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7 Science-Backed Ways to Boost Your Office Energy

It’s 3pm and you are suffering from a serious post-lunch slump.  Your body feels heavy and your mind is unfocused. Your to-do list is growing at an alarming rate, but you don’t know where you will find the energy to get it all done.

Sound familiar?

Then it’s time to up your office energy! We’ve put together a list of 7 simple, science-backed energy boosters that will have you feeling energized again in no time.

1. Go outside.When you feel your energy dwindling, take 15 minutes and go outside. The fresh air and Vitamin D boost will get up your energy.

2. Say goodbye to your office chair.Your office chair is seriously draining your office energy and creativity. This spring, say goodbye to your chair and instead opt for a standing deskandupright seat. You will be feeling the physical and cognitive benefits of working upright in no time!

3. Laugh. Not only is laughter a simple stress-reliever, research shows that it can boost your energy too. How? Every time you laugh your brain releases endorphins which keep you energized.

4. Stretch it out Movement is essential to keeping your energy up in the office. Taking a few minutes a day to do a yoga pose at your desk will improve your posture and your mood. In fact, studies have suggested a little yoga could fight depression and anxiety as well as other stress-related disorders.

5. Pop in a piece of gum.Gum can do more than just freshen your breath (although that is important!) It can also boost cognitive performance and increase your energy. Researchers suggest that chewing gum enhances performance due to “mastication-induced arousal”- meaning that just the act of chewing wakes us up and keeps us focused.

6. Drink water, water, and more water.Keep a pint of water by your desk at all times and drink frequently. Fatigue is one of the main symptoms of dehydration. Stay hydrated and stay energized.

7. Strike a power pose. Take two minutes to get in a “Power Pose.” Simply plant your feet shoulders-width distance apart and raise your arms into the air in a V shape. You may feel silly at first, but this simple postural change affects your brain chemistry by increasing testosterone, the dominance hormone, levels.