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Are Gaming Chairs Worth It? Top Full Guide 2022

Today, people spend many hours playing games, which is really harmful to their health, especially their backs and necks. Thus, gaming chairs become a top choice for them to take care of their health.

But, Are gaming chairs worth it? Keep reading the rest of this post and Focal Upright will show you some facts about gaming chairs.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

What Makes The Best Gaming Chair?

Let’s begin by discussing what makes a great gaming chair. There are many factors that you should consider when choosing a gaming chair. Some are more important than others.


Comfort is an important factor to consider when selecting a gaming chair. You’ll likely be using it for quite a while so make sure it provides enough comfort to allow you to focus on the game and not your back.

Gaming chairs are designed to be comfortable. Manufacturers know that gamers don’t have a time limit for slaying the Alliance in WoW or plundering through battle royales Fortnite, which is also tied into ergonomics.

Is the chair lumbar supported enough? Does it fit someone of your height and build? Are the armrests adjustable? You can be affected by ergonomic design factors when you sit down. Most ergonomic gaming chairs own these factors. They will keep you as comfortable as possible for as long as they can.

Ergonomic engineers study human efficiency in working environments. They use observations, principles, and data to enhance human well-being and performance.


Gaming chairs are available in three main materials: leather, fabric, and mesh. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages so it will come down to individual preference.

Leather – The best material for aesthetics is leather. It’s also easy to clean because of its smooth texture. It’s less durable than genuine leather, however.

Fabric – Fabric gaming chairs are more comfortable than mesh or leather. However, it can be more difficult to maintain a fabric gaming chair clean as staining will set faster and it is not easy to wipe down.

Mesh – Mesh is definitely not winning any beauty contests. It is, however, more comfortable than most because it has a high level of breathability. This material can also keep you cool and dry while you play – which can be a plus for many.


You care about the aesthetic of your gaming space if you are buying a gaming chair. The style of the chair is an important factor in your decision-making process. We will explore the various styles of gaming chairs in more detail later. The most popular types of gaming chairs are the PC gaming chairs and racer chairs. Rockers and pedestal gaming chairs are also common.

It will be much easier to choose the right design for you and how you will use it.


Durability is the final thing. A gaming chair has been historically quite expensive. You want to ensure that your chair lasts as long as possible. A few factors can impact the durability of a chair: its material, construction, style, and how it is used.

Fabric chairs are the most durable, so they outlast all other types. It is equally important to care for your chair and how you use it. You can extend your chair’s lifespan by learning how to maintain it in top condition.


Each gaming chair has its own unique features and design. Many chairs have speakers built into the headrest, so you can truly immerse yourself in your gaming experience. Some chairs come with holders to hold controllers and other accessories. Other gaming chairs offer more customization options in terms of the setup. When narrowing down the list of possible chairs, it is important to decide which of these extras is most important.

Gaming Chairs

Performance Enhancement

Most gaming chair companies love to talk about how their chairs can improve our gaming performance. But how true is that claim?


A well-fitting gaming chair will support the back, neck, and shoulders when you are playing gaming for long periods. The gaming chair is specifically made with this in mind. They have built-in lumbar support to prevent sore backs, headrests that support proper spinal alignment, and armrests that ensure you don’t lean forward. As you get tired sitting straight, lean into the backrest, and let the chair support your body.

This means that you can focus on your gaming and won’t need to take as many breaks. You can play longer.


Although it may seem small, being comfortable when you spend long hours sitting at a computer can make all the difference. You can put your mind away from the pain in your back or your neck and instead focus on your gaming.

Long-term Effects

Poorly constructed chairs can have a longer-lasting impact on your health. Your setup might make it so you are able to play less gaming. Your office chair may cause you to have back and neck issues and make it difficult to enjoy long gaming sessions in your bog-standard office chair or computer chair. You will notice a change in your gaming experience over time.

Gaming Chairs: The Evolution

What year was the invention of the first gaming chair? How has the design of gaming chairs changed over time? Young padawan, I’m happy you asked because I have hours of research to share.

