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How To Measure A Toilet Seat? The Complete Guide 2022

Have you ever had to measure a toilet seat? It can be tricky! There are many different sizes of toilets and so it is hard to know which size will work best for your needs. In this blog post, Focal Upright will discuss how to measure a toilet seat correctly, as well as the various factors that might affect your decision on what size to get.

What are the common measurements for toilet seats?

Most toilet seats measure between 17-19 inches in length, 15-16 inches in width, and are around 12.75 to 14.25 inches high (measured from the top of the cistern or wall).

Some standard sizes on offer will be 18″ x 16″ x 13.75″, which is for a standard rimless toilet, and 18″ x 17.25″ x 12.75″ for the standard slipper or deep-set toilet bowl.

The average width of a modern Western-style seat is 16 inches but this can vary depending on the manufacturer as well as your personal preference when shopping around.

We measure from anywhere between 15-16 inches for the widest point to 17-19 inches in length.

If you measure between these dimensions, then your toilet seat size is standard and will fit most toilets with ease.

In summary: a modern Western-style toilet measure from 16″ x 15 – 19″ x 12.75 – 14.25″ high (from the top of the cistern or wall).

If your measurement falls within this range, then you can rest assured that it will fit most toilets.

The only exception is if your toilet measure at a slipper style which may be as deep as 17-19 inches in length (measured from the base to back) and 15-16 inches in width.

If you measure your toilet, and it falls outside of the standard sizes mentioned above, then we recommend that you measure a seat from an existing toilet to ensure it will fit before purchasing one.

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How to Measure a Toilet Seat?

How To Measure A Toilet Seat

Here are some tips to help you measure an older seat you wish to replace with a brand new one.

  • Place a measuring tape in the center of the seat.
  • Straighten it back towards the middle of the hinges, between the bolts.
  • Make sure to measure at the longest point, which should be center to center.

The length of the toilet can be determined by measuring it.

  • Place the measuring tape in the center of the toilet bowl.
  • Straighten it back towards the middle between the bolts.
  • Make sure to measure at the longest point, which should be center to center.

Using either one of these methods, you can determine the length of the toilet seat that you want. The typical lengths for round seats are 16-17 inches and oblong seats 18-19 inches.

Other common measurements include width (which is often between 14-14.5 and distance between bolts/post holes), which is usually the standard of 5 inches.

Toilet bowl widths can vary slightly. Standard-sized toilet seats or lids will fit most toilet bowl widths. As long as bolt holes are at least 5.5 inches apart, however, they will still work.

What are the differences between different types of toilet seats?

There are many types of toilet seats you can use, so why settle for the same one? These are some of the many types of toilet seats.

Elevated or Raised Toilet Seat

These seats are designed for comfort. The seats are slightly taller than the standard height, as you can see by their names. The seat height is approximately 17-19 inches from the ground. These are great for tall and older adults. These are less stressful on the knees.

Toilet Seat for Children

These seats aren’t just for children. They can be used by adults as well. A small rim is added to the toilet seat so that toddlers don’t have to worry about falling in. It is easy to remove the children’s seat. You can take the seat out if your child is older.

Split Toilet Seat

Split seat, also known as open front toilet seats, is U-shaped and opens from the front. This is for hygiene reasons. The user can wipe the toilet seat clean with the split. This is because the private parts of the toilet seat often rub against it. Gross right? The split seat is widespread in public toilets. It is essential to have a clean and tidy toilet vessel so that your family can use it safely.

Once you have taken all measurements, you should find the right toilet seat. It is rare to find a perfect-fitting toilet seat. It will be slightly smaller than the ideal size if you buy a toilet chair. It will still work. The toilet manufacturer can help you if you are having trouble finding the right seat. They can make a custom toilet seat that will fit your toilet.

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If you are in the market for a new toilet seat, there is plenty of information to help you make an informed decision. You want to pick one that will last and not need regular replacement. The best way to do this is by taking measurements before making your purchase. With these tips, we hope you’ll be able to find the right toilet seat that fits your needs perfectly without having any regrets later on!


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