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TIPs choose the best fireplaces with tv above for cold winter days

The fireplaces with tv above you need most right now – Learn more about it in this article Introduction


It’s no surprise that putting a fireplaces with tv above  is among the trendiest contemporary home design fads. By merging your hearth and multimedia zones into one single focal point, it produces a clean and beautiful design.

Few things, however, are cozier than television viewing next to a roaring fire. Because of the location of certain homes, as well as sense of aesthetics choices, putting your TV above the fireplace is frequently the ideal option.

Both comfort and safety are crucial factors to consider. Continue reading to find out when it’s OK to install a TV over the fireplace.

Benefits of fireplaces with TV above

  • Aesthetic appeal

Many new homes now include electrical outlets behind fireplaces and may have built-in area above a fireplace for a television. In addition, when you have company, your TV may be used as a piece of art by displaying images.

  • Space-saving

Saving space by not having a giant built – in bookcases in the center of your room is especially significant if you have a tiny room.

  • Comfort and convenience

Electric Fireplace FAQ | Sylvane

A fireplaces with tv abovemay be seen from any point in the room. If you have a TV that’s able to be viewed well from any angle, it doesn’t matter if you’re gazing up at it or from the side.

Placing the TV over the fireplace also eliminates the need to consider two focus points, which makes it simpler to arrange your furnishings.

Sometimes having a costly fireplaces with tv above up out of the path of children, teens, and pets is the best solution. Kids can’t always help them and occasionally bump into furniture, and  no one wants their television to be destroyed.

Things to consider when installing a fireplace with TV above

Wall strength and mounting options

If you have a basic fireplace wall (24 and sheetrock) over the fireplaces with tv above

where the stonework finishes above the entrance and is standard drywall, consider your projector to shine straight on the wall and, once painted, simulates a projection screen and provides a really beautiful image.

So, how far back should a couch or lounge chair chairs be from a TV hung and over fireplace? Utilizing the television installed over our 75-inch fireplace, in which the flat-panel screen’s center is about 7 feet above the floor.

Our aim was to figure out how far back we needed to sit from the television positioned over the mantle in order to avoid having to look up. 

Heat and ventilation requirements

Nothing is more harmful for a microelectronic item than warmth (OK, maybe moisture or kicking at it, but that’s a point).  Increasing the TV’s operating temperature can shorten what could be a lively and dependable life.

Worse, the ashes from the fire might penetrate into the TV’s guts, doing nothing good. Worse, the deterioration will be gradual and gradual, rather than immediate, thus the Television will likely break sooner than it might have anyway, but still outside the period of your warranty.

If you can’t understand, or can’t, use your stove, however this won’t be an issue. A fireplace insert might not have ashes, but if the ceiling above is warm when touched, that heat is traveling

Cable and power outlet placement

There is a power outlet along either one of the fireplace’s sides as well as a cable outlet located on the far west side of the hearth. This implies two things are required above the fireplace: electricity and HDMI. You may cut the apertures for the receptacles above the fireplace and drill through into the studs just above fireplace using a flexible drill bit. This reduces dry-wall degradation, but how tough is it with insulating in the wall, how can the conduit be fed thru those holes, and would you bore through the comprehensive studs just on left for power?

So here are several alternatives:

Surface install the conduit with a wiremold product:

There are numerous brands available, and it can be painted. Planning allows you to reduce what you’re seeing it.

Build up the wall with cabinets or a faux wall so that you may run wiring behind the existing wall.

It might be as basic as a drywall panel protruding, some built-in cabinetry, or some brick work. Cabinets, of course, offer the advantage of being able to incorporate other elements such as your A/V equipment and speakers.

Types of fireplaces with TV above

Traditional fireplace with TV above

Traditional fireplaces must be operated by hand. To keep the fire blazing, the user must manually enter wood, light the match, and restock the fireplace with additional wood. Excess heat and electronics do not mix, thus positioning a fireplaces with tv above is typically not recommended. The region above TV the fireplace is frequently warmer than the rest of your home’s wall surfaces.