DXRacer was the first to create a gaming chair in 2006. DXRacer was a company that specialized in the development of seats for luxury racing cars. This is why gaming chairs often look like racing seats and are called ‘racer chairs’. gaming chair designs support the body during long sitting sessions. That has given gaming chair companies plenty of data to keep refining their models.

DXRacer was the first company to make gaming chairs. There wasn’t much competition. Gaming chairs were a new concept for most gamers. This was before Twitch was launched one year later, and people started streaming their games there. This was a major part of the platform, so people began to invest in their own gaming chairs.

Things To Consider

1. The Main Selling Point: Racing Style Design

Gaming chairs can be comfortable, but this is not to say they aren’t. Many gaming chairs, from the high-end to mid-range, are comfortable. Gaming chairs prove more comfortable over the long term.

If comfort is all that matters when you buy a chair, but you don’t care about the gaming chair design, you might be better off choosing cheap office chairs within your budget.

This is because office chair manufacturers don’t usually have to spend as much time on the design of the chair.

Racing-style gaming chairs are made with different components, which can make it difficult to sit comfortably.

Most likely, it will be a sharply designed chair straight out of the cockpit of a rally car. These bucket-style chairs are ideal for holding race car riders in place, but they aren’t designed for long-term sitting.

However, racing-style chairs can be used for long-term sitting. The Secretlab Titan gaming chair, which has a more relaxed bucket seat, is actually my favorite. I use it for 8 hours a day. It’s simply that a seat with a non-bucket design is more ergonomically sound. And the ErgoChair PRO, a task chair of the same price, is also a good ergonomic chair.

If you are looking for a racing-style chair with a lot of ergonomics and comfort, you can do so.

2. Height/Weight Determine The Right Chair

There are no chairs that are suitable for you if you’re 6′-5″ tall and 250 lbs.

Gaming chairs are often criticized because they don’t fit the body of the buyer, making them uncomfortable.

They would have known that the chair wasn’t the right choice if they had taken note of the chair’s weight and height requirements.

Always check the weight and height requirements for the gaming chair that you are looking at.

Some chairs, such as DXRacer’s Formula Series and Secretlab’s Omega, are specially designed for smaller users.

DXRacer’s Tank series of chairs is another example. For more heavy-duty options, see our guide on the Best Gaming chairs for big guys.

You can find a chair that you like online, but you don’t meet the recommended height or weight requirements.

Most mainstream gaming chairs fit normal-sized people. There are also specialty chairs for small sizes and extra heavy sizes. However, make sure that you only look at gaming chairs that fit your body.

3. The Most Gaming Chairs Are the Identical, but Rebranded

Take a look at Amazon’s product listing for gaming chairs. There are many chairs with similar designs from different companies.

The rumor is that someone copied DXRacer’s design and began mass-producing them here in China. It’s possible that this is what actually happened. It is possible.

There are many chair companies that sell the exact same model of chairs.

This is known as private labeling. This basically means that anyone can send a design and branding to the chair manufacturer and buy the chairs in bulk. Then they can sell the chairs as their own.

You basically have many of the same chairs, the difference being the branding or design.

This is similar to the way NVIDIA, AMD, MSI, Gigabyte, and other companies repackage GPUs with different coolers, clock speeds, and so forth.

What does this all mean if you’re looking for a gaming chair, however?

This means that you should look at other options before buying a gaming chair. You may be able to find the exact same chair at a lower price if the only difference between the chair and the company logo.

It is my preference to stick to established brands like DXRacer or Secretlab. This will make it easier to resolve any issues with your chair later on.

If you are on a budget and absolutely need one of these racing-style gaming seats, it may not be possible to choose a chair from an established brand. If that is the case, you should shop around as you might be able to find the exact same chair at a lower price from another company.

4. What Adjustment Features Are You Looking For?

There are several features that distinguish racing-style gaming chairs from others. Design and color scheme are two of these features. The next most important feature that distinguishes a gaming chair from another is its adjustment features.

The most important adjustments that can be made from chair to chair are tilt-and-recline adjustment and armrest adjustment.

Nearly all gaming chairs have height adjustment. This allows you to recline backward.

The higher-end chairs can recline further than the mid-range or low-end options. They also have armrests that can adjust in multiple directions and tilt at their bases.

