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How To Make Chairs Taller? Top Full Guide 2022

It may be possible to raise the height of a chair depending on its design. Making a chair taller helps it fit better with other furniture, such as a dining table. Higher chairs are easier to use for people with disabilities and older people.

In this post, Focal Upright will answer the question about how to make chairs taller by giving a few options.

How To Make Chairs Taller

Replace Dining Room Chair Legs

For their comfort, many people wish to increase the length of their dining chairs. They replace the original legs with ones that are more suitable.

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get them to grow according to your preference.

Measure the floor-length and remove any old legs. You will then need to purchase new legs according to the measurements.

You need to measure them to ensure that they are the right size.

The width of the lower part and the weight of your chair should be measured. To maintain balance, thin legs cannot support the weight.

If you own wooden furniture, it is important that the new accessories are made of wooden material.

Attach the metal legs to the wooden structure and it will cause instability.

Remove the old ones and secure them with nuts and bolts using the assistance of a carpenter.

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Seat Cushion

Seat Cushion

The simplest and most secure way to raise the height of a chair is to replace or add a seat cushion. A High-density foam cushion wrapped in cotton batting offers firmness support for the chair’s rise and softens the surface to offer comfort. To increase the height of a chair that has a removable cushion, you can place a firmer cushion underneath the existing cushion. The added cushion will be less obvious if you use a matching or coordinating pillowcase or fabric cover. The cushion will not slip if it has a non-slip backing. Slipcovers can be used for cushion covers.

Use Casters To Raise The Chairs

Use Casters To Raise The Chairs

You can find many types of furniture for the dining room. However, it should be comfortable and move with wooden or other material.

By adding casters to the bottom, you can raise their height. These are heavy wheels available on the market. They come in a variety of sizes and lengths.

Choose the right casters according to the chair’s weight. You need heavy-duty casters for heavier chairs.

These are also available in different heights that you can choose from.

They can also be moved by using the brakes, which increases their stability. They can be installed at home.

You must drill holes in the lower legs. However, these holes should be shorter. You can fix them with wood glue or you can use the other method. Another method is to secure them using nuts and bolts, with the aid of a wrench.

To increase their safety, secure them securely. This entire process costs between $30 and $50.

Wood Blocks For Dining Rooms Chairs

Wood Blocks For Dining Rooms Chairs

Wooden furniture is the most popular choice for a dining room. Sometimes, the chairs are not all the same length and this can make the room look cluttered. People use different techniques to make them all equal.

Wood blocks are a simple and easy way to increase their height. Wooden blocks come in many sizes and shapes.

Choose the length you want and then buy the raisers on the market. They can also be made by carpenters to your specifications.

Place them on the bottom of your legs once you have bought them. You can drill holes in the bottom of the legs and attach nuts to them.

Add A Set Of Risers

Add A Set Of Risers

Risers are blocks that have a receptacle on the top to hold furniture legs. A chair placed on risers can add up to five inches in height. To ensure that the risers will fit, measure the length of your chair leg. Hunker explains that risers work best with antique or costly sofas, which would be less valuable if they were altered.

Risers are not ideal for increasing the height of a sofa. Slipcovers that reach the floor will conceal the risers. Measure the risers before you purchase a slipcover.

Use Plastic Pads

Other simple ways to raise their height are plastic cups and pads. They can be used for metal materials because they reduce friction.

These are gelled plastic extenders that can be found on the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

Position them on the lower end and screw them in place using nuts or glue.

They increase the length by about 4 to 5 inches. They protect them from insects and bugs by blocking entry to the wooden chair.

For metal materials, protects the floor against scraps and reduces noise.

Use Leg Extenders

You can also find furniture leg extenders on the market in many shapes. They come in many sizes and colors.

They can be ordered in the right appropriate height and matching color. It can be made from metal, wood, or marble.

These extenders can be fixed to the lower legs. They also come with screws. Once you have placed them, turn in the clockwise direction to tighten them.

You can also remove them by moving in an opposite clockwise direction when they are not needed.

To make them more stable, you can adjust their width to fit the dimensions of your chair.

You could also paint them the same color as your furniture.

Reupholstered Seats

Reupholstered Seats

Detach the stapler pins and remove the upholstery seats. If they are ripped, take out the webbing straps.

If the webbing straps become loose, tighten them. This can lead to sagging and a decrease in the chair’s length.

An additional foam layer can be added to the webbing. You can also add foam to the webbing by attaching stapler pins.

Attach the cover to the upholstery and secure it with stapler pins.

This makes your seats more comfortable, soft, and compact.

Read our full guide How to reupholster a chair

Change Screw-in Legs

Many dining room chairs come with replacement legs. If they are too high, you can take them out.

Upholstered chairs usually have removable legs. They can be replaced according to their different shapes and sizes.

They must be purchased according to the furniture’s strength. Because mismatched legs can give off a bad appearance, the legs must match the original.

The new one can be installed according to its preferred length.

It is important to measure the width of the chair before you buy a new one. This can cause instability.

Attach the new part to the old one by unscrewing it. To prevent damage, tighten the nuts.

A narrow leg can make the bun foot leg unstable and insecure. Bun feet and tapered blocks that are often used on heavy chairs also come in various heights.

Cost depends on the brand, quality, and size of the product. This entire procedure will cost between $15 and $20.

Use A Drafting Stool Kit

A drafting stool kit is another way to elevate your office chair. This toolkit gives your chair the best lift, so it can be used with a standing desk.

The average office chair has a seat height of 16 to 21 inches. A drafting chair, however, can be as high as 30 inches. The height-extension kit can give you a lift up to 9 inches.

Replace Gas Lift Cylinder For Your Office Chair

For work purposes, some people place office chairs in the dining room. You can make them longer by using a long gas lift cylinder.

They are filled with gas and contain cylinders. These cylinders are used to raise the height of the lever by filling them with gas.

The pistons are made of compressed air, which moves them upwards. This makes them large. You can adjust the height to suit your needs.

You can replace the smaller cylinders on the bottom with the larger ones

Tape the base of the old one with a rubber mallet to remove it. Then, unscrew the screws. Then, place the new one in the correct spot and secure them with nuts.

These long gas lift cylinders can be used to raise your ceilings.

What Height Is Suitable For Dining Room Chairs?

All chairs should be the appropriate height. These chairs can be simple wooden, upholstered leather, dining chairs, and office chairs.

For their comfortability, the appropriate length is between 16 and 20 inches.

They can make you tired and cause you to not be able to straighten your legs. It is important to have the right height for office work so that you can perform your tasks with ease.

This is important as the chairs that you use for dinner are not proportional to their height.

To fix this problem you can adjust their height using different tricks and methods.

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