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Best Standing Desk 2022: Top Brands Review

Do you spend hours on your feet, working or playing? Do you need to sit less and get some exercise? If so, this blog post is for you. We have collected the best standing desks available to help you find a desk that will work well for your needs.

Standing desks have been shown to improve both your physical and mental health. They are a great way to stay active throughout the day without having to leave your desk for a break. With so many options available on the market, finding the right one can be challenging to fit your needs. Focal Upright has compiled this list of some of the best standing desks on Amazon for you!

This blog post includes information from Best Standing Desk about each product, including price, dimensions, weight capacity, shipping info, and customer reviews. There are also links so that readers may purchase these items if they wish to do so.

How long should you stand at your desk?

Dr. Henriksen states that he recommends sitting for 20-30 minutes. Patients with severe injuries and health issues should consult their doctor before requesting a standing desk. He also suggests that you should be doing “micro-breaks” to stretch and move around at home.

Dr. Henriksen explained that experts have known for some years that increased low-level activity has health benefits over sitting for prolonged periods in a fixed posture.

Alternating between sitting and standing can balance the adverse effects of either sitting or standing throughout the day. Although research has not been published on whether standing desks can improve productivity and focus throughout the day and how often they need to be used, a 2016 case study found that desk-bound workers experience immediate benefits.

People who alternate sitting and standing during the day enjoyed the most fantastic productivity boost, with a 50% increase in productivity over six months.

Check out this list to see the best standing desks in 2021.

best standing desk

Top Rated Best Standing Desk Brand

1. Uplift V2

Best overall standing desks

The Uplift V2 standing desk is a top-quality product that boasts stability and high build quality. Some standing desks can feel a little shaky when extended to higher levels. Fortunately, the built-in stability braces make up for any instability in the lift.

Dual-motors allow the desk to change heights quickly and quietly. Anti-collision tech also comes in the mix. This means that if the desk falls on something, such as your seat or your head, it will stop.

There are many mounting points to attach accessories to the desk and some cool extras attached to it. This includes an under-desk hammock that attaches underneath the desk when the desk is raised fully. The ability to sleep under the desk in a hammock is a testament to its stability.

You have many options for colors and sizes of desktops (and frames), and you can get cable management. There are also corner and curved desk models. A seven-year warranty is included on all products.

You can choose from standard or commercial-grade versions of the Uplift. The latter version has more stability due to a crossbar. Outsiders outside the US may order an Uplift to ship. It will be sent as ‘palletized freight’ and can be costly. The manufacturer suggests that you purchase the Uplift frame and then source your desktop locally.


  • High-quality build
  • Motors that are quiet and smooth
  • Numerous size and color options
  • Many mounting points are available for accessories


  • International shipping is expensive

2. ApexDesk Elite

Best standing desks with a large desktop

You need a lot of space to store all your stuff like multiple monitors or other peripherals. ApexDesk Elite, another high-quality desk with walnut real estate (other woods also available), is a great choice. It’s an excellent value for the quality you get.

There are two sizes of Elite: a 60-inch or a 71-inch model. However, if you need maximum space on your desk, the Elite has a depth of 33 inches more than most. It is a few inches deeper than the Uplift, for example.

This standing desk is superbly constructed with a dual motor lifting system. It has a smooth but not too fast lifting mechanism and a controller that allows you to adjust the height of four preset sizes. This desk can lift just over 100kg, so you will be able to fit a lot of heavy hardware. The Elite is sturdy and robust, with the center beam providing more stability (without needing to have a crossbar beneath).

You can also find some fantastic deals on these desks by shopping around. If you choose to go with ApexDesk, you will likely get a lot for your money.


  • High-quality construction
  • Large desktop surface area
  • Competitive pricing
  • Maximum lifting capacity 100kg


  • Slow lifting mechanism

3. Fully Jarvis Bamboo

Best high-end eco-friendly standing desks

Another of the best standing desks is the Jarvis Bamboo. As the name suggests, it is fashioned from bamboo – it’s environmentally friendly in that the bamboo is sustainably grown (without pesticides) and has a rugged polyurethane coating.

