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Hammock Chair How To Hang? Top Full Guide 2022

Do you want to know how to hang a hammock chair swing? In this blog post, Focal Upright will give you full information about hammock chair how to hang.

The hammock swing chair can be hung in many different ways, making it extremely versatile. While some prefer to use traditional hammock chair stands or tree branches, a hammock swing chair can be hung from any ceiling.

It is much easier to hang a hammock chair indoors or outdoors than other types because it requires less space and you can hang up it with a single anchor point. Installing a hammock chair in your home is simple, no matter where you are located.

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Prepare For Hanging A Hammock Chair

You can install our hammock chair in any area with a minimum 7-foot ceiling, and many feet on each side to allow for a little bit of relaxing sway. You will need to have a:

Stud finder – This is any mirror that you are in front of. We mean the other type.

Pencil – To mark the center of the ceiling joist and for other purposes, like explaining to wide-eyed children about a writing instrument humans once used to communicate. Then having to say “yes, really” or “I’m just not pulling your leg”, and then having grandpa tell one of the kids repeatedly to pull his finger.

3/8″x4″ Eyebolt screws – This piercing accessory that all the cool kids wear can be used to support your hammock chairs and their occupants. It is often translated into multilingual assembly instructions as “8 leg trousers”.

Drilling and 1/4″ bit – This is used to drill pilot holes for the eye bolt.

S-hook – One curve runs through the eye of a bolt, while the hammock assembly hangs from one end. U-hooks are not recommended.

A hammock chair hanging kit or ropes (Optional). To attach to the S-hook above and to your hammock chair below

Spring or Swivel – To make functionality more fun

1 hammock swing chair (with a wood spreader or one suspension point).

Hammock Chair How To Hang

How to Hang a Hammock Chair Outdoors

How to Hang a Hammock Chair Outdoors

1. Choose a spot that has at least 6 feet (1.8m) between the ground and hanging point. A strong tree branch that can support the significant weight (at minimum 250 pounds (110kg)) will be the best choice. The best support will be provided by a hardwood tree with healthy horizontal branches. Your location should have 6-8 feet (1.8-2.4 m) vertical clearance

Maple and oak trees make great hardwood trees.

Verify branches for splitting or worn areas near the trunk.

To determine the diameter of your tree branch, you can use a tape measuring device. Your hammock chair should be between 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) in diameter.

Measure the distance between ground and tree branches using a yardstick or meter. Although it won’t be exactly this will give you an estimate.

Your chair can be hung on an overhead beam from a gazebo, or on your porch.

2. Your rope should be thrown over the beam or branch at least twice. To distribute the weight, spread the rope over the branch. This prevents tension from settling at one point and weakening the spot.

You should have enough rope to handle your height and tie the knots. A 15 ft (4.6m) rope will allow you to adjust your height and tie the knots you choose. However, 7 feet (2.1m) is probably sufficient.

3. The hammock chair hanging mechanism allows you to thread the ends of the rope. The hammock chair may already have a reinforced loop. This could be either on the chair itself or attached to a long rope or cord. The hammock loop can be grasped by holding the rope ends in one arm and the other in the other. Keep the rope taut by sliding the loop up.

The hammock loop should be placed right below the beam or branch.

4. Two half-hitch knots are used to secure the rope under the beam or branch. Wrap the rope on your left around the rope on your right. This creates a small loop under the branch. Through this loop, insert the left rope. Pull on the left rope. Continue to pull on the left rope, passing it behind the right. Push through the new loop.

For a secure hold, pull the knots tightly. This will ensure that the hammock does not fall upon being used.

For extra security, use more knots.

5. Start by slowly lowering the weight of your hammock chair. Use a lot of force to check its strength. Add more weight to the hammock chair if it holds. You should try to place 50 pounds (23kg) of weight on the chair. If the chair is still stable, you can sit on it with your feet firmly on the ground and your legs supporting your weight, and others will laugh at your squat style.

Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors

Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors

These are the steps to install the hammock chair indoors once you have all the right tools:

1. Use a stud finder to locate a beam or ceiling joist that is strong and can be attached to the ceiling. Use a pencil to mark each side. It is extremely important that you drill straight into the beam or ceiling joist.

Skip this step to get a concrete ceiling

2. Draw the mounting holes on the ceiling.

3. Four holes should be drilled into the concrete/beam/drywall.

4. Depending on the surface, install the ceiling mount with the four bolts or screws. For bolts, you might need a socket wrench.

A ceiling mount is a better choice than an eye hook. It will give you a stronger anchor point.

5. Hang chain by attaching 1 spring hook to the ceiling mount. Adjust the chain or rope to your desired height.

6. Hang your hammock chair by attaching a spring hook or an S-hook to one end of the chain.

Notice: The reinforced steel eye on your Limbo Imports hammock swing will provide it with extra stability and security.

7. Test your installation. Slowly shift your weight onto the chair. If the chair holds, you have correctly installed it. The hammock swing chair should be placed at least 3 feet from the ground. Small children should not be left unattended.

Pro tip: To avoid unwanted situations, first sit slowly in the chair with your feet on the floor. Then gradually, shift your weight from feet to the chair. If it holds you, it means you have done the right installation of the hammock chair.

Hang a Hammock Chair From a Porch Ceiling

Hang a Hammock Chair From a Porch Ceiling

Also, hammock chairs can be hung from the ceiling. You will need tools to hang the chair from your porch ceiling. These tools include:

  • A stud finder
  • Pencil
  • 3/8″x4 eye bolt screw
  • A drill and bit
  • An S-hook and a spring/swivel

These are the steps to simply install the chair once you have all the necessary tools.

1. You should choose an area that is enough space for the chair to move freely, spin and sway. The chair should have a minimum of 6 feet vertical space and a maximum of 3 feet around it. You should also ensure that the chair doesn’t block or bump into anything.

2. Use a stud locater to locate the ceiling joist. Ceiling joists are usually 16-24 inches apart. If you locate one, it should not be difficult to find another.

3. Once you find a stud that works, mark it on both sides with your pencil. Next, locate the middle where you’ll use the drill.

4. For the eye screw, drill a pilot hole in the center mark. Push the drill bit through the drywall until you hit wood. As it gets a bit more difficult, grab a plier to get a bit more leverage. The pilot hole should be approximately 2-3 inches in depth.

5. The eye bolt screw should be inserted into the hole that you have drilled. The eye screw should be long enough for it to turn at least 2 inches into the ceiling joist. The eye-ring of the screw bolt should touch the ceiling. To turn the screw completely, insert a screwdriver in the eye bolt’s head.

6. Next, connect the S-hook to the eye bolt ring. Attach the swivel spring, or chair hanging kit, to the S-hook. Finally, attach the chair.

You can finish by adding weight gradually to the chair. Start by adding 50 pounds of weights, books, cans, or other items to the chair. Once it holds, you can slowly lower your weight onto the chair by putting your feet on the ground.

After you’re confident it will hold, you can relax in your chair!

Hang a Hammock Chair Without a Tree

Hang a Hammock Chair Without a Tree

You can use a freestanding hammock stand.

This is the simplest and most renter-friendly method to hang your new hammock chair. There are many styles to choose from, including a C-style stand for egg-style chairs and a height-adjustable hammock chair stand.

These stands can be used outdoors or indoors so that you always have somewhere to hang your chair.

FAQs About Hanging Hammock Chair

How Much Weight Can A Hammock Chair Hold?

Although most hammock chairs can support over 400 pounds, it won’t be enough if the place you hang them from isn’t strong enough. The chair cannot support more than the weight of the weakest point in the system. This includes ceiling mounts, ceiling mounts, and branches as well as ropes and connectors.

How Far Off The Ground Should A Hammock Chair Be?

With weight (that means you), the hammock chair should be at least 2 feet above the ground. A hanging a hammock chair requires that you be aware of any weight or objects that could cause it to lose height. This could include a rope or tree branch.

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