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Are Secretlab Chairs Worth It? Top Full Guide 2022

The newest line of high-quality office chairs, made by Secretlab, are quickly gaining popularity. Secretlab chairs are ergonomic, have supportive cushions, are adjustable, are compatible with most desks, are affordable, and are durable.

In this article, Focal Upright will review the outstanding characteristics, pros, and cons of buying a Secretlab chair for your home or office. Are Secretlab chairs worth it?

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Are Secretlab Chairs Worth It?

Are Secretlab Chairs Worth It?


  • Secretlab offers a 5-year guarantee on all models
  • They have a built-in Lumbar System to promote a healthy posture and help prevent back pain.
  • The backrest can be reclined up to 165°
  • Armrests can be adjusted in 4D
  • Three options are available for upholstery


  • The standard gaming chair is more expensive
  • The backrest does not have a rocking feature
  • While the seat cushion provides support, it is very firm. Some people may prefer something that sinks more.

Secretlab Chairs are worth the investment because they provide high-quality ergonomic gaming chairs that will keep you comfortable and prevent back pain. They also have a lifetime warranty. These chairs are a great addition to any gaming set.

If you are looking for a firm, mid-range gaming chair, the Secretlab chairs may be worth the investment. These chairs can be used as an upgrade to a cheap office chair or a gaming chair that is entry-level at $100 to $200. These chairs last longer and come with a minimum 5-year warranty.

Secretlab Gaming Chairs

Secretlab Gaming Chairs


When deciding if the Secretlab gaming chair is right for you, we have compiled a list of factors.

Qualitative Construction

Secretlab chairs cost more than most other gaming chairs made of cheap plastic. The chairs have a sturdy aluminum wheelbase that will last for over a decade. Aluminum is lightweight and strong, while still providing excellent stability. Cheap nylon is used in plastic gaming chairs. They are less stable and more likely to break. For added structural integrity, the wheelbase has additional gussets or ribs.

Their chairs also feature a patent-pending cold cure foam fix that provides firm support and long-lasting durability. High-density foam will retain its structural integrity for longer than regular foam. Their Prime PU leather 2.0 upholstery is four times stronger than regular PU leathers. We also like the fact that the armrests have metal and plush padding. Some chairs have plastic armrests which can break or wear down with time.


Secretlab chairs are ergonomic because of a few things. Ergonomic refers to the fact that the chair was designed for comfort and efficiency. The integrated lumbar support system and memory foam external pillows keep your posture straight. The lumbar system can also be adjusted to suit your natural curves and prevent neck pain.

The flat seat pan also allows for more movement of the legs. This increases blood circulation and reduces pressure on the legs, hips, and tailbone. All of the adjustable features such as seat height, back recline and multifunction tilt mechanism work together to make you feel comfortable.


The Secretlab chairs have a variety of adjustable features that can be adjusted to suit your preferences and keep you entertained while playing. The unique feature of the Omega, Titan, and Titan XL chairs is the ability to recline the backrest forward or backward. You can adjust the backrest forward up to 85 degrees. This allows you to focus on your gaming while you are playing. You can also relax by tilting your back to 165 degrees. Leaning back reduces pressure on the spine and distributes weight evenly across your back. When titling, users can lock in the angle.

Gamers also have the option to adjust their seat height and use 4D armrests. You will be able to sit in an ergonomic position with your feet flat on the ground and your eyes level with your computer screen. To relieve tension in your neck and shoulders, the 4D armrests can be adjusted in any direction.

Unlike most gaming chairs, the Secretlab Titan chair has a built-in lumbar system that can be adjusted according to height and depth. The height adjustment allows the lumbar support to naturally fit your spine. The support’s firmness and protrusion outward are controlled by the depth.

Comfort (Seats, Backs, and Arms)

Gaming chairs can sometimes be criticized for being too rigid and uncomfortable. Secretlab made some adjustments to make the chairs more comfortable. To provide firmness and comfort, the seats are padded with dense foam. You can choose from leather or fabric for your seat and back upholstery. Software Fabric upholstery is for those who prefer a soft and fluffy texture. It also has an armrest with an incredibly soft, coated PU padding that provides a cushion for your arms.

Upgrades can be made to get memory foam pillows for external use. Memory foam cushions are designed to fit your body and distribute pressure evenly. The shape of the headrest pillow adapts to your neck, shoulders, and head. This pillow provides comfort and support for sitting.


Secretlab chairs stand out from other gaming chairs because of their unique aesthetics. Some gaming chairs use a racing car theme, which means that the chair uses one bright color and another as accents. Secretlab offers a variety of special edition chairs and eSport designs that you can choose from. Secretlab chairs come in many unique designs that will make your gaming environment more attractive, whether you are looking to represent your favorite eSports team and/or the logo of a well-known video game. You can also opt for a plainer design. Secretlab has decided to not incorporate any racing theme design. This allows these chairs can be used in an office setting.