The frame underneath is strong enough to support over 150kg and has a full extension that can accommodate someone as tall as 6’7″. The sturdy desk is easy to move into place.

The Jarvis is available in two shapes: a rectangular or contoured desk with a concave curve at its front. Or an L-shaped model that can be used in corners. These standing desks have many excellent options, such as drawers and desk lamps. You can also get a desk shelf to hold your monitor or, if you’re creative, a gas-activated monitor arm.

This is not a standing desks but a beautiful piece of furniture in terms of design and eco-friendly credentials. However, it’s not cheap.


  • Made from sustainable bamboo
  • Support weight up to 150kg
  • Maximum extension of 6’7″ for those over 6’7″
  • Programmable handset


  • High-end pricing

best standing desk

4. FlexiSpot EF

Best affordable motorized standing desks

The FlexiSpot EN was formerly the FlexiSpot EN. If you are looking for a motorized standing desk that is affordable, the FlexiSpot Ef (previously the FlexiSpot EN) may be the right choice. The motor lift is quiet and has three preset heights that can be customized via the keypad. It also features a programmable alarm that will tell you when to move from sitting to standing or vice versa.

Double-steel tubing is used to build the frame. It is pretty solid but can wobble if extended to its highest level.

The FlexiSpot standing desk (see the UK site) is a great value compared to motorized counterparts. It also comes with a 5-year guarantee. While the motor has a shorter guarantee of three years, the desk’s five-year warranty is remarkable.


  • A budget-friendly option
  • Quiet motor lift
  • Three height presets


  • At full height, not so stable

5. Uplift E7 Electric Standing Desk Converters

Best standing desk converters

You can convert an existing desk to a standing desk using a converter like the Uplift E7 Stand Desk Converter.

Although there are many similar products available, Uplift is the winner. It’s not only well-built (just like the Uplift V2 full-desk) but also has a handy keyboard tray. The keyboard tray hangs lower than the central platform, so you can type comfortably and view the monitor at eye level.

A neatly integrated keypad allows for quick height adjustment and has a memory function that lets you save your standing/sitting settings. This is a compact and more affordable option than standing desks.


  • Use on an existing desk
  • Includes keyboard tray
  • Adjust the height with one-touch
  • Setting the memory function


  • A standing desk is not an option

6. FlexiSpot ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converter

Best affordable standing desk converters

FlexiSpot ClassicRiser is a more affordable standing desk converter than the one from Uplift. Although it is manually adjustable, this model is still beneficial, even though it is significantly cheaper.

It is simple to use the ClassicRiser when raising or lower the platform. This is done with a light squeeze of a lever at one side.

There are many sizes to choose from, including the M1 model at 27 inches (M1) and the M3 platform at 47 inches (M3). You have various options, such as monitoring arms, anti-fatigue mats, and even an under-desk workout bike. Although the M1 model is the most affordable, it’s not expensive to increase its size to an M3.


  • Budget standing desk converter
  • There are many sizes to choose from
  • Keyboard tray that can be removed


  • Manual adjustment

7. Branch Standing Desk

Best all-rounder standing desk

The Branch Standing Desk is a versatile furniture that can be used in many different ways. There are many things to love about it. Branch says that the Branch Standing Desks rises to the highest of all the desks in the roundup. Also, as Branch points out, the standing desks offer a stable work surface for those as tall as 6′ 8″.

The desk’s melamine surface is stain-resistant as well as impact-resistant. This means that spillage and other accidents are unlikely to occur. The desk lifts smoothly using dual motors. A three-stage column system with adjustable feet ensures stability at adjustable height desks levels.

There are four memory presets to accommodate different heights, as well as cable management capabilities. You can add valuable extras like in-desk power outlets and USB ports, and the Branch Standing Desk is simple to assemble.

