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How to Build a Desk with Drawers – 6 Easy Steps (2022)

Do you have a desk that is too cluttered? Does your office lack space for storage and organization? If so, you are not alone. The instructions below will walk you through How to Build a Desk with Drawers in 6 easy steps-no experience needed! There are many benefits to building your own DIY Desk with Drawers.

For starters, it will save money by being cheaper than buying one from the store. It also means you get to customize it however you want!

Let’s get started!

How to Build a Desk with Drawers?

Materials and Tools you will need:

– A desktop of your choice (size should be at least 30×30 inches)

– Desk legs

– Plywood for the side panels

– Wood for drawer fronts, sides, backs, and bottoms – in any wood species desired. The cuts needed are listed below.

– (optional) A power saw and a mitre box

Steps to Build the DIY Desk with Drawers:

Step One: Cut the DIY Desk Legs

The length of your desk legs should be at least 25 inches long. Additionally, they need some space between them for storage or materials that will go on top of your desk. You can make your space as wide or narrow as you want, but it will need to be consistent on both sides.

Step Two: Create the Side Panels for the Desk

The side panels should measure 30×30 inches (or any other size if desired). They are going to support your desk and give you an area that is perfect for storage.

Step Three: Attach DIY Desk Side Panels and Legs

We are now going to attach the side panels to your desk legs with glue and nails (or screws). You can measure from corner to corner on one leg, then do the same for the other leg so you know how far apart they need to be nailed in order to support your desk.

Step Four: Create the DIY Desk Top

The top is going to be made out of plywood, so measure and cut it to 30×30 inches (or any other size if desired). You can then attach it with glue or brackets and screws. This will also give you an area for storage space on the top of your desk.

Step Five: Make Desk Drawers

We are now going to make drawers for our DIY Desk with Drawers, starting by measuring out the wood and cutting it down so that each piece is at least 15 inches in length. You will also need a hinge on one end of each drawer side (or two hinges if you want to add a lid to your drawer).

Step Six: Install the DIY Desk Drawers

The final step is fitting everything together. First, attach all of your drawers by lining them up with the open side facing you and attaching hinges on one end of each piece (or both if you would like a lid) using screws or nails.

Next, attach the plywood piece to the bottom of your desktop and nail or screw it in. Lastly, place your DIY DeskTop on top of your legs with a side panel on each end.

Tips for building a desk with drawers:

– Make sure you have the right materials before cutting anything down

– The size and shape of your desk are up to you, but make sure it’s sturdy enough for what you need. You may want to add a few extra braces in the side panels if they are too thin or delicate

– If you don’t always pay attention well to details, you may want to get a friend or family member with some carpentry experience. You don’t want your desk to fall apart after only using it for a few months!

– If you’re not sure of how much wood is needed, take time to measure the pieces before shopping and buying materials

– Measure out height space on your desk for any materials that you would like to store on top of it.


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. We hope that it was helpful and if not, please let us know in the comments below! If you have any questions about building your own desk with drawers or need help designing a space, we’re happy to help out. You can also visit our website at focaluprightfurniture.com.