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How to Build a Corner Desk – DIY Corner Desk Ideas 2022

Are you looking for how to build a corner desk? In this article, Focal Upright will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make your custom corner desk. We’ll also discuss how to take care of the wood once it’s cut and sanded, how to paint or stain it, and how to decorate the desk with plants or pictures if desired.

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Follow these 7 steps and DIY projects of corner desk ideas so that you can start building your project today!

What are the benefits of a corner desk?

A corner desk is a great way to maximize space in your office. Not only does it provide an extra work surface, but you can fit more furniture into the same amount of room by arranging them around corners.

In addition, people with back problems will find that they have much better posture when working at an angled desk because their body weight is distributed over a greater area.

A corner desk is designed to fit into the space that’s available, rather than trying to fit in any unused corners (such as on the floor) or awkwardly shaped spaces. This allows you more control over how your workstation layout looks and how much clutter it contains.

Corner desks can be arranged with built-in storage underneath, which can include shelves or drawers for all of your office supplies.

Lastly, an angled desk can give off a more professional vibe than other types of desks because it’s less cluttered with items that are in use and has more room for guests or clients to sit down next to the workstation. You may also find that the angled design provides a cleaner, more modern look and feel.

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How to build a corner desk?

Materials you will need:

– wood

– screws

– measuring tape or a ruler

– saw (hand saw, circular saw, table saw) – this is not required, but you may find it helpful in the process of how to build a corner desk

Step One: Measure the space you have available for a desk

How to Build a Corner Desk

Measure how wide and how long you need your corner desk to be. Write those measurements down, then subtract eight inches from each measurement because it is always better to have more room than less! So if the width of the area that could house a desk is about 18 inches, subtract that from the total of how long and how wide you need your desk to be.

Step Two: Gather up all necessary materials (wood, screws, etc.)

Find a hard surface large enough for building your corner desk on top. If it is entirely flat, put down some newspaper or packing tape, so nothing gets dirty. If there is a bend in the surface, use some of those packing blankets or something similar to cover it up and make sure you have enough room for your desk!

Step Three: Cut your wood to size

Use a circular saw or table saw (depending on how much space you have) to cut all boards into equal sizes. The thickness of the wood will depend on how long you want your desk to be.

Step Four: Screw together as needed.

To make it easier, put two boards at a 90-degree angle with another board placed in-between them. Then screw it all together by driving screws through the visible side of the board into both of the boards on either side of it.

Step Five: Sand down any rough edges on your desk with sandpaper or a sander (if you have one) to ensure that it is as nice and clean-looking as possible!

Repeat steps two, three, four for how many pieces are needed to build exactly how long and how wide your desk should be.

Step Six: Paint or stain as desired (or leave unfinished if you want a natural look)

How to Build a Corner Desk

Paint with semi-gloss paint using a roller, brush, rag, or foam applicator to make it more uniform in color. If you are going for a stained effect, use a brownish wood stain for how you want the desk to look.

Step Seven: Add some decorations if desired!

Once your corner desk has been appropriately built, decorate it with plants or pictures to make it feel more like home and less industrial/cold. This will be especially nice during those winter months when it’s getting dark earlier, and you want a warm, cozy feeling in your room.

Tips for how to build a corner desk:

– measure how wide and how long the area is that could house a desk

– make sure there is enough space on whatever surface you are using to work with wood (packing blankets or newspaper can be used to cover up any bumps in the surface)

– cut all boards into equal sizes (length, width, and thickness)

– screw together two pieces of wood at a 90-degree angle with another piece placed between them before driving screws through both sides. Please repeat this step how many times you need until your desk is how long or how wide it needs to be

– sand down any rough edges using a sander or some fine-grit sandpaper before painting the desk with semi-gloss paint, however, you prefer. If you want parts of your desk to be stained instead of painted, use brownish wood stain!

DIY Corner Desk Ideas

DIY Corner Desk

This top is made of plywood, wood screws, drill, and glue. The oak veneer plywood is used for the top. Make sure to measure the dimensions accurately so the custom-made shape can be created.

Once you are satisfied with the measurement, you can proceed to make the base. You will need to cut all the pieces for the base. Then, screw them in the right place. This DIY corner desk is easy to make. It may take some time, but it will be well worth it.

 Wall Mounted L Shaped Desk

Christopher, North Carolina built this desk. It fits perfectly in the corner and can be used by multiple people when required.

Christopher saw a few of our wall-mounted desk projects and decided to make the desk. Christopher wanted a desk without legs to allow him to move from one place to the next without worrying about the legs.

The desktop can be mounted to the wall using the Kee Lite Swivel Flange. The fitting’s range of motion is 160 degrees, so it can be used to create any angle. Two file cabinets are located at each end of the tabletop.

Simple DIY Corner Desk

This is one of the most stunning corner desks that I have ever seen. This desk makes a great workspace. The table is compact and offers enough space for all your work needs. The table has two cardboard pullout shelves and cabinet doors, which lead to a large shelf for storage.

Ikea Top Desk

Sims, Greenville, North Carolina built this desk. Although the desk is not currently in the corner, as shown above, it could be a perfect fit into a corner thanks to its L-Shaped design.