There are two versions: the Team Plus model and the Executive desk. Both have the same depth but are more comprehensive (60 inches instead of 48 inches). This piece of office furniture is affordable and comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • Tallest extension level
  • Desk surface that is stain- and impact-resistant
  • It is easy to assemble


  • 4-6 day delivery

8. Flomotion Standing Desk

Best standing desk with a trial option

Are you unsure if you are ready to buy a standing desk or not? Perhaps you should test one before buying. Flowmotion allows customers based in the UK to do this and provides an impressive level of customer service through online feedback.

This won’t matter if the standing desks Flomotion makes aren’t up to the task. However, this is not the case. The promotion has various wood types available for desktops – handcrafted and locally sourced – and a new high-quality sit/stand frame called Skyflo. You can also buy the frame separately if desired.

Skyflo frames are rated at 120kg and have dual motors that make it quiet to move up and down. The frame also features anti-collision detection, a handy control panel that allows Bluetooth connectivity, and an app to adjust the height. Additionally, you can set various memory positions. It’s an exquisite desk frame.

One of the main attractions is the opportunity to test out a desk for free if you live within 30 minutes of Norwich. This includes delivery and setup. Even though those living further away from the UK are eligible for a 2-week trial, they will need to set up the desk and pay a fee if the product needs to be returned to the manufacturer.

This is a PS60 or PS40 charge for a frame-only. According to our feedback, customer service is excellent.

The trial option was suspended at the time this article was written due to Covid-19. However, the trial option will resume when the situation is more typical.

FlexiSpot, a company with several products on this list, offers a free trial for standing desks in the US. It’s offering risk-free trials to businesses. If Flowmotion is what you are most interested in, FlexiSpot provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Trials are free
  • Robust and quiet
  • Great customer support


  • No restrictions

9. Steelcase Ology

Best smart standing desk

Although the Steelcase Ology may not be the most affordable standing desk on this list, it is well worth looking into if you are willing to spend a little more for a quality piece of office furniture. The Ology seems bright, but it also has innovative technology. It can be connected to an app on your smartphone.

Steelcase’s Active Touch technology is the central component of this system. It is an option, but it is very affordable at just $31. This screen displays an OLED panel with a height control panel. It also reminds you to adjust your posture (stand or sit) by gently nudging it up and down.

Active Touch can be connected to the above app via Bluetooth. This will provide data about how long you spend at your desk, including how many hours spent sitting and standing.

This allows for creating and maintaining a personalized profile that includes activity goals and preset heights for your desk. The app is handy and offers guidance on how to sit (or stand) properly.

The Ology detects obstacles automatically and stops when it reaches them. There are many options available, such as cable management, modesty panels, and integrated storage options. Although it is more expensive than similar brilliant desks, the Ology is still very affordable and comes with a 12-year warranty.


  • Touchscreen height adjustment
  • Smartphone app
  • Collision detection
  • 12-year warranty


  • One of the most expensive products

10. Evodesk Gaming Desk

Best standing desk for gamers

Evodesk offers a variety of great standing desks, one of which is specifically designed for gamers. What are features specifically targeted at the gaming market? The desktop can be large, with options from a 48-inch to a 72-inch model.

The second feature is the Evoguard finish. This means that the desktop has a finely textured surface, similar to a mouse mat. It’s perfect for gaming. For better ergonomics, the Evodesk Gaming desk has a concave edge. You can also choose to have an integrated Harman Kardon sound system.

The desk is sturdy and well built. This is crucial for when you get into a lot of action. The Gaming Desk can be adjusted to 250+ height positions. It also has smooth raising/lowering activities.

While some of the features might seem a bit gimmicky (serious shooter players will doubtless have their very own superior set of headphones), overall, the desk is of good quality and makes for worthwhile advancements for avid gamers.

It might be worthwhile to spend a bit more on a bamboo or oak desktop for durability. Wear-and-tear could pose a problem for anyone who plans to use the Evoguard surface as if they were using a barefoot mouse.