These chairs have a recline feature that I love, but I also like the ability to tilt the chair.

To get comfortable while gaming, I can tilt the base back and recline my backrest a bit. This allows me to be more comfortable than just reclining my backrest.

Certain gaming chairs also have adjustable armrests. They can be adjusted side to side, forwards, backward, or at an angle. You can also adjust the height of your own gaming chair by moving it up or down.

These additional adjustment options are crucial because they will help you position the armrests in the best possible place for your setup.

When you are looking for a gaming chair, consider the features that are most important to you.

5. Lumbar Support Pillows: Are they Worth it?

I have reviewed many gaming chairs and have yet to find the right one. All of the gaming chairs I’ve reviewed offer lumbar support. Some of them are quite good.

However, I have yet to find a racing-style gaming chair with a lumbar support pillow. The same can be said about ergonomic office chairs. You won’t find the ideal lumbar support feature unless you spend a thousand dollars on Herman Miller chairs.

This is because the ideal lumbar support will vary from one person to another.

However, the lumbar support pillows included with gaming chairs do have flaws.

The DXRacer Formula series chair I reviewed had a decent lumbar support pillow, but it was too bulky and too firm for my liking.

On the Secretlab Omega, it was a more comfortable and supportive lumbar pillow. However, since it wasn’t attached to the chair, it could sometimes fall to the bottom of the chair if it was too high up.

Secretlab’s Titan has the best lumbar support I have seen in a chair. It doesn’t include a lumbar pillow but has lumbar support built into the chair.

Titan’s lumbar feature had one problem for me. It hit me slightly more on my back than it should. There is no way to adjust how high it hits you. This problem would be a problem for taller users, but I found it to be minor.

This sums up the experience when buying a gaming chair or any other type of chair. It is difficult to find the perfect chair for you, even high-quality chairs.

However, it is a smart idea to research the various lumbar support pillows and compare them to your preferences.

6. The Chair Can’t Be Tested First

Many people will tell their customers, “Hey! Don’t buy a chair before you try it out!” However, with many of these racing-style gaming chairs, it’s not an option to sit down in the chair before you purchase them.

Many of these products can only be ordered online.

If you are determined to buy a gaming chair, it is unlikely that you will have the opportunity to test it out before you commit to buying.

If you don’t like that, it’s better to go down to a shop that sells office chairs and get one you like.

You may be able to try out some gaming chairs at your local office store.

However, you might not be able to test them before you buy if you have a particular color scheme or brand of the chair. Some models even feature color patterns inspired by popular games and characters.

Acceptance of this fact is a must. It is important to pay a bit more for a chair made by a trusted manufacturer with a solid return policy.

You could also buy from Amazon. They offer a 30-day return policy.

7. You Have to Take Your Chair In Before You Return It

A common theme that I’ve noticed with all high-end chairs reviews, not only with gaming chairs but also with office chairs, is that many reviewers comment on how uncomfortable the chair was to sit in.

Seriously, read the Herman Miller Aeron, Embody, Steelcase Leap, and Gesture chair review. Many reviewers mention how it made them feel sore the first few weeks, if not longer.

If you are having poor sitting habits due to a low-quality chair, and you decide to upgrade to a better-quality one, the higher-end chair will force your body into a position that it isn’t used to.

Even if you are able to sit in a better position, you may feel sore as your body adjusts to the new position.

Don’t try to sit in a new chair for more than a few days and then throw it out because you feel sore afterward. Your body may not be used to sitting in a good position.

Types Of Gaming Chairs

Types Of Gaming Chairs

As we mentioned, there are many types of gaming chairs. There are many options for design and styles in the gaming chair market. But which one is best? Let’s take a closer look.

PC Gaming Chairs

A PC gaming chair is the best choice for PC gamers. These chairs look similar to normal office chairs but have a few key differences. These chairs have a bucket-style chair, higher backrests, and are generally more ergonomic. The PC gaming chairs come with many more customization options than office chairs to make them the most comfortable for you.

These usually include adjustable armrests, exceptional support for the lumbar, and speakers in the headrest. They are all designed to provide the best possible gaming PC experience.