Secretlab chairs may be more expensive than other brands like GTracing, Homall, and Respawn gaming seats, but their quality of construction and features is much better. These chairs have a 1- or 2-year warranty. Secretlab has a few key advantages over them. These include a better design and aesthetics, an adjustable lumbar system with 4D armrests, memory foam external pillows, and better upholstery and foam padding.

While the price of other chairs might be lower, Secretlab chairs will last longer and cost less. This is because you don’t have to worry about replacing or fixing your gaming chair.

Secretlab Gaming Chair Models

Secretlab Gaming Chair Models

Three primary models of Secretlab Gaming chairs are available: the Omega, Titan, and Titan XL. These models are unique in their construction. These models share the same features but are designed to be compatible with people of different sizes.

Secretlab OMEGA

The Secretlab Omega is best for players who are between 5’3 and 5’11 inches tall. It can also support up to 240 pounds. The chair’s compact design makes it a good choice for those who prefer a more comfortable sitting experience. The Omega is equipped with a thick layer of cold-cure foam that lasts four times longer than regular foam. This foam also provides optimal support and comfort for all-day sitting.

As with the Omega, this is a heavy chair—at approximately 72 pounds, it’s twice or more the weight of a typical office chair.

The chair has many adjustable features that allow users to customize their chairs according to their needs. You can adjust the angle of the backrest to make it a comfortable 165°. Reclining backward reduces pressure in the lower back and shifts pressure to other areas of the back. This helps reduce muscle fatigue and improves blood flow.

When you first open the Omega’s shipping container, you’re presented with perfectly sized and shaped foam blocks with neat cutouts for every part of your new chair, and an equally neatly presented little toolkit to assemble it with.

Secretlab Titan Evo

The Secretlab Titan is a premium gaming chair that offers top-notch build quality, adjustability, comfort, various design options, and multiple size options.

The Secretlab Titan, on the other hand, is designed for larger people and features a deeper seat base and a taller backrest. The key difference between the Omega and the Titan is the flat-seat pan on the Omega. Users will have more legroom and the ability to sit cross-legged.

Secretlab Titan is made for gamers who are between 5’9″ and 6’7″. It can support up to 290 lbs. The Titan also features an adjustable lumbar system. It can be adjusted in height and depth. The knob behind the chair allows you to adjust the lumbar pillow. The height adjustment ensures that your spine curves are taken into account when the lumbar support is adjusted so that it supports a healthy upright position.

You can adjust the depth of support to suit your needs. It can adjust the firmness or softness of the lumbar. Users can also upgrade to an external lumbar pillow or a headrest pillow. Memory foam pillows offer body-hugging support that molds to your curves and immediately molds to your body.

Secret Titan XL

The Secret Titan XL model is the largest of the Titan. The features are the same except that it is 25% larger. To increase blood circulation, this makes the chair more comfortable to use.

The Titan XL is for gamers who are between 5’9 and 6’10 inches tall. It can support up to 390 pounds. The product’s core components are double reinforced, allowing it to help greater weight.

This chair, like all Secretlab models, has 4D armrests that can be shifted up, down, forward, back, left, right, sideways, and even to the side. The armrest can be slid into a comfortable position which reduces the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. The stress on your neck, wrists, shoulders, and wrists will be reduced if the armrest is aligned with the keyboard and desk. To support your elbows, the armrests are made with PU padding that is concaved and plush to ensure that they remain in place.

This model comes with XL-PU casters that can hold more weight and reduce bumpiness while rolling. You’ll feel bumpy rolling around on small casters. These casters are quiet and durable and will not scratch your floors.

Reasons Why Secretlab Chair Worth It

Reasons Why Secretlab Chair Worth It

Secretlab Chairs Don’t Look Like Copycats

Although this is not to be taken as an absolute statement, Secretlab gaming chairs have original designs. These chairs are not gaming knockoffs. This is true for most of the alternatives, which appear to be the exact same chair but with a different logo. These are the three main options.

  • Secretlab Omega
  • Secretlab Titan
  • Secretlab Titan XL

Omega is the smallest of the three chairs, Titan is mid-range, and Titan XL, the large gaming chair by Secretlab, is Titan XL. Each one has its own unique design. Even in a crowd of other office chairs, you can easily spot a Secretlab gaming chair.

Build Quality Is Outstanding

Secretlab gaming chairs are second-class for their durability. All Secretlab gaming chairs come with a 5-year warranty, including the Titan, Omega, and Titan XL. First Secretlab reviews confirm that these chairs are in excellent condition after several years of daily usage. This gives them a real sense of value.

Adjustments And Features For The Chair

The Secretlab lineup includes models with similar features. It’s kind of.

You’ll first find thick, 4D armrests on the Titan. The Titan’s widest armrests are the most comfortable, and they have a rubber exterior that is firm but not as rigid as plastic. The best thing about them is their flexibility to move in any direction, and the ability to be adjusted for width. The armrests can adjust to fit your needs, whether you are typing, reclining back, or narrow shoulders.

The multi-tilt mechanism of the Secretlab Titan is a great feature. The standard 165-degree maximum recline is quite common, but the chair supports a seat tilt lock just like other high-end gaming chairs. The seat angle can be locked so that it points upwards, and not just the backrest angle.