  • This is a gamer-specific design
  • Large desktop area
  • Surface with fine texture
  • Ergonomic design
  • Speakers built-in


  • Not all features required

11. Steelcase Solo

An affordable height-adjustable standing desk

Steelcase Solo is a standing desk that’s designed for remote workers. It has a low price and easy assembly.

Solo’s excellent range of motion allows people of different heights and preferences to stretch their legs while working. The desk can lift almost any type of equipment.

Some extra features could help you get the best out of your standing desk, such as height-adjustable desk presets. The aesthetics also make it difficult to appreciate the design.

Anyone looking for a simple, uncluttered standing desk for their home office will find the Steelcase Solo ticks all the boxes. Steelcase prioritizes simplicity in all aspects of its design. The single lever control and absence of drawers or other moving parts mean that few things could go wrong.


  • Sturdy
  • Generous desktop
  • It is straightforward to assemble


  • Formal design is too formal
  • Lacks smart features

12. Flexispot E7B

A robust standing desk that offers great value for money

Flexispot E7B stands for a decent height adjustable standing desk. It also comes with a reasonable price tag for such a large usable area (160x80cm).

The surface is made from MDF and has a scratch-resistant finish. However, this section can be difficult to assemble as it weighs in at 50KG.

The anti-collision system works well once it is up, and you can adjust the sensitivity. The motor on E7B is potent as it allows the table up to lift to 125Kg. It is slightly noisy, but we have seen much quieter laptop fans.

Some minor issues are present, such as the absence of drawers, cable management by default, or instructions that could have been better.

It meets all our expectations for a standing desk. You’ll be able to work in a stress-free environment if you have a good chair.


  • Large working space
  • Solid construction
  • Load weight 125Kg
  • Simple assembly
  • Priced carefully


  • Additional large worktops are not available
  • Lacks cable management

13. Humanscale Float Table

Best Upgrade Standing Desk

Humanscale’s Float Table is a standout in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. It’s a striking piece. The simple, clean lines exude modern minimalism and tranquility. The desk’s most notable feature is the innovative counterbalance system. It allows you to raise and lower the top using the weight-adjustment lever.

Float is lighter than other counterbalance tables, which require a heavy pedestal base. Do you need a large work area? Don’t you need a large work surface? You can choose from a wide range of sizes, up to 72 inches for Float.

This desk can be adjusted to a height of up to 130 pounds. You can also add the brand’s beloved accessories, such as their angle- and height-adjustable keyboard tray and articulating monitor arm to get optimal ergonomics.


  • No cranking or whirling motors
  • Fashionable and functional


  • Ideal for large offices/homes

14. Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Premium

At 2.3 inches per minute, the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Premium is the fastest in height adjustment and has a noise level of 45 decibels. Our top pick, the Fullyjarvis, adjusts at 1.3 inches per minute and emits 50 decibels. If you intend to adjust your desk frequently, these factors may be crucial.

The frame is strong and can hold two 32-inch monitors and two office chairs comfortably.

The Fully has fewer customization options than the Fully. There are seven options for top-and-frame combinations. You can also personalize your own with a choice of two top lengths and five top materials.

Every Autonomous standing desk includes one to two grommets (holes that allow cables to pass through) for either a standard or large top. A programmable control panel allows you to adjust the preset heights for different users.

The height can be adjusted by pressing the up or down arrows. Other brands may charge extra for the programmable control panel, which is included in the base price. You can add on accessories such as to monitor arms or trays that are more expensive.

Two people were required to set up the equipment. It took approximately an hour and a quarter to do so. Although the instructions are clearly written, I found watching a video easier than reading them.

This was tested over six months, and I adjusted the height multiple times per day. My monitors never fell off the desk. However, they wobbled at the highest height. This is comparable to the standing desks in our guide.

Pros: Quick height adjustment, large height adjustment range, customizable presets and styles, meets ANSI/BIFMA, UL certification for office usage

Cons: Some instability at higher elevations. Limited customization options

15. VertDesk Converter

Thanks to its versatile design and smooth adjustment mechanism, the VertDesk converter is our favorite standing desk converter. It can be set up on a table or traditional desk to hold a laptop or monitors with stands. The keyboard tray is separate so that your elbows and arms are better placed. It is smartly designed and easy to use.