21 Ideas for a TV Above a Fireplace

Electric fireplace with TV above

Ask the Experts: Should you Install a TV over a Fireplace?

An electric fireplaces with TV above is a good solution if you merely want the appearance of the best fireplace with your TV above. Because many electrical fireplaces emit no heat at all, this is the greatest situation for hanging a TV. As a result, they are absolutely safe for the components in your television.

Wall-mounted fireplace with TV above

Putting An Electric Fireplace And TV On The Same Wall

Placing a horizontal over a mantle piece or on the face of a brick fireplace creates the dual entertainment center that serves as the visual focal point of the space. The TV-hearth collaboration frees up crucial floor space and enables you to concentrate furniture combinations on a single wall. But, like with many elevated design approaches, this coupling has certain drawbacks. High fire temperatures, mounting procedures, and cable management are all important considerations before hanging a TV over your fireplace.

Design ideas for fireplaces with TV above

  • Mantel and shelf design

Because the fireplace is generally the center point of any room, putting a TV just above mantel is frequently the only sensible choice for many people. Many homes nowadays includes pre above the mantel, giving it the most practical location to attach a TV. Furthermore, because the mantel is often used as a meeting spot for the family, many people opt to position the fireplaces with tv above. You should choose a mantel that complements the style of the television. Use a modern mantel design, for example, if the TV is modern. When mounting the TV, make absolutely sure it is at a level that is comfortable when seated on the couch. Another wonderful option is to install the TV on a rotating or lowering mount, so you can easily adjust the viewing angle.


  • Surround materials and colors

Design the fireplace first, and then style the remainder of the space to relate back to the hearth. Preferably, all of your furnishings should face the fireplace. Remember that the furnishings layout is what leads the walkway in the interior. Instead of a sofa, use a couch and two chairs to create a warm atmosphere when decorating around a fireplace. In addition, instead of utilizing end tables surrounding the sofa, an accessory table between the seats may be used to contain objects such as lamps, napkins, or books. If you want to retain the fireplace as the major focal point of the space, call attention to it through hanging a glass or a piece of art above it. A striking fire surround, ambient lighting, or even a few plants and vases will help pull your focus back to the fireplacing.


  • Integration with room decor

You do this by mounting your fireplaces with tv above on opposite walls. Depending on the design of your room or your preferences, you may then arrange your sofa opposite the fireplace or the TV – or both, if you have enough space to establish two seating zones.

This fireplaces with tv above living room concept works nicely in square rooms. If your room is large enough, you may discover that there is excess space in the center of the room that may be beautifully filled with furniture, like a tabletop or soft poof.


Maintenance and safety considerations

  • Cleaning and maintenance tips

Excess heat plus electronics do not mix, thus putting a fireplaces with tv above is typically not recommended. The region above the fire is frequently warmer than the rest of your home’s wall surfaces. Consider the following: A gas fireplace may provide 20,000 – 35,000 British heat units (BTUs) per hour of heat. To protect your television from the temperature of your fireplace, take efforts to deflect the energy dissipation from where it is mounted. A block of curved wood is one of the most efficient heat-diversion devices. Installing a fireplace hood is another option to deflect away the heat from your television.

  • Safety precautions for using a fireplace with TV above

Is it safe to install a television over an electric fireplace? Indeed, the conclusion is yes. These fireplaces will not create the same amount of heat as a timber or gas fireplace. It means your television and other equipment will be protected. This location is suitable for most installs, especially in smaller spaces with limited wall space. Placing the two devices together will also bring your attention to a single focal point, ensuring your focus is on the two flames and the TV at the same time!


Nothing can stop you from mounting the fireplaces with tv above if you really want to – just keep the points above in mind before you begin, and you’ll be OK. If you have any queries or difficulties that are causing you to hesitate, please contact us right away so that we can respond as quickly as possible.

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