin board!

Magnetic spice tins can be used to store small office supplies such as paper clips or flash drives.

You can also hang notes from it, just like any other bulletin board.

Only this uses magnetic pins. I made the pink ones by attaching magnets to the bottom of cabinet knobs.

These magnetic hooks can be used to hang small office tools such as staplers without drilling holes.

These are intended to hold cleaning supplies, such as sponges, to the side of a sink.

They are strong magnets so that they can hold heavier office supplies on the wall.

Put your most used items near your dominant hand

Once, I set up a desk where my office phone was on my left side. But I was right-handed.

What does this have to do?

Each time I answered a call, I could reach across my body and grab the phone.

It’s a great stretch; it’s for sure.

It’s not the best idea for desk organization.

It would have been time-saving to move the phone or reorient my desk so that I could reach it more easily.

Is your desk facing a wall?

You can then install floating shelves or a board right above it.

You can even use them as wall files.

Trust me. You can make it a fun DIY project or home improvement project.

These storage options can clear some desk space, provide you with new storage space, and keep your essential items within reach.

A quick tip: Make use of your wall space. A floating shelf might be the best solution if you don’t have too much space or a small desk. If you don’t have any free wall space, consider a stackable desk tray.

Get rid of paper clutter

My last desk organization tip is to reduce the amount of paper that you have.

You’ll have a much easier time keeping your desk tidy if there is less paper.

Reusable notebooks available

Reusable notebooks are my favorite way to reduce paper consumption.

You can use an erasable pen to make notes if you don’t have one.

You can save your ideas by using the app included with the notebook. Please take a photo of the page and send it to your preferred document storage location (I use Evernote).

You can then erase the pages using the cloth provided and start over.

It will not only save your office space from becoming cluttered but also allows you to search what you’ve written, making it easier to find your notes.

Use Your Scanner

Another way I eliminate paper in my office: scan documents using this scanner* and store electronic copies in Evernote.

They are then shredded.

Spread the shredded paper over my plants to act as a barrier against weeds under my mulch.

It has greatly reduced my time for my desk to become covered in paper and how much paper storage space I have.

That’s all for my desk organization tips. These ideas will hopefully help you to get rid of clutter on your desk.


How to Organize Your Desk

How do I organize my home without using a desk drawer?

You can buy small cardboard drawer stands from stationery shops. These can be placed in the back corner of your desk. You could also use a set of metallic baskets on a stand with wheels that can pull up to your desk. You could also use a stack of boxes with decreasing sizes, a small bookshelf, or plastic storage buckets.

How should you reorder the items on your desk for maximum efficiency?

Depending on how frequently you use the item, choose a new location for it. Keep the tools you often use within arm’s reach. You can also keep other things, which aren’t essential for your daily tasks, further away or in drawers.

How can I get rid of laziness and keep my desk tidy?

Do not wait until your desk looks cluttered before you start cleaning. It will become overwhelming and more difficult to clean up. It’s best to keep it clean and organized, one at a time. Get rid of all junk and paper and put away any items that you don’t use.

My desk is organized, but then it becomes messy again after a few days. What can I do?

Be more organized. When you are done using things, put them away. You should designate a place to keep everything, either on the top or inside of your desk. It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t pay attention.

How can I maximize my desk space?

Use space-saving storage solutions to organize your items. You can group the things that you have cleaned from your desk to determine what is worth keeping.

You might find that you only have two scissors and five pens when you put them all together. It’s also possible to determine what storage you need for what remains, such as a larger container for pens and one for Post-it Notes.


People often say: “a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind”. Your productivity, concentration, and ability to find all you need can be greatly improved by keeping your workspace tidy and well-organized.

Organizing your desk can be a daunting task, but with these tips, you should feel more confident in tackling the project. These ideas will give You the Most Organized Desk Ever.

We hope this guide of desk organization ideas has helped make organizing your desk easier than before and that it’s going to look great for years to come.

If you have any questions or need help implementing some of our suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Thanks so much for reading – we’ll see ya next time!