When you want to work in a highly reclined position, the seat tilt angle lock works well. This allows you to tilt your entire body upwards. It is similar to a zero gravity chair. This feature is game-changing (no pun intended).

Let’s now talk about the Lumbar Support. It’s integrated into the backrest of the Secretlab Titan with a knob that allows you to adjust its depth. This is very similar to the Noblechairs Heroes. This one works quite well, unlike the Hero. At its highest setting, there’s a large bulge that cradles my lower back and provides adjustable lumbar support. It may not be prominent enough for everyone. Secretlab should have included an external lumbar pillow for covering the gamete.

Last but not least, the external neck pillow deserves its own paragraph. This is the most comfortable and premium neck pillow that we have tested on a gaming chair. It has a gel in it that completely covers your neck when you sink into it.

Gaming Chairs From Secretlab Are On Average Priced

Secretlab Titan XL is available in PU leather for $499 The softweave alternative is available at $499. These chairs are affordable and offer the best value for money. These materials are strong. There is a growing debate about Secretlab PU leather vs Softweave. Softweave has proven to be more durable over the years with less scuffing.

Is Secretlab worth it?

  • Omega – PU leather ($359) and Softweave fabric ($379), Napa Leather ($749)
  • Titan – PU leather (399), Softweave material ($429), Napa Leather ($799)
  • Titan XL – PU Leather ($479), Softweave Fabric ($499)

The Secretlab gaming chairs are well worth the investment if you select the base package with PU Leather. This faux leather is reasonably priced. Softweave Secretlab gaming chairs will last longer and are more expensive. However, they are still well worth the extra cost if you plan to use them for at least 5-6 years. Secretlab Napa leather gaming chairs are not worth the cost. These chairs are not as comfortable as the ones covered in PU leather, but real leather is a better choice.

The Best Secretlab Chairs

Gaming chairs’ appearance is subjective. Some people don’t like the racing design of their gaming chairs. Let’s begin with the idea that gaming chairs look good in general. DXRacer chairs are better suited for Secretlab chairs. Their style is more cohesive. Secretlab chairs have an almost minimalistic appearance from some angles. In our previous blog, we have seen that minimalist desk layouts are becoming more popular.

These gaming chairs are distinguished by their dual stitching. This removable PU leather cover can be easily replaced after 5-6 years, without the need to buy a new gaming chair. You can also easily replace the cover of your gaming chair if it gets cut, nicked, or accidentally spilled on.

The Secretlab Chairs Can Be Customized To Your Liking.

Secretlab gaming chairs can be customized to your exact specifications, which is what makes them so valuable. Secretlab has the most customization options we have seen. The Software Titan Gaming Chair is a great example. This fabric comes in black, charcoal cream, charcoal blue, and pink. These colors are stunning. These gaming chairs are made in low-profile colors, except for the pink one. They are not as distracting and difficult to see as other brightly colored gaming chairs.

Here are a few reasons Secretlab chairs don’t make sense.

We will not be promoting Secretlab chairs or giving biased reviews. Instead, we will focus on the negative aspects of Secretlab chairs. These drawbacks are not exclusive to Secretlab chairs. We need to evaluate these issues as we are talking about a moderate to a medium-high range of chairs.

Large branding

The chairs look unique and are a big advertisement. The chair’s name on the back is unprofessional. It looks more appropriate for teens than mature gamers because of the large logos that are on the backrest, such as the Titan ‘T’ and Secret Lab logos.

Excessive sweating

PU leather gaming chairs can be prone to sweating. Secretlab chairs also suffer from this problem. In the summer months, excessive sweating can occur after sitting for 2-4 hours. You can solve this problem by getting up every hour and cleaning your chair. You don’t have to be miserable if you move in order to stay healthy.

Software is the only Secretlab chair that is 100% worth the investment. The textile fabric is much more breathable than Napa and PU. You get a material that will make your gaming chair look more expensive than $300.

Secretlab vs Herman Miller

Herman Miller and Secretlab are two of the most popular chair brands. Herman Miller is primarily an office and task chair manufacturer. They have recently started to offer gaming chairs. Secretlab is a company that focuses exclusively on gamers. What are the differences?

Although the Secretlab is more expensive than the Herman Miller, their gaming chairs have superior ergonomic features. The Embody and the Herman Miller Aeron offer a more comfortable sitting experience. The Herman Miller chairs have unique pixelated support instead of a standard PU leather back. This back surface will mold to your body’s micromovements and is more fluid. It also evenly distributes your weight to keep your lower back from getting too heavy.

Herman Miller chairs have a unique backlit adjustment that allows users to position the backrest in line with their natural curve. The backrest will adjust to your body’s changing positions once it is properly aligned. The backrest will adjust to your body, so you can recline or lean forward. However, the support will not change. Herman Miller uses a mesh fabric that is more breathable than any other type of upholstery.

Herman Miller’s ergonomic are undoubtedly superior to Secretlab. Secretlab chairs have more cushion and more appealing designs than Herman Miller. There is no clear winner, as it all depends on your needs and preferences.