Racer Chairs

These chairs, named after racing games, simulate the type of car seat that you’d find in a racecar. This chair can be used for any game you like, but it was made for racing games.

These chairs are very similar to PC gaming chairs, but with a stronger focus on the race car design that we love.


You might not be a fan of PC gaming chairs or racers if you are more into console games. These chairs are designed to be used at standing desks and not in front of a television screen. Rockers can be used to cradle your entire body on the ground so that you can play hours of console gaming. Many rockers have space for controller storage and speakers built into the headrest so you can immerse yourself in any game you are playing.

Pedestal Chairs

These chairs, similar to rockers are better suited for console gaming. These chairs are similar to rockers in that they sit on a pedestal which raises them slightly above the ground. It really comes down to your gaming setup and the height of your TV screen.

Other Chair Designs

There are many other gaming chair styles than the ones we have listed. Bean bag chairs, which are expensive bean bags, gaming sofas that have space for controllers or integrated speakers, and inflatable gaming chairs are all options. Although I am not surprised that most of these products have not caught on, I don’t think they will.

How are Gaming Chairs made?

How does a company make a chair that provides such extraordinary levels of comfort and support? It takes a lot to make the perfect chair. Let’s take a look at a typical gaming chair and see how it’s made.


The frame is like the chair’s skeleton. Although it is hidden deep inside, it holds the chair together and gives it its structure. Your gaming chair’s durability and longevity will depend on the material it is made from. To provide the best support, most chairs are made of strong but flexible materials such as steel.


The base is located at the bottom end of the chair. Most advanced gaming chairs have five-foot bases. This is to ensure that your weight is evenly distributed so the chair doesn’t become imbalanced. To make it easier to move the chair around, there will be wheels at the bottom of each foot.


The cushioning is where all comfort comes from. This cushioning layer is placed on top of your frame. It helps you to stay comfortable during gaming sessions. Most gaming chair brands will have some form of foam cushioning. This allows you to sink into your chair and not cause indentations.


The covering keeps all the memory foam inside. The covering can vary from one chair to the next and can be made of fabric or leather. Gaming Chair design and durability are affected by the thickness and stitching.


Adjustable armrests are essential for any gaming chair. Chairs that are the best will have four adjustment options: height, backward/forwards, left/right turning, left/right adjustment, and left/right adjustments. Some armrests are made from metal or plastic while others are padded to provide extra comfort.


A majority of gaming chairs come with a removable lumbar support cushion. The pillow is attached to your gaming chair with elasticated straps. This allows you to adjust the pillow to suit your body. You can also remove the pillow completely if it isn’t comfortable enough. You could also move it up to your headrest to use as a pillow.

Are Gaming Chairs Comfortable?

Gaming chairs support the body during long sitting sessions. While gaming chairs may sacrifice comfort in order to be stylish, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t comfortable. Gaming chair manufacturers are well aware that gamers are able to play intensely for a long time without being restricted in their time. Even the most affordable gaming chairs have some advanced options in this regard.

Gaming chairs aren’t just for gamers. Any creative professional or professional who spends significant time in their chair will find value in these gaming chairs. Gaming chairs provide incredible lumbar support with added cushions.

The little head pillow included with most gaming chairs is also a must. It allows you to take a break from your desk and recline in gaming chairs that can be repositioned up to 180 degrees.

Are Gaming Chairs Comfortable? Are They Painful?

Are Gaming Chairs Comfortable? Are They Painful?

What is a comfortable chair?

A comfortable chair is one that causes no pain after 10-12 hours of continuous usage.

This is the definition used by high-end chair manufacturers to evaluate the quality of their chairs. The best chairs are those that are used 24/7 and are frequently used by air traffic controllers, dispatchers, and other personnel.

It is possible to sit comfortably for 10-12 hours, but it will vary from person to person, as everyone has a different and more comfortable position.

The gaming chair can be adjusted

Most people find a comfortable sitting position to be a natural one. This is because of their size and weight. If you are looking to purchase a chair for gaming or other purposes, make sure to verify its recommended weight and height.

A second consideration is a preference for sitting: Does a person prefer to have stronger support for their lower back or their upper back? Are they looking for adjustable armrests that allow them to rest their elbows? Do they prefer a gaming chair that is more upright?