The transition from testing to adjusting the VertDesk converter was seamless, quiet, and effortless. You can adjust the height to your liking, as there are no fixed positions. You can raise it a little to make it swing towards you, but not much.

Although the VertDesk converter is not very attractive, there are some customization options. The standard VertDesk converter is available in white or black, with or without a single arm. You can also get a heavier, more robust version with optional dual or single monitor arm.

Two 24-inch monitors can be mounted on the standard VertDesk Convertor. The converter has enough space and stability to accommodate them both. A single grommet is available for routing cables to the monitors.

You can adjust the keyboard tray by turning the knob to the right and tilting it until you are satisfied with the position. If you have a large ergonomic or mechanical keyboard, the keyboard tray may be too small.

The keyboard level is 0.75 inches higher than the desktop and can be raised to 14.75 inches when folded down. The converter may be used with a table that is too low for shorter people.

This converter is by far the most stable I have ever used. Even when fully extended, it barely moves. It feels solid and secures thanks to rubber feet that prevent it from sliding. Although the maximum weight limit is relatively low, dual-monitor setups are possible. If you place your weight on it, it won’t move at all. However, this is not recommended.

Pros: Excellent stability, great range of height adjustment, and separate keyboard tray. They are also durable and come with a five-year warranty.

Cons: Not enough customizations, too heavy to carry around

16. Fully Cora Standing Desk Converter

The Fully Cora Standing Desk Convert is a great way to start standing desks if you have a tight budget. The Fully Cora Standing Desk Converter can be placed on top of any table or traditional desk and offers a suitable space for a laptop.

It can accommodate a separate keyboard and mouse, as well as a monitor. Its simple design allows it to be placed anywhere and can also fold down when not in use.

The durable laminate material used to make the desktop is very durable. It is made of aluminum with soft padding on the bottom to keep it in place and protect the furniture.

This frame doesn’t allow for customization. There are two options for frames: a white or black one. Although it can be folded flat and stored away neatly in a bag, people will not want to lift it because of the awkwardness of lifting it. It doesn’t have cable management and can’t be attached to a monitor arm. This standing desk converter is best for laptops.

You can adjust the height of the desk by pushing in the side levers. It is quiet and smooth, with no pre-set levels. You can adjust the height to your liking.

The Fully Cora Standing Desk Converter was stable when extended fully. It has a solid rectangular aluminum frame, and the padded sections provide grip so that it won’t slip if bumped. Once I was at the height I desired, I felt comfortable putting beverages and other items on the desktop. The laminate is durable and water-resistant, but it’s also easy to clean.

A laptop and its accessories can weigh in at a maximum of 3.5kg. It is best not to put too much weight on the laptop unless you lower it. However, it was solid when I tested it.

Pros: Easy to use, affordable, simple design, sturdy at all heights, durable

Cons: Not suitable for those over 6′ 2″, or if you have any attachments or add-ons.

best standing desk

8 Tips to Find the Right Standing Desk for Your Home Office

Flexispot’s Anna Bettina Pangalangan tells us all about her secrets for finding the perfect standing desk for your home office.

Remote working is likely to become the norm for many, even though some offices call back employees. You might want to invest in a standing desk if you’re one of those people who prefer working from home.

A dedicated desk for work is a great idea. It allows you to be more creative and productive. A working table can also help to define boundaries between work and home. This is where you can draw the line.

Opt for an ergonomic workstation as much as you can. While traditional desks may be cheaper, they don’t offer any ergonomic benefits. Because of its height adjustment feature, an ergonomic desk can be sat or stood on the spot. A standing desk will help you achieve a healthier and more pain-free body.

Long-term sitting can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Poor posture can also lead to chronic back pain. Over-sitting can cause anxiety and depression, which can lead to a worsening of mental health.

