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Atlantic Gaming Desk Vs Pro: Which Is Better And Why? In 2022

Atlantic gaming desk vs pro

The Atlantic Gaming Desk Vs Pro is an article that compares the two gaming desks. One of these desks, the Pro, can be found on a company’s website, and the other desk, the Atlantic Gaming Desk, can be found online. The first question to ask yourself is, what do you need your desk for?

It can be overwhelming to search for the right PC gaming desk because there are so many options.

If you are looking for a great desk surface area and multiple compartments, go with the Pro. However, if you’re looking for a multifunctional desk that has plenty of storage space, then go with the Atlantic Gaming Desk. Next up is durability: Which one will last longer? Well, both desks are made from quality materials, so it depends on how much you use them!

Although the Atlantic gaming desk is one well-known brand, it’s not specifically designed for specific machines and can also be used as an office chair.

For those who are looking for a desk to get their gaming on, there are many choices out there. The Atlantic Gaming Desk and the Pro series of desks from Atlantic offer an exciting option for gamers with many features not found in other desks. Focal Upright will take a closer look at these two desks below to see what’s available and how they compare.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Vs Pro

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review

Atlantic’s Gaming Desk was specifically created for your gaming gear so that you can concentrate on the epic battle.

Pro gamers love these gaming desks. It is made from medium-density fiberboard and steel tubing. Metal tubing boasts solid metal construction, meaning that it will not bend or crack due to weight pressure.

The gaming computer desk features many great features that will let you play for hours.

It also comes with storage facilities that allow you to store all your items side by side. The remote controller stand supports three remote controller hooks. Two speaker holders are located on either side of the desk to speaker stands. There are also two headphone holder and a cup holder for your drink.

The game holder can hold up to nine games. Two headphones holder are included, as well as a cup holder to hold your beverage. The TV stand can support a 27-inch TV. However, the elevated shelf can accommodate a 32-inch TV.

You can charge your devices at the charging station while you are playing games. You can use the channel to run cables through the charging station to charge your devices.

The cable management system is another feature. This technology allows you to avoid wire clutter and prevent wires from littering your gaming area.

Features of Atlantic Gaming Desk

If it doesn’t have unique features, these gaming desks won’t be popular. These are just a few of the many features you can expect.

The two monitor stand will raise your screen to allow you to see all the games without obstructions.

You can also hang your headphones here, even if you’re not using them.

You can keep your favorite games close at hand by placing them on a shelf.

The frame is made of all metal, which is why it is one of our most sturdy desks. It can hold the weight of all the items you place on it, provided that they do not exceed 100 lbs.

The original Atlantic Gaming Desk is still the most loved piece of gaming furniture.

It is easy to set up this desk. These computer desks will be ready within minutes if you follow the instructions. To make it even more enjoyable, you will have the option of choosing the add-ons you wish to place on your desk.

The carbon fiber laminated charcoal computer desk is spacious enough to hold a laptop, monitor and keyboard. It also has cable management.

It has a strong steel frame and charcoal-colored carbon fiber. The charcoal-colored carbon fiber is spacious enough to hold a laptop, two monitors, and keyboard. It also has cable management.

Some Cons to Consider

Even though this table is popular, there are still some drawbacks. These are the most common complaints:

The cup holder is located on the right side, making it difficult to use by left-handed people.

Speaker setups brackets are small, it is known. However, the best thing about this desk is that it can accommodate up to two monitors.

Some people find that the desk has too many features.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Vs Pro

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

Pro gamers love these gaming desks. This model, like the Atlantic gaming table, supports your gaming equipment. The TV stand supports a 32-inch television, while the game holder can hold up to ten games.

Pro gamers love this gaming desk. This model, like the Atlantic gaming table, supports your gaming gear.

The Pro is rectangular and has a curved front, unlike the Atlantic Gaming Desk. Only one hook is included in the Atlantic gaming desk pro. The Pro has only one headphone hook, so this is not a problem.

Features of the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

It is almost identical to any table you will find on the market today, most people assume. It may look similar to other tables in some ways, but that makes this table so special. Although it looks simple, it is packed with all the features gamers love.

Atlantic gaming pro also comes with storage units that allow you to store all your items side by side.

You can also store 10 games in the game storage drawer.

This monitor will be solid and durable thanks to its laminated charcoal fiber top. The steel legs will support your multiple monitors and any gaming accessories.

You can also find the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro assembly instructions. This will give you wire management options, so all your items can be placed correctly.

It isn’t very striking. This desk is the kind of thing you’d place in your living room. It can be matched with any style or theme. This table is affordable, which is the best part about it.

Some Cons to Consider

Although it is a popular table, people love the instructions at Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro. However, some things could be improved.

