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Learn about Home with Keki interior design blogger

Who is HomeWithKeki?

HomeWithKeki is a design blog that focuses on writing posts around interior design. Its design tips might be of great use to you in determining which components are appropriate for your house.

Aside from that, Keki’s design blog is not a business blog either, most of their articles are centered on providing design tips on how to get the ideal interior design. Although HomeWithKeki isn’t expected the improvement the internet in the modern day, they really intend to increase the power of relationships.

On top of that, HomeWithKeki will always welcome anyone who is interested in working with them and extends an open invitation to do so.

Hacks To Create a Perfect Interior Design (Step-by-step)

The practice of interior design is not only suggested for private residences but also for real estate. In addition to that, a beautiful interior design will assist your home in being more opulent. On the other hand, the post on the keki design blog will provide you with additional information with keki interior design blogger. Before deciding on an interior design, there are several aspects of the space that you need to take into consideration.

Make everything simple

Learn about Home with Keki interior design blogger


Simple always is one of the best styles that everybody will like at the first moment. Especially, simple interior design in real estate may not be looked extremely gorgeous, but it brings a comfortable vibe into your house. However, you should carefully choose suitable components to reveal the styles that owners want. Then, let’s find out the method with keki interior design blogger with the following features.

  • Bring some green into your house.

Learn about Home with Keki interior design blogger

If you want everything in your home to be simple, a solution that involves treepots or flowerpots is a fantastic option to consider. The hue green has the effect of calming and relieving stress on the eyes. When you’ve had a long, exhausting day and all you should do is look at your treepots or flowerpots, this is a wonderful thing to do. In addition, they require very little maintenance on your part, although you should avoid keeping too many of them in your bedroom. Because its function at night will cause carbon dioxide to be released into the air, which is harmful to your health.

  • Using black/white/grey colors

Home with Keki interior design blogger

These tones make up one of the color palettes that is used the most frequently all across the world. This style, which can also be referred to as basic, will never become outdated. Imagine entering a home where everything, even the furniture, is painted in shades of white, gray, and other neutrals. Your eyes will now be in a state of full relaxation and calm. Think about it. If you want your interior design to be simple and basic, utilizing these hues is highly vital.

  • Refer home with keki interior design blogger

Home with Keki Interior Design Blogger is highly recommended to anyone who is just starting out in the field of interior design. Reading design blogs can provide you with a fresh perspective on home furnishings. After that, you will be able to choose the interior design that will work best for your home or your real estate investment.

Highlight the accent color

Home with Keki interior design blogger

Accent colors, on the other hand, are usually used in very small amounts, but they can make a design look much more interesting. But they are meant to draw attention, not take away from it. This means that they could go with or against the main tone of the room. Using color as an accent is yet another excellent choice for you to consider. In spite of the fact that it is difficult to put together, the end result would be very stunning if you did it the proper way. Therefore, there are several pieces of advice for you if you want to highlight the accent color.

  • Vulnerability paneling

Home with Keki interior design blogger

When selecting accent colors, the first step is to identify any architectural characteristics that stand out. It is possible to “fill in” the panels by using a solid color, but you must exercise caution. If you’re going with a gray that has a chilly undertone, you could want to try coral orange. To add visual appeal and a sense of vitality to space, all that’s required is a touch or two of an accent hue.

  • Accent colors can be used to divide a room.

Home with Keki interior design blogger

The application of color in the form of an accent wall is a design principle that has stood the test of time. Painting just one wall behind a bed or sofa to create a focal point and call attention to the furniture is an easy way to produce a design that is traditional and sophisticated at the same time.

  • Transfer color between a variety of substrates

It’s not necessary for a color to be very subtle for it to stand out. You are not limited to just using a vibrant hue on the walls; you can also use it in smaller locations. A dark duck egg color was used for the bathroom unit, window frame, and trim throughout the house. Even though the wallpaper takes up most of the room, the addition of just a little bit of accent paint makes a significant effect.

  • Attention is drawn to architectural space

If you’re looking for a timeless and understated approach to adding an accent color to your home, take a look at the home’s tiny architectural details. It could look interesting to paint the skirting boards, dado rails, and picture rails in a color that contrasts with the rest of the room. This will draw attention to the fixture without drawing too much attention to itself or the room.

Final thoughts

Before we come to the end of this post, there are a few things that the readers really need to be aware of.

  • Keep in Mind That the Furniture You Choose Is Important

Painting requires you to either move or cover your furniture while you are working on the project. These components, which are not visible to the naked eye, can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of a pigment. There’s a possibility that pink furniture would look nice with white walls. Choose a white that has a touch of blue in it if you do not want your furniture to have a pink appearance.

  • Consider the Ambient Lighting Conditions.

Walls take on a hue different depending on the light, particularly during the day. The lighting is of critical significance. The temperature of the indirect sunlight entering your room will be lower if it faces either the north or the south, rather than the east or the west. Because of this, the undertones of colors need to be either warmer or colder in order to correspond to the light outside.

  • Utilizing Your Interior Designer

First and foremost, make your budget public. There are some designers that are unwilling to work with extremely low costs. Before beginning work on a design approach, the designer must be aware of your financial constraints. Inquire about the pricing structure of your design company. It may charge a flat rate, an hourly rate, or cost + an additional amount. When working on a huge project, a designer could combine their fees. Learn how it operates to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises. Most designers require a retainer. Ensure that you are familiar with their organizational scheme.