However, it is essential to find a balance between standing and sitting. It is not recommended to stand for long periods. Standing for extended periods can place a lot of pressure on your legs. This can lead to swelling, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. It is essential to balance standing and sitting throughout your day.

It is not enough to exercise alone to combat the adverse effects of sitting too much. It is more beneficial to incorporate standing and movement into your daily life by using a sit-stand desk.

There are many standing desks, as we all know. It can be challenging to find the right one in the market. But don’t worry! Here’s a guide to help you choose the best desk for your needs. You can read on to learn about some features you should consider before purchasing a desk.

1. Know if you want a desk with a single motor or dual motors

These types of desks have different strengths and speeds. A standing desk with two motors is more stable and can move faster than a single-motorized one. A single motor desk may be cheaper, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is of less quality.

Some desks have only one motor, but they can handle a dual-motor model. Before you settle on a standing desk, it is advisable to verify the specifications.

2. Get a stable standing desk

A standing desk should be able to hold all of your files and gadgets at any height. If your desk wobbles, it could indicate a weak frame. This can cause headaches in the future. If you are worried about your belongings falling off the desk, it might discourage you from changing positions.

3. Opt for a durable standing desk

A sturdy standing desk can be used for many years. A sturdy standing desk is worth the extra expense, even if it costs a bit more. Ask the manufacturer whether the desk unit you consider has been subject to a durability and stability test. The standing desk has likely been tested for stability and durability.

This is important, mainly if the standing desk will be used for extended periods. You should ensure that the standing desk is made of quality materials. A sturdy desk will cost you less than one that is fragile and easily damaged.

4. Buy a standing desk that appeals to your sense of aesthetics

You can still have your style with a standing desk! You can customize everything from the frame to your desktop. You can purchase a desk frame if you have an existing desktop.

5. Purchase a noiseless standing desk

You should avoid being distracted by loud noises and choose a quiet desk. The noise level should not exceed 50 decibels. This type of movement falls under the soft category. It is easy to imagine the sounds in quiet libraries.

6. Go for a brand that offers extended warranty coverage

Check out the warranty details before you check out. A brand with an extended warranty is more confident in its products and places customer satisfaction first.

7. Select a desk that is easy to put together

It may be difficult to assemble a standing desk. Some brands include the instructions and all necessary parts in the packaging. Some brands upload videos to demonstrate how to set up the standing desk.

8. Pick a brand that has certifications

If a standing desk brand offers certificates, you can complete your assignment. This is why certification is essential. High-quality, safe products are only possible if a brand goes to great lengths to be certified.

A brand that has passed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), for example, means the US market approved it for radio technology devices. It is illegal to import or lease equipment in the USA without FCC certification.

The Underwriters Laboratories mark (UL) signifies that a desk is safe to be used. The UL mark must be present on all desks because it protects consumers in an electrical fire or any other similar calamities.

These are just a few of the things you should consider when shopping for a standing desk. Budget is another important factor. A high-quality, standing desk doesn’t have to cost a lot. Many brands offer affordable standing desks that rival expensive ones. Do your research to ensure you get the standing desk you want.

best standing desk

5 Things To Look For When Buying A Standing Desk

1. Height adjustment method

The most convenient are crank-operated pedestals. In terms of operating effort, the least convenient is the counterweight system, which requires a certain amount of strength to be applied.

For desks with gas spring height adjustment, safety must also be considered because if you lift your hands off the desk while it’s moving upwards, the desk will continue to rise.

Top tip: If you have back problems, you should choose a height adjustment method that does not require too much effort on your part in terms of operating force and range of movement.

While operating a crank-operated standing desk is easy, some desks cannot adjust high enough for tall people.

2. Consider safety

An incomplete safety device can lead to accidents, so all parts must be in place and easy to use.

The stability mechanism prevents the desk from folding when you adjust its height. The locking mechanism secures the desk in a stationary position, preventing movement during use. Both should be possible to operate with one hand only.

Top tip: The pedestal’s stability and locking mechanisms should be in the top 3rd of the desk (so that you can reach them easily).

