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How To Close Tommy Bahama Beach Chair? Top Full Guide 2022

For frequent beachgoers, Tommy Bahama chairs are a popular choice. These chairs are very easy to set up but can be difficult to close and flatten. These seats can be easily disassembled by pressing down on the metal bar underneath the seat. To transport your chair safely and securely, simply slide on the backpack straps. It’s that easy!

But If you still don’t know how to close Tommy Bahama beach chair, then you go to the right place.

In this post, Focal Upright will provide full of steps to fold beach chairs for you.

How To Close Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

How To Close Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

Step 1. Place Your Foot On The Back Metal Leg Of Your Beach Chair

To get the beach chairs in a straight position, you just need to place your foot on the bar at the back. To avoid spilling anything out of your chair, make sure you empty all pockets and storage pouches.

Alternate method:

You can also collapse the beach chair by physically kneeling down and pushing the front metal bar down. Once you have pushed it down, lift the upright chair towards the bar at the back and place your hand on the top edge of the backrest.

Last but not least, use your opposite hand for pushing down the front metal bars. To fold your chair, push the backrest forward.

As you begin collapsing into the seat, keep your foot on the front metal bar at its back. Next, move the backrest forward using one hand. The seat will then collapse completely.

After folding the seat, you should make sure the back towel bar is not touching the back.

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Step 2. Secure The Buckle To The Top Of Your Beach Chair

Look for half of the plastic buckle attached to the strap at the top of the backrest of the chair. Look out for the plastic buckle that fastens to the chair’s backrest. This buckle can be found at the base or the seat.

You will need to attach both buckles so that the backrest and seat portions do not come apart during transit.

Note: The buckle is identical and is designed to be worn as a fanny packs. After you have completed step 3, shake the chair to remove any loose sand. Then, fold the beach chair. Make sure to pull the top buckle strap below the handle.

Step 3. Slip Your Arms Underneath The Padded Straps And Carry The Chair

Look for the two padded straps that are parallel to one another under the seat cushion. As you would carry a backpack, slide your arm under each strap. Then pull the straps towards your shoulders.

Please Note: Keep your folded chair close to your back while you’re standing or walking.

This type of transport is ideal if you don’t need to carry bags or beach blankets.

You can also hold on to the rubber handle at the top of your backrest to move the chair.

Tommy Bahama beach chairs are lightweight at 7 pounds (3,200g), making them easy to transport.

How Do I Re-open My Beach Chair?

It is easy to re-open your Tommy Beach chairs by closing them, just like we have shown you in this article. If you wish to place your beach chair in a better spot, there are three steps.

Step 1. Undo The Clip Of The Buckle That Holds The Chair Together

The outer fasteners should be pressed inwardly. These fasteners should still be pushed buckle inwards. Next, pull the bottom buckle out quickly and with a swift motion. You will need to turn the top buckle strap behind your backrest. Next, you’ll need to dangle the buckle underneath the seat rest.

Step 2. Pull-apart The Backrest And Seat Cushion Seat Is Extended

You will need one hand to hold the top of your backrest and the other hand to hold the edge of your cushion. Continue pulling the opposite sections apart until you have your seat in an upright position.

Step 3. Verify That Both Metal Legs Are Secure

Place the beach chair on a flat and sturdy section. If the metal bars are fully extended, make sure you look at them before you sit down. Now, relax in your chair and enjoy this final step.


We just provided steps to fold and re-open the Tommy Bahama chairs. We hope this tutorial can help you solve your problems with this chair. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know by leaving your comments below.

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