Some people find these tables is not specifically designed.

Some people may not need the extra storage.

Similarities between the Atlantic Gaming Desk and Pro

These are just a few of the commonalities between the two desks.

  • Each desk has a cup holder.
  • Both desk come with speaker stands.
  • Both have a hook for a headphone/headset.
  • The shelves can support 32-inch TVs.
  • Both gaming tables have charging stations to charge your mobile phone.
  • Both desks are made of solid metal and are strong and durable.
  • The wire management system is built into these two gaming desks.
  • Both desk come with an under-desk basket.
  • Each one has a power strip tray.
  • Both have two controller hooks.
  • There is plenty of space for all your gaming peripherals.
  • Both are easy to assemble.
  • Both desks are of great value.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Vs Pro

Atlantic Gaming Desk Vs Pro: What is Better?

The Atlantic Gaming desk is considered to be the most gaming desk in its league. This is because it has a lot of features that are useful to gamers. It provides ample space and does not lose its shape, unlike a lot of cheaper models on the market.

These are some reasons why people prefer this model over others:

Provides ample space

The Atlantic Gaming desk has enough space to accommodate a couple of tower PC gaming, a wireless keyboard, and full surface mousepad, as well as an Xbox or PS4 console. It has enough space to also place your drinks and snacks for you while you are gaming.

Sturdy surface

The desk is very durable because it is made of heavy-duty steel. It can hold your heavy gaming PC and the liquid refreshments you have placed on its surface without showing any signs of wear or tear.

The Atlantic Gaming desk has a very smooth surface that does not catch stains easily. The curved edges give it a stylish appearance, while the top is deep blue to give it some style.

Vertical cable management

The surface of the desk has cable holes that allow you to keep your wires out of sight. You can do this by passing through a hole in the top and then sticking your cables from behind. This makes your gaming station look neat all the time, as your wires will just be hidden at the back of your desk.

This means that you can also tuck away power strips in a cable management hole, making it easier for you to connect to other external devices such as your cell phones.

Comes with wheels

The desk has wheels that make it easy for you to move the entire structure. This means that even if you need to relocate the desk to another room, moving it around will be an easy task for you.

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for the best gaming desks out there. It is simply because it has all the features that make it stand out from other models; even better, it comes at a reasonable price. No matter how much you play or watch your favorite game, this desk will hold up well.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Vs Pro

Things to Consider – When Choosing Your Gaming Desk?

Because they share many similarities, it is easy to get confused as to which desk to choose.

You need to consider certain factors before you make the right choice about the best gaming desk. Here are some factors to be aware of.

1. The Size of Your Room

Consider the space in your room when deciding which desk to buy. Compare the dimensions of both desks to determine which one will best fit your space.

The overall Atlantic Gaming desk dimensions, 44.8” W x 26.2” D x 27.7 “H, and Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro (52.5 “W x 29.13 “D x 29,.75 “H.

These measurements indicate that the Pro is slightly bigger than the Atlantic Gaming Desk. If you have a large area, the Atlantic Gaming Desk may be a perfect desk.

2. Your Budget

Although the prices for both desks are different, they are still very affordable compared to other units.

Pick the one that fits your budget to find the best one. When making purchasing decisions, a budget is an essential factor. A budget will help you avoid overspending.

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Is a gaming desks worth it?

We took a game, a high-end backlit gaming keyboard, and a decently powered gaming laptop to test what desk is best for your build.

We tried playing on three different desks: one with no lights whatsoever; another that had minimal lighting, not enough light but nowhere near the intensity of our first choice; and finally, we tested out how well these products performed by playing at night using only artificial light from an old kitchen lamp.

What’s the difference between a gaming computer desk and a gaming desk?

This computer gaming desk is a massive feature of modern office desks. Some come with cushioned armrests, while others have adjustable heights and chair arms to ensure that you are sitting comfortably at your desk all day long – without any neck or back pain! Meanwhile, gaming tables offer smooth surfaces and soft edges for safety in high-intensity games like chess or card playing.

How do you set up a gaming desk?


The Atlantic Gaming Desk is an excellent option for gamers who want to save some money. It’s also popular with those that need more space, and I like the idea of being able to put other things on their desk as well.

However, it doesn’t come with many features or extras usually found in higher-end gaming desks. We recommend checking out our Pro model if you’re looking for something more professional and have a bigger budget.

You’ll love all the extra features, including cable management options and ergonomic design! And if you can’t decide between these two models, ask yourself what’s most important to you – saving money by choosing the Atlantic Gaming Desk?

Remember that these are just guidelines; there may be other factors that will influence how much use each product gets from different people based on personal preference and needs. It’s up to you to decide what works best for your situation!