Sims currently has eight desks, with twelve more in the works. The desks are all positioned at standing height. However, because they were made using our adjustable table kits, they can be adjusted to sit height or anywhere in between. This allows the desk to be placed at the right height for the user.

You can customize your desk kit in height, width, or length. You can then combine the desk kit with any other tabletop. Sims’ office used the Ikea Gerton tabletop.

DIY L-Shaped Corner Desk

The L-shaped corner desk is big enough to accommodate three to four people. The desk has ample space for all your work items, including monitors and printers. It has a lower shelf that can be used for storage. This corner desk can be built for your home or office.

DIY Minimalistic Corner Desk

Are you a blogger or an artist and need a corner desk to help you work? Another fantastic DIY corner desk idea. The stools are very high. I find it much more comfortable to work on a raised surface where my legs don’t touch the ground. This DIY corner desk is not simple. It is beautiful in every way.

Pipe Corner Desk

This DIY desk is an alternative to the adjustable-height table kits we offer. The desk can be adjusted by loosening a set screw that connects to the horizontal support. This fitting can be removed to move the pipe leg up or down, allowing you to adjust the height. To secure the leg, tighten the set screw of the Single Socket Tee.

This allows you to adjust the height of your desk while maintaining a unique frame.

DIY Murphy Desk

The corner desk can also be used in the corner of your office or home. This table is only one person. It isn’t too space-consuming. The shelving on this corner desk is also something I love. This desk is perfect for books and decor accessories.

DIY Corner Desk For Gaming

It takes more than just a desk and a shelf to create a gaming corner desk. To build a corner table that suits your gaming needs, you will need to take your time. This DIY project shows you how to build a corner desk for gaming.

Standing Height Corner Desk

Jonas could use two separate pipes desks instead of building a corner-specific one. Jonas can move his desks to the opposite sides of the room if he needs them.

Jonas has the desks set at different heights. We’ve seen this method with two identical height desks to create a flush top. This layout allows for more flexibility, and because there are no drawers underneath the desk, it still looks clean.

Custom Top Desk

Justin built this corner desk from scratch in Henderson, Nevada. Justin used some leftover laminate flooring to make the tabletop. Justin used the Angle Base Flange instead of mounting the Swivel Flange on the wall like the other wall-mounted desks on the list.

Although the Angle Base Flange can be used as a fixed fitting, it can also be used to create angles between 45-60 degrees. Mounting is possible through the two holes in this flange.

DIY Corner Desk for Single Person

You should choose something that you and only you can use for your corner desk. This is one of my favorite corner desk DIY’s. This desk is compact and can be used in corners of your office or home. This corner desk has many storage compartments, so you will never have to worry about storage again.

Butcher Block Desk

This desk was made by Corey in Montgomery, Texas. The L-Shaped design of the desk means that it can be placed in a corner. The black spray-painted pipe complements the rugged design of this desk. The solid Maple tabletop is from Grizzly Industrial.

You can read more about this project and the fittings required to build a desk similar to it.

DIY Metal & Wood Corner Desk

After seeing the final product of this DIY metal and wood corner desk, I fell in love. This corner desk is perfect for anyone who wants to work from home and doesn’t take too much space. This beauty was created using metal and wood.

DIY Rustic Style Corner Desk

Do you want a corner desk to match the rustic decor in your office or home? This is the desk for you. This desk is fantastic in every way. This desk is 100% wood. Reclaimed wood is an option, but you should still give it a rustic look with the final coat of paint.

Corner Treadmill Desk

Have you ever heard the expression, “Sitting is the new poison?” Standing desks were once a luxury for the eccentric, but everyone is now using them. Standing desks have many health benefits, including reducing obesity and diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. Lee W., one of our customers, built the one shown above.

Lee wanted a desk that he could use while he was running on his treadmill. Lee can position the desk precisely by adjusting the stand-up desk from 31″ to 52″. This innovative method allows you to work while walking on the treadmill.

DIY Farmhouse Corner Desk

This farmhouse corner desk is made of wood, pocket hole jig, pocket hole screw, and drill.

The legs and the tabletop frame are the two main parts of this project. Two legs made from 24-inch wood are used as the base, with two legs with pre-drilled pocket holes and two supports.

Assemble the legs and place the legs in the right place, with the middle one in the corner. Assemble the frame and attach it to the legs. You have your farmhouse desk.

Bespoke Corner Desk

This can be made using ply sheets and various tools such as a jigsaw or cutter drill, router, tape measure, clamps, and sanders. Measure the length and breadth of the tabletop by placing the ply sheet over a large table. Next, use your free hand for the unique shape of the tabletop’s front. Use Jigsaw to cut the shape.

How To Build A Legless Corner Desk

This DIY corner desk is my first. This corner desk is made of plywood sheets, wood scraps, glue, measuring tape, and a saw. Make the tabletop first.

Make the tabletop by gluing two sheets of plywood side-by-side. Sand them to smoothen the surface. Cover the entire plywood sheet with planks.

Apply glue to one side of each plank, then lay the plank on top of the sheet. Continue this process until all plywood sheets are covered. Attach the tabletop trim to the wall.

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I hope this guide has been helpful to you in making your own corner desk. The whole process is a lot easier than it may seem and can be done with just some basic tools, patience, and know-how. If you have any questions or need help along the way, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from us.


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