Standing desks have to be able to withstand a considerable amount of weight. Therefore, it is essential that the development team carry out enough load-bearing tests, each lasting 5 minutes at least, if a product is to have a 10-year guarantee.

If the desks are not sufficiently tested, they can collapse due to wear and tear over time, and your warranty will likely be invalidated.

Top tip: Is the manufacturer willing to provide you with a test certificate? Since most standing desks are simple in design and construction, materials known for durability should be used.

These include steel and aluminum. If the product is made from material likely to break, such as plastic, it should only be used for short-term standing desks or tables.

3. Is a sufficient range of accessories available?

The variety of desktop sizes and other accessories enables you to use a standing desk for all purposes: workstations, computer tables, computer desks, laptop desks.

The pedestal should ideally handle a considerable amount of weight, and you should therefore check the load-bearing capacity.

Top tip: Before receiving the desk, make sure it is easy to attach all accessories onto its surface or within reach. If some parts are missing when the product arrives, this can be highly inconvenient.

4. Worktop size (m2)

The main thing to consider here is how much space will be available once a screen, computer, and keyboard have been attached. An excellent way to judge this accurately is by looking at the images on the manufacturer’s website or in its brochure.

Top tip: You should also check that there is enough space on the desk for a laptop, mobile phone, and other accessories.

5. Easy usability

Comfort is essential when choosing a standing desk. The surface should ideally be smooth with rounded corners that are not too large to avoid your arms or wrists becoming numb during long working sessions. Top tip: Decide whether you want to use your standing desk as a workstation, computer table, or laptop table.

The same applies to the underneath of the standing desk: Since it will come into contact with your feet and could hurt your posture if it is not sufficiently high or smooth. Top tip: Before buying the product, test how comfortable you feel standing on it.

The desks’ height should be adjustable in 5cm or more stages, but the product does not have to include a handle if all adjustments can be made by foot alone.


Is a standing desk good?

In recent years, standing desks have come about as a solution to sitting at work. It is linked with higher rates of productivity by an estimated 45%. Switching from sitting in your chair all day can be difficult, but many adjustable-height chairs allow you to sit and stand throughout the day without much effort on your part!

Is Jarvis the best standing desks?

Dubbed the best standing desk by WireCutter, The Jarvis Desk from Fully is one of the most popular options among those who want to stand while they work. With its extensive range of motion and quick adjustment speed, it’s perfect for people on the go or looking for an easy way to transition in between sitting and standing positions.

Just because something has caught our attention doesn’t mean that there aren’t some drawbacks worth considering before making a purchase: this model does not include modesty panels like so many others do, which means you’ll be exposed if someone comes into your office without warning – hopefully with good manners!

Is standing for 8 hours bad?

You might not be able to sit at work all day, but you can still comfortably stand. Standing for extended periods is wrong because it causes blood circulation problems, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and other issues like varicose veins or fatigue that could cause accidents on the job.

Research has shown that prolonged standing will lead to a higher chance for health complications such as increased pressure in your arteries and brain (causing headaches), clots forming too quickly, an increased danger of injury while working, perspiration pooling under your feet, causing uncomfortable foot odor among many more physical reactions depending on how much someone stands up during their routine.

Why do my feet hurt so bad after standing all day?

The feet are the essential part of your body for standing and walking. If you don’t have any footwear, they will hurt immediately because there is no padding to protect them from hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

But even if you do buy a quality pair of shoes, soreness can still occur as blood has to travel back up towards the heart due to gravity constantly pulling it down with every step taken on an inclined plane – which means all day long when someone stands at work!


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this post, so we hope you found at least one idea that resonates with you. If not, no worries! There are plenty more resources for finding the perfect standing desk and making it work for your needs.

There is an entire forum dedicated to just that topic right here on our website. And if all else fails, don’t forget about Amazon Prime Now, where most products can be delivered within 2 hours or less (depending on location).

Whether you want to get started today or take some time learning before investing in a new product, rest assured, knowing that there are many options out there waiting for you. Happy shopping!