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How High Is A Chair Rail? Top Full Guide 2021

The first chair rail moldings were installed along walls to protect the backs from chairs hitting fragile plaster walls in dining areas, where chairs were frequently being moved around the table. However, if chair molding is placed at the wrong height, the whole shape of the room can feel off balance.

Let’s be with Focal Upright to discover how high is a chair rail?

What Is Chair Rail Molding?

Chair rail molding is a myth. Many believe that chair rails were created to protect walls from damage caused by chair use. Chair rail molding can be found in ancient Greek and Roman architecture.

It may have been called chair rail molding. It was used to visually divide walls to accentuate scale and proportion. It is believed that the Shakers invented the term “chair rail”, which they used to attach their chairs to the walls while cleaning the floor.

By the way, the name “chair rail” came into popular usage with the Shakers, who installed boards with pegs on dining room walls to hang chairs off the floor for sweeping and cleaning.

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How High Is A Chair Rail?

When a chair rail was originally used to protect chair backs, it would have been as high as the backs. Chair rails are no longer used to protect walls, but more as design elements. There are two ways to look at chair rail height:

The Correct Height For Chair Rail Molding:

Most experts place chair rails at one-third the distance of the ceiling height. You can install a chair railing between 30 and 48 inches high in rooms with 8-foot ceilings. A chair rail should be 32 inches to 36 inches from the floor in most cases. However, some design experts suggest that lower is better to give the room the look of higher ceilings.

Not all ceilings have 8 foot-ceiling; some ceilings can be 10-12 feet high. This room can easily hold 48-inch chair rails. Chair rails should be placed in the lower third of the wall’s height. The chair rails should be placed between the middle and bottom thirds of the wall’s height. In a room measuring 10 feet high (120 inches), the chair rails can be placed 40 inches above the ground.

In rooms where the chair rails are used to protect dining rooms, they should not be placed in a way that they can’t be damaged by the backs of dining room chairs. The chair rails should be placed at the same height as the chair backs. This will almost always fall within the standard zone for chair rails.

Another thing to consider is the width of a chair railing. The room’s dimensions, wall color, and overall decor will determine the best width. However, two to three inches is the most common width used for chair rail moldings.

Chair Rail Cost and Size

The baseline width of a chair rail molding made from wood or composite is 2 to 3 inches. Other materials such as vinyl, metal, and polymers are also available for chair railing.

You can expect to pay between a few dollars and $100 depending on the width and complexity of your design as well as the type of material for an 8-foot length.

Crown molding is a great option for finishing off the look if you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing chair rails. You could also choose something completely different. Chair rail molding adds a tasteful touch to rooms, especially when combined with wainscoting or crown molding.

Brent Hull states that if you are a Modernist you don’t need a chair rail molding. To divide the wall, use paint color. However, it is best to follow the human scale as to where one color ends and another begins.

Reasons To Adjust The Chair Rail Height

Chair rail height can be affected by the overall design you want. The molding visually divides the space horizontally and can impact the room’s proportions. It can also affect the height of the ceiling.

If the chair rail is installed higher than the wall, it can make the ceiling seem lower. This can create a feeling of intimacy in a space with high ceilings. A High chair rail can make a room feel smaller if it has a standard or low ceiling. When choosing the height of your room, think about how it should feel.

The decision may be affected by existing features. If the lower portion of the room has wallpaper, and the border is still visible, it may be easier to place the chair rail right where the wallpaper stops. The height of the chair rail can be affected by window trim, fireplaces, and wall molding. Take into account how different chair rail heights appear next to these features.


We just provided full of information about chair rails height. We hope you find it interesting in our post.

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