This allows 2 people to use the same gaming chair in very different ways.

This adjustment problem is crucial because any good chair (gaming or otherwise) should offer as many adjustment options so that you can find the most comfortable position.

You will experience pain and discomfort if you are stuck in a position that causes pain or discomfort for a prolonged time sitting session.

It’s not common to find a good, comfortable gaming chair that causes you little or no pain after just 12 hours.

You will develop a habit of changing the settings of your gaming chair when you feel any discomfort or pain.

Sometimes, our bodies can feel strange.

You may prefer a more upright position for some reasons, while others prefer a more lean-back position.

You may prefer the lumbar support to be tighter and push against your back. Sometimes you may want the lumbar support so loose that it is almost non-existent.

Sometimes, the differences between adjustments can be very small.

These small, but important adjustments can make all the difference between a comfortable and painful position.

You can adjust the height and depth of the armrests up or down by 0.5 inches. This makes the backrest feel 5% tighter, the seat height of the gaming chair feels longer, shorter, etc.

Gaming chair has only basic adjustments and is often lacking the more sophisticated adjustments found in task/office chairs within the same price range.

How a chair design can help with posture and back pain

a chair design can help with posture and back pain

The next important thing for comfort in a gaming chair (gaming) is the overall design.

Gaming chairs have a distinctive appearance that is directly derived from their heritage as racing car seats.

This is the “bucket-seat” design and it works well in cars as they keep the driver in place during tight turns at high speeds.

Gaming chair may have wheels, but they’re unlikely to achieve such high speeds or G’s. The distinctive wings at the edges of the seat, backrest, and armrest serve no practical purpose.

However, many gamers find a gaming chair uncomfortable because of the pressure points they create.

Pressure points develop in areas where a chair presses against your body. This cuts blood circulation and prevents blood vessels from becoming damaged.

Because they limit blood flow to different body parts, some gaming chairs can make you feel tingly or numb.

Pressure points can cause pain, causing tingling or numbness. The displaced tissue pinches or irritates nerves. Usually, they are located in the lower back.

The following are the most frequent pressure points for a gaming chair:

  • Shoulders caused by wings at the backrest.
  • Because of the seat wings, side of the legs.
  • You should place your legs under the gaming chair’s padded seat, which has a prominent upper lip.

The lateral wings of the gaming chair’s backrest won’t allow you to have a straight back if you are a wide-shouldered person. They will instead push your shoulders inwards, causing discomfort around the collarbone and clavicle.

Gamers who sit with their legs spread apart may find the lateral wings of gaming chair seats restricting and uncomfortable.

Another common pressure point is the thighs. Many gaming chairs have a slightly protruding upper lip, which digs into your legs. This is the main reason many gamers complain about numb feet.


Is a gaming chair great?

A gaming chair is a great upgrade to a current kitchen chair. However, most office chairs are more comfortable than gaming chairs at the exact same price.

How high is a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs come in a range of heights, from 48 inches to 57 inches (121-145 centimeters), and have backrests that measure between 30 and 33 inches (76-85 centimeters).

Are Gaming chairs necessary? Are they needed for gaming?

Gaming chairs are not necessary for gaming as they don’t improve your gameplay. It’s possible to play worse because some gaming characters are more uncomfortable and can make it difficult for you to concentrate.

Do gaming chairs get hot?

Gaming chairs can get very hot depending on the material they are made from. Leather and PU leather heat up quickly, so they get hot fast. Fabric is usually cool and encourages airflow.

Are gaming chairs good for your posture?

Gaming chairs can cause poor posture and encourage bad posture. They are designed to make you look cool, not to be healthy. The backrests of these chairs are too hard and the lumbar support doesn’t allow for proper sitting positions.

What is the best budget gaming chair?

The Respawn 110 is a good gaming chair for the budget. The racing chair is stylish and has features comparable to more expensive gaming chairs.

Why are gaming chairs so expensive and cost so much?

A high-quality gaming chair is generally more expensive due to the fact that it can be difficult to design or complicated to manufacture. On top of this, gaming chairs cost more because of company branding and for carrying the label “gaming”.