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How to choose the best stone for kitchen countertops

To avoid damaging your counter by selecting the incorrect stone surface, we recommend the article below to help you find the best stone for kitchen countertops.

The kitchen is frequently referred to be the “heart of the home” because it is where you can make delectable meals and tempting delights, therefore the kitchen countertop is essential to take this into consideration when purchasing furnishings.

Because of their beauty and inherent luxury, stone kitchen countertops have been a favorite for decades. Countertops made of stone are solid and adaptable. In order to make it simple for readers to select the best stone for kitchen countertops, Focal Upright Furniture will present the most popular list of choices with various characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks in this post.

What Is The Best Stone Types For Kitchen Countertops?

Consider this guidance while buying home furniture, especially the best stone for kitchen countertops, to obtain the most excellent selections. Here are the qualities, functions, advantages, and disadvantages of seven different kinds of stone for countertops.

1. Granite

best stone for kitchen countertops

Many users consider granite to be one of the best countertops for kitchen so it is getting more popular. Granite countertops are utilized indoors to provide a sense of quality and beauty.

After being sealed, it offers a surface alternative that is almost completely maintenance-free and resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. A granite countertop has a 30- to 50-year lifespan on average. Additionally, since granite is a natural stone, each granite countertop has a unique mineral imprint that adds to the beauty of your kitchen.


  • Heat-resistant almost.
  • Durable.
  • Numerous varieties and colors in the thousands.
  • Environmentally-Friendly.
  • Easily Maintained.


  • High-priced materials.
  • Unfit for do-it-yourself installation.
  • Cutting on granite quickly dulls knives.
  • Stone needs to be sealed because it is porous to prevent discoloration.
  • Accidental stone chips or scrapes will be obvious.

2. Quartzite

best stone for kitchen countertops

Quartzite is created when sandstone is rich in quartz through a process known as metamorphism, and as a result, quartzite countertops are rapidly gaining popularity due to its unrivaled resilience and beauty that mimics marble. This is also the reason why quartzite is used to creat the best stone for kitchen countertops.

Due to its extreme hardness, quartzite is scratch-resistant. Compared to granite, it comes in a wider variety of hues and has a nonporous surface that is scratch- and stain-resistant.


  • Spectacular natural patterns.
  • Possible DIY installation.
  • Easily maintained.
  • The slabs are consistent and flawless.
  • Can be made to order in any size and shape.
  • Resists stains and is resistant to acid and heat


  • High-cost.
  • Countertops weigh a lot.
  • Re-sealing the surface is necessary to lessen stain.

3. Soapstone

best stone for kitchen countertops

A traditional natural stone surface is soapstone. The material has a milky appearance that complements vintage, traditional, and cottage kitchens very well. This material is also the best stone for kitchen countertops. It is fairly tough, thus being used in architecture.

Typically, soapstone has a dark gray color and a silky, smooth texture. In some kitchen designs, soapstone’s antique-like patina can be really beautiful. It is stain-resistant in capacity. Additionally, you can simply add oil to soapstone rather than periodically sealing it.


  • Fairly heat-resistant.
  • Damage can be removed by sanding.
  • Gives a kitchen an aged, historic appearance.


  • Confined to black and white hues.
  • Due to its softness, it is more prone to dents, scratches, and chips.
  • Not able to install yourself.

4. Marble

best stone for kitchen countertops

Compared to granite or soapstone, this stone is far fickle. On an island or portion of countertop designated as a baking center, marble is typically used.

As a result of its ageless beauty and distinctive veining, marble is one of the most widely used natural stones. There are several color variations of marble countertops, including black, white, gray, green, red, and pink. Although marble is highly valued, due to its propensity for staining and scratching, it might not be the greatest choice for kitchens.


  • Heatproof and watertight.
  • A stunning stone with distinctive veining.


  • Expensive.
  • Scratches are possible; repairs are challenging.
  • Stone is porous and readily becomes stained if not sealed.

5. Solid

best stone for kitchen countertops

A mixture of acrylic particles and resins is used to create solid-surface materials, which are then pressed into sheets and various shapes. Additionally, it is one of the best stones for kitchen countertops and works well in mid-range kitchens.

The solid surfacing may give your kitchen the appearance of more expensive materials, such as stone, that have much lesser cost while being available in a variety of colors and patterns. This resin and pigment countertop material can be easily altered to match your preferred color scheme and countertop style.


  • Withstands stains.
  • Seams are essentially undetectable.
  • Damage is easily removed by sanding.
  • Available in a huge variety of patterns and colors.
  • There are available integrated sink/countertop systems.


  • Moderately costly.
  • Perhaps damaged by hot pans.
  • No do-it-yourself assembly; professionals must fabricate.

6. Limestone

best stone for kitchen countertops

Because limestone tolerates UV rays and weather quite well, it is also the best countertop for outdoor kitchen.

The wonderful earth tones of limestone range from pale beige to warm brown. It is vulnerable to damage from stone etching (or dull patches) from acidic fluids pouring on the surface since it includes calcium minerals. Since limestone is lighter in color and more porous than other stones, it is more susceptible to staining. However, if you know how to maintain your limestone countertops, they may be an elegant and reasonably priced kitchen makeover.


  • Gives off a unique and classy appearance.
  • Extremely durable if properly maintained.


  • Demands extensive maintenance.
  • Limestone countertops are prone to scratching.
  • Cleaning takes a lot of time.

7. Slate

best stone for kitchen countertops

Slate is one of the best stones for kitchen countertops we heartily recommend to you. It works well for both indoor and outdoor kitchen countertops, and it is frequently more affordable than other stones.

It even has antibacterial properties and is mold and mildew-resistant. Slate delivers a sophisticated gloss with a non-porous surface that protects against heat and moisture damage because of its shale and clay constituents. Slate’s durability makes it resistant to scratches and chips as well.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Scratch- and chip-resistant.
  • Inherent sturdiness.
  • Easy to clean and requires less maintenance than granite.


  • Limited set of color options.
  • Corners can be slightly brittle and they are sharp.

FAQs About The Best Stone For Kitchen Countertops

What natural stone is best for kitchen countertops?

Granite. Granite is the most popular natural stone countertop material among homeowners, and for good reason. Granite is exceptionally maintenance-free and long-lasting. Granite comes in a variety of colors and designs so that your countertop can match your own style.

What is the most stain-resistant countertop?

Because it is made from ground-up real stone and resin, quartz is the material that resists stains the best. As a result, a material that is highly stain-resistant and non-porous is produced. Because no sealer is needed, quartz is also simple to maintain.

What is the best way to clean kitchen counters?

First, warm water is used to wet the cloth, then dish soap is added. If the suds run out before you have thoroughly cleaned the entire surface, wipe it down again and apply more dish soap. After that, properly rinse your cloth to remove all soap. Use it again to rinse the soap suds off the surface after rewetting it with warm water.

What type of countertops is in style 2022?

With 73% of experts predicting that quartz countertops would be the most popular trend for homeowners this year, quartz countertops are still the most popular countertop trend going into 2022.

Is it better to have light or dark countertops?

Lighter countertops typically give off a clean, crisp appearance. They also appear to have more defined designs, which creates a pleasing focal point. Darker countertops are perceived as sleeker in comparison, and the darker tones and textures give off a cool vibe.

For a Final Word

This is all information about the best stone for kitchen countertops that we summarized and introduced to you. If you find this review useful, please share it with your family and friends. Thank you for reading and hope to see you in the next article.